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Unbelievable!! Najib’s Idol – ISIS – Hacked Malaysia Airlines Website

After Malaysia Airlines (MAS) lost two commercial planes last year – MH370 and MH17 – it seems the company is losing its website as well. The company’s IT team must be having the bluest of Monday Blues today, when its website is hacked by what appears to be hackers linked to ISIS or IS or […]

... written on Jan 26 2015

Here’s Why Whistleblower Snowden Refuses To Use iPhone

Former U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) contractor who leaked thousands of pages of previously classified NSA intelligence documents has dropped another bombshell, sort of. It was actually his lawyer, Anatoly Kucherena, who made the revelation in an interview with the Russian media agency RIA Novosti. Nevertheless, Anatoly has just exposed why Snowden never use Apple […]

... written on Jan 26 2015

Here Comes Wireless Charging To Starbucks UK, And Soon Europe & Asia

Last year, a study done by smartphone case maker mophie in UK has revealed something amazing, although not surprising. Nearly half of Britons can only remember three telephone numbers because they are so reliant on storing information on their mobile phone. The research also showed that 92% of British people would feel stressed if their […]

... written on Jan 21 2015

Here’re 2014 Top-25 Worst Passwords – Is Yours On The List?

Last year wasn’t a great year for many industries. The aviation industry saw an extreme rare case of a country – Malaysia – lost three commercial planes. The oil and gas sector experienced the collapse of its black gold by more than 50%. Data security, meanwhile, saw hacking dominates the information technology sector – Apple […]

... written on Jan 21 2015

Bring Back DOS-Games Childhood Memory – Here’s How To Play For Free

Depending on your age, you may or may not know the world of DOS games. It was the early age of computer where the Intel Pentium was not even born yet. You were bombarded with technology such as Intel 80286 (or simply Intel-286) and Intel 80386 (or simply Intel-386). Computers were rarely shipped with memory […]

... written on Jan 06 2015

After Triple-Digit Growth, Could Xiaomi Pull More Rabbits From Its Hat?

China’s Xiaomi Technology had a spectacular year in 2014, judging by its achievements last year. After the Chinese smartphone maker raised US$1.1 billion last month, the company wasted no time this month by boasting some fantastic numbers. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun has just revealed the company had sold 61.12 million phone last year, bringing home […]

... written on Jan 05 2015

Samsung Owners Are The Happiest In 2014 – Here’s The Proof

As we’re stepping into New Year 2015 tomorrow, holiday shoppers are still pampering themselves with new smartphones. As you could probably guess, Apple iPhone, was the most popular gift choice over Christmas week. Based on new device activations, Flurry Analytics concluded that Apple dominated the top-5 manufacturers, devouring a mind-boggling 51.3%, follows by Samsung (17.7%), […]

... written on Dec 31 2014

Another Copycat Product – Xiaomi Macbook Air?

Pablo Picasso once said “good artists copy, great artists steal”. The Spanish artist’s famous quote was re-used by Steve Jobs in 1996, when the Apple Inc. supremo was frustrated with his company’s intellectual property being stolen repetitively. In fact, Apple has sued a lot of companies for allegedly copying or stealing its IP over the […]

... written on Dec 30 2014

Your Old iPhone 4 Could Be A GoldMine – Here’s Why

Do you still own that piece of dinosaur-aged music player called iPod Classic? If you do and the Apple’s gadget is still in working condition, congratulations. You own a piece of antic which could fetch millions of dollars in another 100-years, if it still works by then. Do not underestimate this clumsy, bulky and primitive […]

... written on Dec 08 2014

Now You Can Buy OnePlus One, Without An “Invite”, For The Next 72-Hours

This year alone, there were a whopping 15 new Asian smartphone makers emerging from nowhere with a single mission of crushing Samsung, and hopefully Apple. So far, they have successfully make Samsung run for its money. These makers are from China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia. The most successful of them all is […]

... written on Nov 29 2014

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