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Jack Ma Kept Talking “Trust” – Did He Try To Signal He Won’t Scam Your Money?

For a moment, we thought Alibaba could breached the US$100 a share and sent everyone on the trading floor jaw-dropping. But the stock hit its highest at US$99.70, just 30 cents of reaching the 100 bucks mark. On the first day of its listing on NYSE, Jack Ma’s baby was trading between the range of […]

... written on Sep 21 2014

Apple Pay, iPhone 6 & Watch – Welcome To The Party, But You’re Late

Apple has officially announced the iPhone 6 – the eighth generation of iPhone – at a special event in Cupertino. Boss Tim Cook also reveals the iPhone 6 Plus, a bigger brother of iPhone 6, and the Apple Watch too. At last, Apple has woken up to the reality that people do want a bigger […]

... written on Sep 10 2014

Facebook At $200 Billion – Let’s See How It Stacked Against Top-20 Biggest Companies

Facebook shares jumped 0.82%, or 63 cents, to $77.89 after yesterday’s closing bell. The stock actually breached the $78 a share during morning session. Nevertheless, a significant milestone has been achieved. Facebook’s market value now has exceeded $200 billion (£124 billion, RM638 billion). At yesterday’s closing, the company has market cap of a whopping $202.52 […]

... written on Sep 09 2014

Uh-oh, Apple’s In Trouble – Samsung Releases Note 4, Note Edge & Virtual Reality Gear

Apple stock saw its worst day in 7-months – tumbled US$4.36 (or 4.2%) to US$98.94 a share after Wednesday closing bell. In case this does not raise your eyebrow, that’s the biggest dollar decline by Apple since it lost $6.19 (or 8%) to $71.17 on a split-adjusted basis on 28 January, 2014. This latest drop also […]

... written on Sep 04 2014

Size Matters – Apple To Introduce New (Bigger) 12.9-Inch iPad for 2015

Apple sold 13.2 million iPads in Q3 2014 but that number is down from the 16.3 million sold Q2 2014, and the 14.6 million sold in Q3 2013. The tablet sales are “crashing”, and analysts have declared the good time for tablet is coming to an end. This could be the strongest reason why Tim Cook partners […]

... written on Aug 27 2014

Steve Jobs’ Resignation Letters, In 1985 and 2011, Are Some Of The Best Ever

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne on April 1, 1976, to develop and sell personal computers.  It was then incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc. on January 3, 1977; subsequently renamed as Apple Inc. on January 9, 2007. As of today, the company has a market capitalization of a mind-boggling US$606 billion (£365 billion; RM1,915 billion). However, nine […]

... written on Aug 24 2014

Want Cheap Smartphone? Here’re Two For You – $25 Nokia 130 & $110 Lumia 530

Microsoft is rolling out its super cheap phone for consumers in Asia and Africa in its bid to conquer a different market from Apple and Samsung. Try they have but Microsoft’s acquired Nokia simply couldn’t fight in the premium smartphone segment dominated by Apple and Samsung. Enter Nokia 130, a US$25 (£15, RM80) old school […]

... written on Aug 14 2014

Here’re 10 Fabulous & Cool Google Capabilities That You May Not Know

Google is more than just search engine. There’re reasons how Google could survives all these years from competitions. The company that receives 100 billion search queries per month has been investing heavily in tons of other projects which may or may not be made public. Some of them are successful while others flop. But we’re […]

... written on Aug 06 2014

Casio Reveals Its G-SHOCK SmartWatch – With Song Recognition On Your Wrist

Don’t reinvent the wheel – that’s what Casio believes while others such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi and others are struggling the opposite. While these players thought they should reinvent watches to be smart, veteran watch maker Casio is taking it cool and didn’t bother to join the crazy crowd. Leveraging on its popular G-SHOCK […]

... written on Aug 03 2014

Fancy Download A Movie In 0.2 Milliseconds? Here’s World’s Fastest Network At 43Tbps

Three years ago in 2011, researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany made headlines when they successfully created world record by transmitting data at mind-boggling 26Tbps (terabits per second) over a single optical fiber. At a rate of 26Tbps, that’s equivalent to 3.25TBps (1 byte equals to 8 bits) or 3,250 gigabytes of […]

... written on Aug 02 2014

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