Corruption Scandal – How Anti-Corruption Chief Azam Baki’s Half-Baked Story Backfires & Implicates Him Even More

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Jan 07 2022
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MACC’s (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) Chief – Azam Baki – should have learned from former Prime Minister Najib Razak that a lie would need 10 more lies to cover-up. Mr “Pink Lips Najib” was a great liar, probably the best liar the country has ever produced. Still, the compulsive liar failed in both the High Court and the Court of Appeal because his lies were too hilarious and ridiculous.


If a seasoned liar like Najib failed, what make Azam thinks he could succeed? When the MACC Chief Commissioner points finger at his brother for using his share trading account to buy millions of shares, it was like Najib pointing finger at the Saudi royal family for donating RM2.6 billion to his personal bank accounts. Mr Azam’s half-baked story has raised more questions than answers.


The corruption scandal involving the anti-corruption top gun exploded after Professor Edmund Terence Gomez resigned from the MACC’s Consultation and Corruption Prevention Panel last week in protest of inaction against the accusation that the MACC chief owned stock market shares beyond his mean in 2015. Initially, Azam kept quiet, hoping that the issue would disappear.

Professor Edmund Terence Gomez

However, when you have a professor as distinguished as Gomez refusing to let go of what he described as “nexus between business and law enforcement” and a “conflict of interest” in his resignation letter on Dec 27, 2021, the anti-graft agency should realize that its boss would not be able to escape easily. Mr Gomez was particularly furious as his complaints had fallen on deaf ears.


Determined to expose the internal cover-up of the agency, Gomez revealed how he had written thrice to MACC’s Consultation and Corruption Prevention Panel chairman Borhan Dollah, as well as to the MACC Anti-Corruption Advisory Board chairman Abu Zahar Nika Ujang. Both Borhan and Abu Zahar did not bother to act on the allegations against Azam.


Worse, Abu Zahar lied when he claimed that Gomez did not send any email to him. Borhan, on the other hand, also lied when he said emails from Gomez were not related to any wrongdoings committed by MACC chief Azam Baki. Both despicable liars were caught with their pants down when Gomez happily shared the emails with the press.

MACC Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission - Abu Zahar Nika Ujang and Borhan Dollah

That was the first mistake. You do not lie with a man like Gomez because the professor of political economy was obviously well prepared when he decided to confront the MACC, which was already tainted with corruption and abuse of power over the years. Unable to shield Mr Azam, the anti-corruption chief was forced to respond, only to make another blunder.


When Azam finally broke his silence, he raised more than a few eyebrows with an unbelievable story that it was his brother – Nasir Baki – who had used his name to purchase shares back in 2015. He also claimed that on the same year, the shares were transferred back to his brother’s own stock market account, including CDS (Central Depository System) account.


In what appeared to be a pre-planned and coordinated drama, MACC Anti-Corruption Advisory Board Chairman Abu Zahar told a press conference that Azam had been cleared of any wrong-doing as the board was satisfied with Azam’s explanation. At the same time, the anti-graft chief arrogantly, but falsely, claimed that he was answerable only to the advisory board.

MACC Chief Azam Baki and Brother Nasir - Shares and Warrant Holdings

It was so obvious that something was fishy when both Azam Baki and Abu Zahar played the roles as defender, prosecutor and judge within the four walls of MACC. So, the second mistake was expecting the general public to believe that Azam’s brother did not have any trading account when he purchased a whopping 1,930,000 shares of Gets Global Berhad (formally known as KBES Berhad) in 2015.


According to whistleblower Lalitha Kunaratnam, Nasir Baki is a director of nine companies involving in various businesses such as IT products and services, property developer, mining, wholesale, beauty treatments and biotech pharmaceuticals. Interestingly, Nasir is also a shareholder for RI Intelligence Sdn Bhd – a private investigation and detective company.


Does it make sense that a man with such business empire did not have a stock market account to buy shares? Only an individual who has not reached the age of 18 years cannot open a CDS account. Considering that Azam’s age of 58 years today, his brother has to be 24 years old, meaning they were born 34 years apart in order to justify that Nasir was under-age in 2015.

MACC Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission - MACC - Emblem Logo

The third mistake was the MACC chief’s lies when he claimed that the 1.93 million shares of Gets Global Berhad had been transferred to his brother’s own stock market account in 2015. In truth, a year later, he still held 1,029,500 shares of the same company as at 31 March 2016. In addition, he also owned 2,156,000 warrants in Excel Force MSC Berhad.


Nasir, meanwhile, held 3,728,000 Gets Global Berhad shares as at 31 March 2016 – meaning the graft busters’ chief only transferred 900,000 shares, while at the same time, his brother purchased more shares. It also means the MACC advisory board was either incompetent or guilty of covering up Azam without even conducting a simple checking.


The fourth mistake – displaying his brother on public gallery has eventually led to more trouble as Mr Azam may have committed offences related to Section 25 of the Securities Industry (Central Depositories) Act 1991 (SICDA). The Securities Commission says every securities account opened with a central depository must be in the name of the beneficial owner or an authorised nominee.

