Millions Of Malays Scammed Again – Hadi Won’t Let Muslim Refugees Work, PAS Can’t Live Without Benz & iPhone

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Nov 23 2023
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Perikatan Nasional, comprising two major forces – Malay nationalist party Bersatu and Islamist party PAS – captured 4.7 million votes (30.12%) in the November 2022 General Election, where 99% were Malay votes. Crucially, the Malay-centric political parties won 80% of Malay vote bank. Fortunately, despite grabbing 74 seats in the 222-seat Parliament, it was not sufficient to form the government.


Even the Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS – Parti Islam Se-Malaysia) was surprised that it could win 43 parliamentary seats and capture 4 states – becoming the single-largest party in the country. Thereafter, Perikatan Nasional was so confident it could form a government that it became too arrogant and rejected a “Unity Government” proposed by King Sultan Abdullah as a result of a hung parliament.


The rest as they say is history. But the burning question is whether the “green wave”, which saw Bersatu and PAS almost forming a Taliban government, will still be around in the next 16th General Election. You can drag the Malays screaming and kicking out of the “kampung” (village) and give them a modern education. But you will never be able to drag the “kampung” out of the Malays.

Perikatan Nasional Supporters

Essentially, the Malays, or at least majority of them, are still the same ethnic stuck in the 1500s who are very feudal, hyper-sensitive, insecure and easily provoked. Due to Malays’ unique characteristic – the inferiority feeling of insecure and threatened (even though they are the largest ethnic group and have secured all the key positions) – politicians could easily manipulate and exploit them.


Malay leaders like Mahathir had played the race and religion card to cunningly deceive them that they were being deprived by the minorities, especially the ethnic Chinese. Ex-backdoor PM Muhyiddin spread fake news that Christians were working with “Jews to Christianise” Malaysia during the Nov 2022 election campaign. PAS continues to remind Malay-Muslims that non-Muslims are “kafir”.


The Malay community – poisoned by toxic politicians like Muhyiddin and Hadi who can’t stop fanning racial and religious hate – decided to throw their support blindly behind Perikatan Nasional. They just needed a Malay champion to protect their interest, never mind their so-called heroes were actually corrupted, crooked or scumbags who spoke with a forked tongue.

Muhyiddin Yassin and Hadi Awang - Extremist and Racist

Having played Malay-Muslims like a fool for decades, Bersatu and PAS leaders knew precisely how to scam and lie to them again and again. The best part is the Malays will always fall for the same trick without fail. And this is also why Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has joined the bandwagon, screaming till his face turn blue condemning Israel whilst supporting Palestinians and Hamas terrorists.


As both Opposition Perikatan Nasional and Anwar try to outmatch each other to become the Palestinian hero in the Israel-Hamas War, it has led to a boycott of companies linked to Israeli. From McDonald’s to Starbucks, and from Nestle products to Grab e-hailing service, the list of companies with alleged ties to Israel has been targeted by people obsessed with teaching the Jews a lesson.


Apparently, some Malaysians were not impressed after McDonald’s Israel said on its social media accounts that it has given thousands of free meals to Israel Defense Forces. In truth, the boycott does not affect local McDonald’s at all because foreign brands in Malaysia are owned by local companies through the master franchise concept, something that is perhaps too sophisticated for boycotters to understand.

McDonalds Free Meal for Israel Defense Forces

Hilariously, popular fast-food chain like McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Pizza Hut, Burger King and Starbucks have mostly Malays under its payrolls. McDonald’s, for example, is owned by Gerbang Alaf Sdn Bhd, which has over 300 outlets and more than 25,000 local employees. A 100% Muslim-owned entity, McDonald’s saw its workers – predominantly Malay – caught in the crossfire.


McDonald’s Malaysia registered sales of RM3.25 billion in 2021 compared to US$23.22 billion (RM108.63 billion) recorded by the American company worldwide. In other words, the world’s largest fast food restaurant chain will not lose any sleep even if McDonald’s Malaysia goes bust. However, the same cannot be said about its Malaysian employees, who happens to be mostly Malay-Muslims.


Of course, it will not go belly up. McDonald’s top management has swiftly introduced many mouth-watering promotions, which benefits truckloads of non-Muslim customers scrambling to the restaurants thanks to the boycott. Chances are it’s a matter of time before the pro-Palestinian Malaysians who boycott “Mekdi” will return in droves for their addicted burgers and fried chicken.

McDonalds Malaysia Employees

Even if they can resist McDonald’s, which they can’t in long term, it would be hard to ignore Starbucks, which is owned by Berjaya Group. Sure, the owner is a Chinese called Vincent Tan. However, like McDonald’s, the coffee house chain hires mostly Malay-Muslims. So, chances are more workers will be jobless before the boycott could make a dent on billionaire Vincent.


Besides, boycotting Starbucks outlets will impact only Berjaya Food Bhd, not the entire business empire of Berjaya Group. CGS-CIMB Research believed that the boycott would impact only three-month of the company’s revenue. Heck, the research house has actually reiterated its “add” call on Berjaya Food stock. Will they now boycott CIMB, a Malay banking group, for supporting Berjaya stock price?


Malaysia should think twice about copying Turkey, whose parliament removed Coca Cola and Nestle products from its restaurants over their support for Israel. Milo, Nescafe and Maggi are some food products produced by Nestle, which most Malays can’t get rid of at restaurants or at home. Milo has become a breakfast drink and Maggi Curry is as addicted as sex to many Malays.

