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Crazy Services For The Rich That You May Not Know

The Rich and Famous have very different and strange mentality from the average Joes-and-Janes. That’s normal considering they constitute the 1% of the population on planet Earth. Well, they got to be different animal from the rest of 99% otherwise how do you explain their ability to amass truckloads of fortune? Thanks to their different […]

... written on Jun 30 2013

World’s Most Expensive Motorhome – US$3 Million

For those who’re not aware, Dubai’s economy is recovering at a mind-boggling speed after their property market crash recently. And with the economic recovery, the needs of the rich and famous start to make news online once again. Some say this new toy is a waste of money, not to mention it’s ugliness. But the […]

... written on Jun 11 2013

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