MACC Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission - Chief Commissioner Azam Baki - Corruption

In essence, the MACC Chief Commissioner was as guilty as hell when he “loaned” his account to his brother. Of course, he could play dumb, claiming he didn’t know the law. However, it’s highly unlikely that he was ignorant based on his job nature as the head of graft busters, not to mention his 37-year career in MACC. Worse, the whole scandal could be linked to money laundering.


Imagine a drug dealer uses this method to “wash dirty money”. If Azam Baki can claim innocence for lending his share trading account to his brother, do can criminals’ brother. It didn’t help that he foolishly argued that he was answerable only to the MACC’s advisory board. If that’s true, then there’s a double standard as the MACC chief cannot  be charged by public prosecutors, let alone investigated by the police.


Like former PM Najib Razak, not only Azam is a public officer whose wages are being paid by taxpayers, he is answerable to the public and Parliament. In fact, the MACC chief is not untouchable as he thought, his fifth mistake, but can be sacked by the Agong (King), who appointed him based on the advice from the Prime Minister. Thus, PM Ismail Sabri should intervene instead of keeping his mouth shut.

Agong - King Sultan Abdullah of Pahang - Desk

Azam’s sixth mistake was trying to bully and intimidate whistleblower Lalitha Kunaratnam with the demands of apology, removal of articles and RM10 million. It was like how Najib was trying to harass and sue Sarawak Report editor Clare Rewcastle-Brown and the Wall Street Journal. Any attempt to suppress freedom of media and expression will only backfire.


More importantly, where did the anti-corruption chief get the money to buy shares and warrants, not to mention the burning question – did he declare his assets as a member of the civil service as required under Section 10 of the Public Officers Regulations (Conduct and Discipline) 1993? How did he explain millions of public-listed companies’ shares in his account in 2015 and 2016?


Previously, the nation was shocked when MACC officers replaced a large portion of RM25 million with counterfeit currency. The three suspects were part of a “special team” assigned to investigate the abuse of power and criminal breach of trust involving Najib’ spy chief – Hasanah Abdul Hamid. What was even more stunning was that the MACC crooks had a close relationship with the MACC Chief Commissioner – Azam Baki.

Hasanah Abdul Hamid – MEIO Spy Director General - Covered Face Being Charged


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Imagine…..a drug kingpin is caught by police with 1 tonne of cocaine in his condo. Immediately he pleads innocent, explaining that the coke belongs to his long lost cousin from Timbooktoo. And..waalah..the authority believes his story and he walk free with his head held high.

I kind of feel sorry for the poor bugger graft-busting or maybe graft-busking ahlong arm of the law. Everyone of us is bound to have a brother who is in dire need for us to lend a hand to park his money though my own brother won’t dare sign over any of his money to my care – and I won’t dare lend my brother my lawnmower either.

It is heartwarming to read of a brother who is willing to let his brother use his account though for most normal persons in Bolehland this is not at all normal. For most in Bolehland, the standard answer to a brother asking to borrow an account (or, in fact, anything), would be a resounding fcuk off! I would say for someone sworn to uphold the law, he would lecture his bro that it is illegal as much as it would be highly suspicious to borrow an account – even for dodgy Bolehlanders, why tf would you want to do that, every other transaction in Bolehland is dodgy, anyway. Being straightforward dodgy is more practical in Bolehland than being dodgy dodgy. If you care to look every Bolehlander looks textbook fcuking dodgy, even those in gomen who can’t grow a decent moustache.

But Bolehland is Bolehland and we honestly can’t tell our upholders of the law from our upenders of the law. It is very touching a brother would do something incredibly unbelievable and unbelievably fcuking stupid for his brother. The whore gomen is filled up with incredibly unbelievable and unbelievably fcuking pig stupid monkeys so we can’t really call it a stretch of imagination to expect any manifestation of decency or upright behaviour from those entrusted to do a day’s honest living and not make the country look so fcuking corrupt or stupid whether intentional or through sheer natural talent.

If I were Half-baked Baki, and thank the Black Stone I worship I ain’t, I would tell my staff to concentrate fully on their work and stop polishing my balls and leave my dcik alone, I’m a big boy and can take it on the chin and not play victim and whine. I would ask for an absolutely independent inquiry to scrutinise my conduct, and stop fcuking whine like a bleeding wimp which would make me definitely more suspicious (and my stupid bro too!).

It is already fishy that weirdo from the advisory body jumped up so fast to clear Half-Baki’s name. In half-alive Bolehland with near fully dead gomen outfits, it is nothing short of impossible his rehabilitation can happen so easily and so fcuking fast! I wonder if the advisor honcho is doing Half-Baki a favour or doing himself the favour, save two suspects in this case, wan stone kills two birds…

It is like a scenario from kindergarten where teacher asked who stole the cookie, and the usual suspects are the first to shout “Not me!” to stop any further investigation from happening. Well, our monkeys in gomen are mostly way below the intelligence of the kids in vernacular schools, ask them who’s a retard and our gomen species would quickly identify themselves, and maybe spell their names correctly too.

