Food Prices Skyrocket – The Return Of Monopoly & Cartel Run By Rich UMNO Malay Elites To Profit From The People

Exactly what has happened to the meat cartel scandal? First exposed in December last year, millions of Malaysian Muslims have consumed fake halal beef for the last 40 years. The scandal, involving agencies like the Malaysian Quarantine and Inspection Services Department, Customs Department and Port Police, clearly was an example of powerful Malays cheating ordinary Malays. […]

... written on Nov 28 2021

Award Winning “Timah Whisky” Fiasco – Why Are Certain Malay Muslims So Easily Confused Than Arab Muslims?

Google says the Malay word “Timah” means “tin”, a chemical metal or an element with a symbol of “Sn” (Stanum), which any science student will find on the periodic table during their chemistry lesson. The silvery metal, with an atomic number of 50, is resistant to corrosion hence it had become one of the most […]

... written on Oct 21 2021

From White Flag To Suicide – Another Dubious RM150 Billion Aid Package That May Be Too Little, Too Late

According to the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DoSM), there were 8 million households in the country in 2019, before the Coronavirus outbreak. If the government had implemented a genuine full-scale lockdown like the MCO 1.0 (movement control order) and paid every household RM1,000 a month to stay at home, it will cost the country RM8 […]

... written on Jun 30 2021

Meet “J Hotel” – The World’s Highest Luxury Hotel In Shanghai With A Restaurant On The 120th Floor

Shanghai Tower is the second-tallest building in the world after Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. But on the 120th floor, the skyscraper boasts a restaurant in the world’s highest luxury hotel – “J Hotel”. Located in the city’s financial district, the hotel occupies the top floors of the 632-metre (2,073 feet) mega tall building. It has 165 […]

... written on Jun 25 2021

Get Ready For Inflation – The Next Biggest Economic Fear After Covid-19 That Government Will Eventually Face

When Coronavirus spread to the United States last March, the Wall Street was so shocked with the outbreak that the Dow Jones crashed nearly 3,000 points – about 13%. Everyone was panicked as none had experienced such a pandemic before. After all, the last time the world faced a pandemic at a similar scale was […]

... written on Jun 17 2021

Hungry People Are Angry People – The Monarchies Have No Choice But To End The State Of Emergency

Muhyiddin’s selfish plan is to extend the current state of emergency like neighbouring Thailand. Approved by the Cabinet of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha on May 21, the country has extended the nationwide state of emergency for additional 2 months until July 31 – the twelfth consecutive extension since Thailand first declared the emergency on March […]

... written on Jun 09 2021

Burger & Rojak Sellers Slapped With RM50000 Fine – That’s What You Get For Voting PAS And Supporting A Backdoor Government

In the 2018 General Election, UMNO-led Barisan Nasional (BN) won only 8 state seats while PAS grabbed a whopping 37 seats in Kelantan. Opposition Pakatan Harapan was totally wiped out. After learning that PAS had won big, Mohd Hafeez, a 42-year-old diehard Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (PAS) supporter kissed the ground and said – “God is great, […]

... written on Apr 27 2021

Australia’s Lobster Industry Is Still Trying To Figure Out How To Replace The A$750 Million Chinese Market

When the Chinese government left planeloads of $2 million worth of Australian lobster to rot on a Shanghai tarmac last November, it was a signal that the hostility between both countries could only get worse. The shipments had experienced Customs clearance delays because the Chinese authorities were inspecting 100% of the Australian rock lobsters to […]

... written on Apr 22 2021

Australia’s Beef Export Worth A$3 Billion To China May Not Recover – Permanently & Completely

It’s been close to 12 months since China suspended imports of beef from Australia, and it’s hard to see how the ban would be relaxed anytime soon. In fact, the damage to Aussie red meat, valued at about A$3 billion, could be permanent. The exports of Australian beef to the Chinese market was the most […]

... written on Apr 19 2021

Australia’s $1 Billion Wine Industry In Trouble – China Officially Slaps 218.4% Import Duties For 5 Years Effective Sunday

On Friday (March 26), China’s Ministry of Commerce announced that import duties between 116.2% and 218.4% will be imposed on Australian wines effective Sunday (March 28). The massive tariffs arrived after the ministry concluded that domestic wine industry had been hurt by the dumping of cheap Aussie wine. Worse, the anti-dumping punishment will last for […]

... written on Mar 26 2021

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