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Apple & IBM Announced Exclusive Partnership. Here’s Tim Cook’s Memo To Employees

Apple has just announced an exclusive partnership with IBM  that will see the companies collaborate to bring over 100 enterprise apps and cloud services to the iPhone and iPad – something that Steve Jobs will never do in his life. The Apple products will be branded “IBM MobileFirst for iOS Solutions” and IBM will also sell iPhones and [...]

... written on Jul 16 2014

Take A Peek Inside A SmartWatch. Is LG’s G Watch Worth $229?

Apple is expected to launch the much talked about iWatch this October. The cash-rich company has since hired TAG Heuer sales director Patrick Pruniaux to give a “Swiss made” label to the iWatch. And it has just poached two more engineers from Nike – Ryan Bailey and Jon Gale – to the team. Bailey was [...]

... written on Jul 10 2014

Apple’s iWatch To Come With 10 Sensors, Different Sizes & Designs

Forget about Apple’s coming iPhone 6. That’s so (*yawn*) yesterday as everyone knows the new iPhone 6 will have better camera, slimmer, bigger screen and whatnot. Unless it can make coffee or pizza, iPhone 6 will be another facelift smartphone from Apple. If you like a big screen smartphone, chances are you would have already [...]

... written on Jun 20 2014

Beware! Here’s How Government’s Spying On You, Legally

Ever since former CIA agent Edward Snowden leaked secret surveillance techniques, the world has become a more dangerous place. This is true mostly to intelligence agencies around the world, especially United States and United Kingdom. The business of combating terrorism will never be the same again. But it’s a total different stories to the average [...]

... written on Jun 19 2014

4G Without LandLine Is Coming To (London) Town

Britain has a massive variations in broadband speeds, ranging from lowest 0.60 Mbps to average 17.8 Mbps, to top speed of 57.58 Mbps. The UK government had invested £1.2 billion (US$2 billion, RM6.5 billion) with additional additional £250 million (US$420 million, RM1,355 million) last year to ensure at least 95% UK homes have access to [...]

... written on Jun 06 2014

Xiaomi’s Coming To Town. Second FlashSale Postponed

Xiaomi Sucks !! Xiaomi Wasting Peoples’ Time !! That was how frustrated people were at Xiaomi today when the supposedly second round of flash sale didn’t take off as planned. Reason – Xiaomi Malaysia experiences technical issue with Amazon Web Services hence affecting Xiaomi Malaysia’s store. Understandably, hundreds of Malaysians took leave or skip their [...]

... written on May 27 2014

Here’s How You Charge Your Devices In Half The Time

Do you have a great idea but lack of funding to make it a reality? It’s true that getting a funding is a bitch, especially if you’re in a country that practices cronyism and racism. The worst part – you don’t get to own your intellectual property. Such environment does not promote creative thinking, let [...]

... written on May 09 2014

Apple Has More Cash Than Malaysia, France & Dozens Other Countries

Ever since U.S. notorious subprime crisis in 2008, U.S. companies have been building cash as if there’s no tomorrow. Some even joke that U.S. will never have another similar subprime crisis again considering the gigantic amount of cash reserve these companies have. Besides financial institutions, U.S. companies are holding a staggering US$1.64 trillion at the [...]

... written on Apr 09 2014

Errr … MSC What? Here’re 10 Vietnam Start-Ups With Over 1 Million Users

Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor, popularly known as MSC in the 90s, will celebrate it’s 20th birthday in 2016; that’s 2 years from now. Besides Proton, MSC was another pet project by former prime minister Mahathir. MSC was supposed to leapfrog the country into the 21st century by having an innovative and multimedia technology hub, similarly [...]

... written on Mar 05 2014

Here’s How To Tell If You’re A Samsung or Apple Fan

Samsung and Apple are the two dominant players in the smartphone market and most likely will stay that way for some years to come. Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT, stock) and Google Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG, stock) tried to amaze us with their phones but so far they fails miserably, though Google’s Android is super successful. Blackberry [...]

... written on Mar 20 2013

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