Nestle Malaysia Products

And guess what, Grab delivery riders (again, most of them Malays) depend on orders from McDonald’s, KFC, Starbucks and even Mamak restaurants to make a living through commission. The supply chain also affects the suppliers of chicken, bread and vegetables as well as transportation for those goods, which again affects many Malay workers. But why stop at selected brands?


Let’s boycott Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, whose owner – Mark Zuckerberg – is a Jewish and where the social media openly supports Israel. As of January 2023, there were around 28.18 million Facebook users in Malaysia, including the same anti-Israel Malays who shamelessly used Facebook in the campaign to boycott companies linked to Israel. Can they really live without Israel products?


Protesters should stop flying for their vacations as Boeing makes and delivers weapons to Israel. Google and Microsoft’s CEOs have come out in support of Israel following Hamas’ terrorist attack on the country, so perhaps Malaysian protesters should stop using the search engine and format their hard-disk immediately to get rid of the operating system. They should also dump their Android phones.

Tech Giants - Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft

IBM, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Intel, Oracle and Zoom were just some tech companies that have spoken out against Hamas and express support and solidarity with Israel. Go ahead – demonstrate in front of all major banks – including Maybank and CIMB – to pressure the financial institutions to throw away their mainframes, servers and databases for supporting the Jewish people.


In the same breath, they should also boycott Adidas, Accenture, Allianz, Apple, American Express, Audi, BMW, Chanel, Cisco, Daimler, DHL, Disney, Estee Lauder, Johnson & Johnson, KPMG, Levi Strauss, Marriott, Mastercard, Morgan Stanley, Netflix, Pfizer, Porsche, PwC, SAP, Siemens, Sony Music, Tesla, UPS, Volkswagen, and WWE for similarly supporting Israel.


Wait a minute, without Android or Apple smartphones, what type of phones are left for the anti-Israeli protesters? Yes, it appears that 80% of Malays have been scammed when even PAS has decided that they can’t live without Mercedes Benz and Apple iPhone. PAS information chief Ahmad Fadhli Shaari said – “There are some products or things that cannot be boycotted. We cannot do it all.”

PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang - Mercedes Benz and Apple iPhone

The snake oil salesmen from the Islamist party was trapped when Kampar MP Chong Zhemin questioned the Kelantan state government if they were going to boycott Mercedes-Benz, a German luxury car manufacturer that openly supports the Israeli by donating €1 million. If the PAS Mullahs prefer Benz over Palestinians, isn’t it moronic for Malays to still support the Islamist party?


It screams hypocrisy and double-standard for PAS to stage a massive demonstration in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, expressing unwavering support for the Palestinian people, only to chicken out when challenged to boycott Mercedes. In 2020, then-Kelantan deputy Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah purchased 14 Mercedes Benz S 450 L AMG line worth over RM600,000 per unit.


Germany, in fact, strongly supports Israel’s right to defend itself, so much so the Europe’s biggest economy was offering military help to Israel and promising to crack down on support for the militant Hamas terror group. Therefore, Malays should start boycotting their favourite German brands like Adidas, Benz, BMW, Audi, Puma, Porsche, Volkswagen and DHL.

Ahmad Yakob – Kelantan Menteri Besar Chief Minister - Mercedes Benz S450L AMG

But the West isn’t the only pro-Israel nations. India is another strong supporter of Israel, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed “complete solidarity”. Perhaps Malaysian protesters should boycott India too – threatening to stop selling palm oil, and boycott Indian onions and white rice. Surely Malay Felda settlers can survive without India, Malaysia’s largest export market for palm oil.


Comically, at a symbolic event to hand over donations for Palestinians, both ex-premier Mahathir Mohamad and PAS president Hadi Awang – supposedly the biggest cheerleaders of Palestinians – were trying to evade the question of granting Muslim refugees equal access to basic rights such as employment and education. There were over 180,000 refugees in Malaysia, including 600 Palestinians.


Mahathir said he only supported the idea of giving assistance “to those without money to eat”, and not about allowing refugees to get jobs or letting their children attend public schools. Hadi was the most pathetic Muslim leader, refusing to even entertain the question of helping fellow Muslims with basic rights. So, what’s the point of screaming till foaming at the mouth about defending Palestinians?

Mahathir Mohamad and Hadi Awang - Cannot Live Without Mercedes and Porsche


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One certainly can’t adore comedian Mullah Hardy or our hypocritical Muslims for just about anything, but “Israel’s right to defend itself” should not mean a “G*d-given right to genocide the Palestinians in order to grab their land.

I say good luck and we’ll done to those doing the boycott, boycotts against foreign goods in China worked wonderfully and caused Western brands to squeal and sue for mercy.

But you must have the will and stamina to keep going. How many of you can survive without your dogsh*t junk food and Coke fixes? Are you prepared to lose your jobs to stand with your Palestinian Muslim brose, and maybe even your Palestinian Christian and Jewish brose, siestas, etc., yes Palestine is not just Muslims, there are communists, socialists, and atheists too.

Make sure your Muslim bros etc in the Arab world and elsewhere won’t sell you down the river like eg the treacherous and corrupt gulf rulers, etc sell out the Palestinians, and all the time too!

The dodgy bros of the Arab and Muslim world are utterly clueless and useless about what they should do about the Palestinians, they are wringing their grubby hands and crying out loud for China to take the lead.

Oh, mustn’t forget Mullah Anwar, he’s now lurking behind the Saudis and letting them lead him.

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