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25 Awesome Beautiful Cool iPhone Case You Must Have

The supposedly 21 Dec 2012 Apocalypse came and nothing happened. To be sure we have even celebrated Christmas and planet Earth is still rotating as usual. So it’s only safe to presume we still have some decades to go before another Apocalypse theory emerge again (some said 2060?). If you’re one of the End-of-the-World “Doomsday […]

... written on Dec 27 2012

The Biggest & Luxurious Private Jet – $500 Million Airbus

He owns a luxury yacht which was previously owned by Sultan of Brunei and Donald Trump. Although this billionaire’s yacht, Kingdom 5KR (featured in James Bond film – Never Say Never Again), was not as huge as Russian businessman Roman Abramovich’s 557-feet long Eclipse, the biggest in the world and cost a staggering £1 billion, […]

... written on Dec 22 2012

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