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Plot To Topple PM Anwar Fizzle Out – 10 Signs Opposition PN Has Failed & Does Not Have The Numbers

For about 160 days since Anwar Ibrahim was sworn in as Malaysian 10th Prime Minister, power-crazy opposition – Perikatan Nasional – has been doing absolutely nothing except plotting how to overthrow the Unity Government. The sore loser still could not move on, largely because the “Iron Throne” is so near yet so far. They simply […]

... written on May 07 2023

Putin Assassination Attempt – Here’s How Russia’s Revenge Will Trigger Global Economic Destruction

On Wednesday (May 3, 2023), footage of two drones attacking the Kremlin in Moscow has gone viral. The stunning strike on Vladimir Putin’s residence has been described as “a planned terrorist act and an assassination attempt on the Russian president”. The explosion, however, did not kill or injure anyone because Putin was not present in […]

... written on May 05 2023

Can A Fast Loan Resolve A Dire Life Circumstance

Sometimes dire situations lead to the need for cash in a hurry, whether an appliance fails or an auto breaks down, or your child announces a surprise and quick wedding.   Instead of rushing out to get the funds immediately, it’s wise to take a moment to consider the length of time you’ll need to […]

... written on May 04 2023

U.S. & Europe Threaten Malaysia To Ban Huawei 5G – Top 10 Reasons Why Anwar Government Should Call The West’s Bluff

In yet another desperate attempt to stop Huawei’s influence worldwide, the United States and European Union (EU) have warned Malaysia about the risks of allowing the Chinese tech giant to roll out 5G. According to the Financial Times, envoys from the U.S. and EU wrote to the government in April after a Malaysian government’s decision […]

... written on May 03 2023

Europe Closed Front Door, But Opens Backdoor – How India Makes Easy Money Reselling Russian Cheap Oil To EU

Having learned from China, a country called India is making tonnes of easy money by buying crude oil from Russia before selling it to the EU. The fast learner has become Europe’s largest supplier of refined fuels, according to data from analytics firm Kpler. In March alone, India’s imports of crude oil from Russia touched […]

... written on May 01 2023

PM Anwar’s Raya Open House For Thousands Of People vs. PM Muhyiddin’s “Lobster Feast” For A Dozen Useless MPs

Perikatan Nasional continues to play the Hari Raya Aidilfitri open houses card to undermine the Anwar administration. Instead of playing such petty games, why can’t the Opposition be more productive and grill the Unity Government on issues like investment, employment, economy, education or even foreign policy? The short answer – they are jealous of PM […]

... written on Apr 28 2023

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Cash Loan From A Reputable Lender?

There are times when people need to access some extra cash for emergencies, but they don’t necessarily want to go begging family members or friends. Some people might be able to use a credit card to tide them over, but the application process and decision process for new cards and loans can be lengthy, which […]

... written on Apr 27 2023

Electric Car As Cheap As $11,000 – How China Beats The U.S. In Electric Vehicles & Leaves Global Brands In The Dust

Costing just US$11,000 (£8,855; RM48,813), BYD Auto Co has just unveiled the “Seagull” – the cheapest EV (electric vehicle) – at the Shanghai Motor Show. The Chinese automaker headquartered in Xi’an is known for its models based on sea-animals (Seal and Dolphin), Chinese imperial dynasties (Han, Tang, Yuan and Song) and warships (Frigate and Destroyer). […]

... written on Apr 24 2023

Precious Metals 101: A Primer

Precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium provide protection from market volatility. They’re also an effective way to diversify portfolios and ensure portfolio stability. Investors can invest in precious metals directly or through mutual funds, ETFs, futures contracts and mining companies. Before you invest in precious metals make sure you understand what the […]

... written on Apr 23 2023

Diversify Your Retirement Funds

Retirement is the time in your life when you no longer work full-time. This can be an ideal opportunity to travel, spend quality time with family and pursue hobbies. It’s also the perfect time to assess your financial situation. That means taking into account everything from mortgage and tax obligations, to how much income you […]

... written on Apr 23 2023

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