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Jailing Of “Bossku” Najib A Game Changer – UMNO May Not Win As Big As It Thinks, It Might Even Lose

Ismail Sabri’s absence at an UMNO special briefing on Saturday (Aug 27) was a no-brainer. The prime minister deliberately cooked up an excuse to avoid being heckled and jeered by party leaders and members. The session was specially staged by UMNO president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to trap and humiliate PM Ismail, who only ranked third […]

... written on Aug 30 2022

Europe Apocalypse – Electricity Above €1000 For The First Time, All Hell Breaks Loose

Since Vladimir Putin launched his “special military operation”, which the U.S. and its allies called an “unprovoked invasion”, in Ukraine, the Western nations have done nothing but add fuel to the fire. By supplying weapons to Ukraine, instead of taking steps to end the conflict, neither Ukraine nor Russia could end the war. Neither the […]

... written on Aug 29 2022

Crocodile Tears Of Hypocrites – Najib Praised Independent Judiciary In 2015, But Condemned Unfair Judiciary In 2022

UMNO president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi on Saturday (Aug 27) claimed that Najib Razak, his former boss, is a victim of political persecution, and has never asked for his charges to be dropped. In front of hundreds of the party leaders and members gathered for a special briefing at its headquarters, Mr Zahid said they must […]

... written on Aug 28 2022

US & UK Not Happy – Coast Guard & Royal Navy Denied Port Call In Solomon Islands As China Influence Grows

On Friday (Aug 26), a United States coast guard ship was on a scheduled port call in the Solomon Islands after conducting patrols to monitor illegal fishing activities in the Pacific. However, when it tried to get clearance to refuel and re-provision, stunningly there was no response from the island’s authorities for diplomatic clearance for […]

... written on Aug 27 2022

UMNO Civil War – Mahathir Helping Sabri To Give Enough Rope For Zahid To Hang Himself

UMNO warlords aligned to the Court Cluster, a term refers to several UMNO leaders facing graft charges in court, including former Prime Minister Najib Razak and UMNO president Zahid Hamidi, were incredibly shocked at the boldness and swiftness of the Federal Court led by Chief Justice Tengku Maimun in sending Najib to prison. The precision strike […]

... written on Aug 26 2022

A Royal Pardon – Here’s Why Najib’s Case Is Different From Anwar And Has To Stay In Jail For At Least 3 Years

Less than 24 hours after Najib Razak spends his first night as the Kajang Prison Complex’s newest inmate, questions have been raised on social media whether he receives special treatment. Photos of a luxury room equipped with a TV, air-cond, book shelves, comfy beds, mini fridge and internet access dedicated to the ex-premier have gone […]

... written on Aug 25 2022

Should You Invest In A Gold IRA & How To Do It

You are hearing more and more people talking about gold IRAs and the investments they are making with the aim of improving the quality of their retirement years, at least financially. Since you keep hearing about this, it is only natural for you to start wondering about it even more and to start thinking about […]

... written on Aug 23 2022

Congrats Najib – Your Poorly Staged Circus Backfires, Making The Job Easier For 5 Judges To Uphold Guilty Verdict

You know Najib Razak was in deep shit when a five-member bench of Federal Court led by Tengku Maimun – Malaysia’s first woman Chief Justice – strictly prohibited any attempts to delay the appeal process last week. And you know absolutely sure the former premier was in serious trouble when his legal eagle started throwing […]

... written on Aug 23 2022

The Worst Is Not Over Yet – Why Inflation & Recession Are Still Alive And The Global Economy Is Still In Bad Shape

All 11 sectors in the S&P 500 were in the red on Monday (Aug 22) with a whopping 480 stocks in red and just 23 in green. The Standard and Poor’s 500 lost 2.14% – biggest drop since June 28. The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 643.13 points, while the Nasdaq Composite tumbled 2.55% – […]

... written on Aug 23 2022

RM90 Million Hadi Blames Non-Malays For Corruption – A Moronic Excuse To Blame Chinese For Najib’s Corruption

Abdul Hadi Awang, president of Islamist party PAS, has revealed yet another mind-blowing theory – the root cause of corruption was not the fault of Malays, but the non-Malays. With his brilliant twisted formula, he has basically legitimized corruption for ethnic Malay. Now, Malays do not need to feel ashamed about accepting – or asking […]

... written on Aug 21 2022

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