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Apple Has More Cash Than Malaysia, France & Dozens Other Countries

Ever since U.S. notorious subprime crisis in 2008, U.S. companies have been building cash as if there’s no tomorrow. Some even joke that U.S. will never have another similar subprime crisis again considering the gigantic amount of cash reserve these companies have. Besides financial institutions, U.S. companies are holding a staggering US$1.64 trillion at the [...]

... written on Apr 09 2014

Errr … MSC What? Here’re 10 Vietnam Start-Ups With Over 1 Million Users

Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor, popularly known as MSC in the 90s, will celebrate it’s 20th birthday in 2016; that’s 2 years from now. Besides Proton, MSC was another pet project by former prime minister Mahathir. MSC was supposed to leapfrog the country into the 21st century by having an innovative and multimedia technology hub, similarly [...]

... written on Mar 05 2014

Here’s How To Tell If You’re A Samsung or Apple Fan

Samsung and Apple are the two dominant players in the smartphone market and most likely will stay that way for some years to come. Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT, stock) and Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG, stock) tried to amaze us with their phones but so far they fails miserably, though Google’s Android is super successful. Blackberry [...]

... written on Mar 20 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Unveiled – Smarter than iPhone

Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone is here – same size and weight as its predecessor, Galaxy S3. Well, actually the new S4 is less than 1-millimeter thinner and a few grams lighter, if you can really notice the difference at all. To be precise, S4 is 69-mm wide, and 7.9-mm thick, and weighs just 130 grams. [...]

... written on Mar 15 2013

25 Awesome Beautiful Cool iPhone Case You Must Have

The supposedly 21 Dec 2012 Apocalypse came and nothing happened. To be sure we have even celebrated Christmas and planet Earth is still rotating as usual. So it’s only safe to presume we still have some decades to go before another Apocalypse theory emerge again (some said 2060?). If you’re one of the End-of-the-World “Doomsday [...]

... written on Dec 27 2012

iPad Mini, iPad 4, iMacs – Everything You Need to Know

Apple’s long-anticipated smaller tablet is here and judging from the past experience, the new iPad Mini should give Samsung a run for their money. The battle between Apple and Samsung especially on the copyrights will not end anytime soon hence the whole new battlefield level – mini tablet. The fact that the new pencil-thin (7.2mm) [...]

... written on Oct 24 2012

iPhone 5 Revealed – Everything You Need To Know

Apple introduces the thinnest, lightest, fastest and most powerful phone it has ever made, the iPhone 5, which will be released Sept. 21. If the previous lame iPhone 4S managed to pull strong sales, this sexier iPhone 5 with bigger screen and slimmer body should be able to do better. With the four-inch (10-centimeter) screen [...]

... written on Sep 13 2012

Facebook – From Stealing Idea to Cheating Investors?

The story of Facebook was full of controversies – from the moment the company’s birth to its IPO last Friday. Mark Zuckerberg, then 19-year-old, was accused of stealing Facebook’s idea, the source code and the business plan for Facebook in 2003 from Harvard seniors, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. And now the company which was supposed [...]

... written on May 24 2012

New iPad 3 (vs iPad 2) – 10 Things You Should Know

The new iPad is here but it’s not called iPad 3 but simply “new iPad”. If you think iPhone 4S was bad because it should be called iPhone 5 instead, although I believe Apple deliberately hold on the extra juices meant for a “real iPhone 5″, this latest new iPad is worse because the naming [...]

... written on Mar 08 2012

How Much Is $500 Billion, Apple’s Total Value?

Last month, Apple Inc.’s market capitalization zoomed above the $500 billion mark. The company’s stock reached the 52-week high at $548.21 a share, just two bucks shy of $550 a share and this is the immediate resistance level. With yesterday’s closing of $533.16 a share, this monster has market capitalization of $497.10 billion. Now everybody [...]

... written on Mar 06 2012

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