It doesn’t help wan bit when our dodgy mullahs join in to distract the public by sermonising nothing to see here, move along now… Why not and why the hurry? It’s as if our mullahs too fear scrutiny, pressing along with Maccdonnogate may open a big can of worms, implicate our mullahs for corruption and everything else too. I’ve some friends blessed by the mullahs to have many wives, children, mistresses, park their money with every wan of them, everyone’s an account… but still not their brothers.

It could jolly well be the whore Half-Baki sordid affair being a can of fat worms has plenty to do with the SOP of Bolehland politicians, keep their “dossiers” on each other on standby to implicate each other of Bolehland’s unsavoury politicians. Who is to say Maccdonno is not a library choked full of dossiers too?

Whether they may exist and for which politician, all politicians would be very twitchy and feel blackmailed at any thought Maccdonno may make any dossier on so many of our guaranteed corrupt appear at will. The kindergarten kiddies among our fcuked up politicians are pre-empting the possibility by stroking Half-Baki just in case he feels he’s left alone by himself to roast over his rather questionable behaviour. There is certainly an unusual number of “interested parties” eager to say the nicest things for the trapped graft-buster (cum investor?) who isn’t reacting like a big boy to those little naughty things said about his brother.

It would be a smart operator who keeps quiet and lie low till the storm blows over, but our half-baked and half-awake ketuanan wonders aren’t exactly smart operators, every move they make to cover up anything they would shoot both their two left foot with a loud gun, as always, expose themselves further. Even when there’s no evidence those ketuanan wonders like Sabrina Lowyatkob knows how to use a spade, they are still capable of digging themselves into deeper graves whenever they try to extricate themselves from disasters only they can make.

I am reminded of a famous joke about why the Israelis could defeat the Egyptians each time the two fought. Whenever they confronted each other across their trenches, the Israeli soldiers would shout “Muhammad” to the other side. The Egyptian soldiers would raise their hands and pop their heads out of the trenches and expose themselves. The Israelis would shoot them dead.

The Israelis them shouted “Ali” and a whopping number of the Egyptians would do the same as for the Muhammads. The Israelis then shoot the Egyptians dead.

The moral of the story is no I don’t support the Israelis and Israel, I’m no fcuking Christian evangelical Zionazi ccokscukers like those lurking inside the DAP, it is that until you are exposed, don’t be like our half-witted ketuanan morons stick out their midget heads expose themselves even before anyone shouted their names.

Btw, good news, the Palestinians apparently caught up with the fella who gave away to Mos sad that Palestinian lecturer we can’t protect on our own soil. If they grab hold of their traitor they do what our useless and squimish clowns can’t do, give the poor sod a quickie show trial in front of judge Kamel al Kangaroo, shoot him dead right outside the courthouse, no time to stick burning nails in his eyes or parting with him with four horses tearing him in five directions, as prescribed in holy medieval love poems.

China does same for their corrupt bastards for corruption, commercial crimes, swindling, cheating, stealing, blah, though not outside the courthouses. The guilty are first left to rot inside death row, when they realise their wrong and maybe want to repent, they are taken out to be executed by being shot in the back of their heads. They, or doting relatives have to pay for the bullets, Ketuanan Cina bloody good business folks don’t want to pay for the bullets, their gomen even respectfully ask their criminals if they are willing to donate their organs when they die or maybe half-die.

I know you fcuking kaypoh bastards would like to know, surprisingly, the condemned often would donate their spare parts. Contrary to Western propaganda neither the Chinese gomen nor amateur collectors grab the organs like the criminal organ harvesting industry in Israel which thrives on the deliberatel slaughter of the Palestinians.

Fancy, our corrupt get same treatment, bullet in the head, we’ll see plenty of slim down gomens, maybe even no gomen. And certainly not too few “useless eaters” left in Bolehland to vote in their favourite oversensitive assh*les.

And maybe much less corruption too though the scums of the nightsoil thrive in the land of the chickenshit kampong longkang ketuanan supremacists, fertilised with the holy camel shiite of sheer corruption.

Aiyaah lah, Half-Baki boi! A little or a lot of investigation no harm lah! So many big brothers out there already so interested in you, and so brotherly protective about you too lah! Soon there would be a stampede with the “NFA” chops all ready to close and bury any thought of any investigation on yet another matter of possible corruption in Bolehland.

Even with the other brothers who’s sprung up to defend Half-Baki, there’s yet to be even one decent investigation on Bakigate, so any word from the usual suspects or mullah or the wonky pillars of society is not going to help with the discovery of truth, or do anything for the public. It’s, as said, best to keep the big mouth tightly shut, let an honest investigation run its course. Big boys should fear nothing, think of the interest of the rakyat, and be patient. Whining and bitching will only look highly suspicious and show up the bankrupt in politics as having no testicle.

I would ring dear bro on the special untapped phone, tell him not to lose sleep, the testicles of too many politicians are in your grip, wan by wan what goolie is possessed by your right hand will speak for you, Alhamdulilah!

Aiyaah they can’t get Fat Jho, they can’t get you lah!
And the fcuking DAP has long forgotten about its own footsoldier Teoh Beng Hock… Khat and Jawi and DAP Playmates around the hooves of the Snake Pharaoh M for Memali Monster more interesting lah..!

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