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Was Singapore The “Hidden Hand” Who Spun Justo Story To Protect Crooked Najib In 1MDB Scandal?

During the climax of 1MDB scandal in 2015, Swiss national Xavier Andre Justo dropped a bombshell. Like any Hollywood spy-thriller films, he was approached by “someone” to change the real story. He was in jail in Thailand, allegedly trying to blackmail his former employer, PetroSaudi, which was entangled in 1MDB – a scandal involving the […]

... written on May 28 2018

Sending A Message To China – Here’s Why Mahathir’s Visit To Japan Is A Brilliant Strategy

Had Najib Razak won the 14th general election on May 9th, his first foreign visit will most likely be China. He would go there and brag how his Barisan Nasional coalition government had used President Xi Jinping photo on campaign billboard. He would offer Xi to restart the stalled “Bandar Malaysia” project in exchange for […]

... written on May 27 2018

New Government Practices Transparency – And Foreign Analysts & Agencies Aren’t Happy

Between 2000 and 2007, Moody’s doled out AAA ratings to 30 mortgage-backed securities every day. When the 2008 subprime crisis finally hit the United States, 83% of those first class securities became junk – they were downgraded. The funny part was – Lehman Brothers’ own debt still had an investment grade rating when it filed […]

... written on May 25 2018

The Rise Of Robo-Advisors

A few decades ago the only way to invest was through a broker. Due to high costs it only made sense if the amount you wanted to invest was considerably higher compared to the fee you had to pay to the broker. The rise of AI and technology changed this forever when it created robo-advisers. […]

... written on May 24 2018

Taxpayers’ Money Secretly Used To Bailout 1MDB – Here’s Why Snake Oil Salesman Arul Should Be Jailed

Our previous article showed how the disgraced former Prime Minister Najib Razak mismanaged the country and plundered the national coffers to the brink of bankruptcy. After Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad expressed his displeasure, the new Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng has confirmed that Malaysia is indeed saddled with over RM1 trillion debts.   One of […]

... written on May 23 2018

This Chart Shows How Najib Drove The Country To RM1 Trillion In Debt

We wish to say “I told you so” again. But to hear it from the horse mouth – Mahathir – is equally satisfying. Yes, Malaysia has already breached the RM1 trillion marks, for the wrong reason. Speaking for the first time to staff of the prime minister’s office, Mahathir revealed the troubling debts accumulated, thanks […]

... written on May 22 2018

China Agrees To Reduce Trade Imbalance, But Disputes U.S.’ Claim Of $200 Billion Deficit Cut

China has no choice but to agree to fix the problem of trade imbalance between the kingdom with the United States. The trade imbalance, which President Donald Trump calls unfair, hit a record US$375 billion in 2017. After rounds of talks and meeting between both countries, the U.S. and China have agreed to “substantially reduce” […]

... written on May 20 2018

Najib & Rosmah Strike Back – Accuse Police Of Eating Kid’s Chocolate & Leak Details Of Valuables, RM100 Million Cash & 100kg Gold

Finally, Rosmah Mansor, the so-called ex-FLOM (First Lady of Malaysia), has spoken. Unfortunately, the wife of defeated ex-prime minister Najib Razak has shown – again – that she spoke without putting her thinking cap. At critical moment like now, it’s wise that she keep her mouth shut. She should stop torturing prison wardens with the […]

... written on May 20 2018

BOOM!! Oil Hits $80 – Fortunately Thief-in-Chief Najib Razak Lost The Election

Brent crude oil, the international benchmark for oil prices, breached US$80 a barrel on Thursday for the first time since 24th November 2014. However, the contract eased back to below US$80. Trading at US$79 now, it appears the commodity is looking for excuse to breach the US$80 again. And it’s President Trump’s fault.   Last […]

... written on May 19 2018

Ex-Police Chief Khalid In Trouble – The Traitor Who Tipped Off A.G. Gani’s Charge Papers On Najib

Khalid Abu Bakar was one of the most arrogant and corrupted police chief under Najib administration. After retired as IGP (Inspector-General of Police) on Sept 4, 2017, he was rewarded with the chairmanship of Prasarana, which owns public transport operators such as RapidKL. Two months ago, he was appointed as a director of Apex Equity […]

... written on May 17 2018

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