Malaysia The Fertile Breeding Ground For Terrorism & Assassination

Malaysian police on Monday released sketches of the two men suspected of assassinating Palestinian professor Fadi Mohammad al-Batsh in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. The killers, obviously professionals, had rained a whopping 20 bullets and 14 of them hit the 35-year-old Palestinian. Mr. Fadi was heading to a mosque for dawn prayers before being gunned down.   Footage […]

... written on Apr 24 2018

5 Fantastic Ways for New Investors to Learn Trading

Going into any market head on without learning about everything from how to spot opportunities to the best strategies to employ will likely result in disaster. That’s why it’s so important for any new investors to spend time an effort to learn trading and what is best practice, whether on the forex, stocks, commodities or […]

... written on Apr 19 2018

The Unbelievable Tales Why Malaysia Police Chief Refuses To Claim Back His AUD$320,000 Frozen By Australia

Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd is one of Malaysian top police chiefs. He’s the director of CID (Criminal Investigation Department) in charge of 11 branches – from internal affairs to secret societies to Interpol. Naturally, CID is one of the most powerful departments in the Royal Malaysia Police force, not to mention extremely profitable if the […]

... written on Mar 09 2018

Warren Buffett Reveals His Top-15 Stock Portfolio, And Some Great Advices

Oracle of Omaha – Warren Buffett – has just released his 2017 annual letter to shareholders. As usual, his flagship Berkshire Hathaway’s stock portfolio was the hot commodity that everyone has been waiting for. According to the letter, the company had stock holdings totalling a staggering US$170.5 billion in market value as of end of […]

... written on Feb 26 2018

Here’re The World’s Top-20 Best Democracy Countries – But U.S. Is Not One Of Them

Hollywood films often justify that as the leader of the free world – democracy – the United States can basically do anything, including staging an invasion on foreign nations which do not subscribe to American version of democracy. However, if the latest report from the Economist Intelligence Unit is any indicator, the U.S. isn’t even […]

... written on Feb 01 2018

Something Is Very Wrong!! – World’s Richest 1% Grab 82% Of Global’s Wealth

We know that the rich is getting richer while the poor is getting poorer. We also know the world is unfair as far as wealth distribution is concerned. What we don’t know is how serious the problem has gotten year after year. At the start of 2015, Oxfam had warned that 1% of the world’s […]

... written on Jan 23 2018

Forget Global Warming – It’s Minus 88.6 Degrees In This Russian Village

Bone-chilling cold gripped much of the central U.S. as 2018 began with a bang, breaking century-old records, icing over some New Year’s celebrations. Before the fireworks, President Donald Trump mocked and insulted “global warming”, something which he doesn’t believe in and famously called it a scam by globalists so they can make you pay a carbon tax […]

... written on Jan 17 2018

Trump Brings Best Christmas In U.S. History – $800 Billion Sales By MasterCard

You may not like his big mouth. You may not like his provocative tweets. You may not like his funny hairstyle. Heck, you may not even like that he has a gorgeous wife. But by now, it’s hard to deny that Donald Trump is good for business. For close to a year, the U.S. president […]

... written on Dec 27 2017

Jack Ma Lectures American Businessmen – “Stop Whining & Bitching About China”

The world does not revolve around United States of America. The sooner American businessmen realize this, the sooner they can adapt and accept the fact that the grass is not always looks greener (or as green as their own backyard) on the other side. U.S. companies have been complaining about multiple barriers in doing business […]

... written on Dec 07 2017

Chill Bro!! How Does It Feel Being Called The “Bugis Pirates”?

Sultan Sharafuddin apparently was angered by former premier Mahathir’s remarks calling Bugis descendants “pirates” during last month’s anti-kleptocracy rally. The sultan was said to be absolutely disappointed as such statement from a former prime minister could spark hatred and prejudice against the Bugis community. But why was the sultan felt so insulted?   That’s because […]

... written on Nov 03 2017

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