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From Novice To IRA Expert: Mastering The Art Of Self-Directed IRA Investments

Are you a novice investor looking to take control of your financial future by navigating the world of self-directed IRAs? Exceptional returns are achieved slowly, but with the proper knowledge and understanding, even first-time investors can start their journey toward successful investing.   In this article, we’ll explore all there is to know about diving […]

... written on Aug 31 2023

Unity – Formula For Malaysian-Indian Success?

After 9 months of the Anwar Ibrahim administration, the Indian community is the one that has benefited the least. Members of this community have now started looking inward – “Have we been duped?” “Why is the community in dire straits?” “Have we, as a community, done the right things?” “Is it our own fault? Have […]

... written on Aug 30 2023

Latest Plan To Topple PM Anwar – Hishammuddin To Lead 7 UMNO Traitors To Trigger By-Elections If Wins Pulai

PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang told all and sundry that Anwar-led Unity Government could collapse if Opposition Perikatan Nasional wins the upcoming Pulai parliamentary by-election. Exactly how could the Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS – Parti Islam Se-Malaysia), along with its sidekick Bersatu (Malaysian United Indigenous Party) forms a backdoor government with just 74 MPs?   Even if […]

... written on Aug 29 2023

Guaranteed Returns: Exploring The Safety Net Of Fixed Annuities

Are you seeking a way to secure retirement savings and enjoy peace of mind with guaranteed returns? If so, then fixed annuities may be what you are looking for. Fixed annuities have come a long way since their introduction in the late 19th century and can give investors an added layer of protection against market […]

... written on Aug 29 2023

This Is Just The Beginning – These Charts Show The Impact Of The BRICS Expansion, And How 6 New Members Were Selected

BRICS has expanded to include Iran, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt, Ethiopia and Argentina. Following the 15th annual BRICS summit in Johannesburg, South Africa last week, the bloc of five major emerging economies – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – decided to admit the additional 6 new members, effective January […]

... written on Aug 28 2023

The Stupid Act Of Converting A Hindu To Islam Could Backfire – Pulai By-Election Could Be Anwar’s Tanjung Piai

Narcissist Anwar Ibrahim was not impressed that all his hard work during the six state election political campaign had failed to swing the Malay heartland. The prime minister thought he was incredibly popular judging by the large crowd he drew wherever he went. He particularly loves to climb up from his car’s door to salute […]

... written on Aug 25 2023

How Huawei Secretly Builds Microchip Factories To Bypass U.S. Sanctions

Huawei is like Apple – they are too big to fail. In truth, when the Trump administration – repetitively – announced new rounds of export restrictions specially designed to cut off overseas manufacturers from supplying semiconductors to the Chinese telecom-equipment manufacturer, the POTUS knew his efforts to isolate China’s tech giant would fail miserably.   […]

... written on Aug 23 2023

Get Your Popcorn, Enjoy The Show – Malays Oppressing Malays As Power-Crazy PAS Gives Crumb To Partner Bersatu

Data after the recent six state elections showed a jaw-dropping 99% non-Malays had given their votes to the Anwar-led unity government, an alliance between Pakatan Harapan (PH) and former rival Barisan Nasional (BN). However, no matter how Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim huffed and puffed to swing the Malay votes, a majority of them voted for […]

... written on Aug 21 2023

PRN: A “Mal-lash” Caused Anwar’s Vote Slash – Fact or Fallacy?

Unlike the 2021 Melaka and the 2022 Johor state elections, the recent state elections (PRN 2023) brought more zest and flavor. Bridget Welsh, in a recent article contends that, in the PRN 2023, the Chinese had the lowest percentage turnout (slightly lower than Indians). Further, she stated that when we compare GE15 and the PRN […]

... written on Aug 19 2023

Profitable Partnership: “Best Affiliate Programme 2023” According To Pan Finance

In the ever-evolving landscape of online brokerage services, AMarkets is forging its path to triumph in the Asian market. Its achievements are a testament to its commitment: improved trading conditions for indices, speedy withdrawals, high leverage, and a flourishing community of AMarkets traders in Malaysia.   The crowning achievement of AMarkets is the prestigious “Best […]

... written on Aug 19 2023

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