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Najib’s Down-Fall – Faster than Abdullah Badawi?

Judging from the missing jet engines scandal to the latest “Allah” issue, it seems Najib’s administration may be short-lived – shorter than former PM Abdullah Badawi. You may not like Badawi’s administration because, well, there was no administration in the first place *grin* simply because the country was on auto-pilot while the pilot was dozing […]

... written on Jan 25 2010

Apple Tablet – Another Killer Device or a Hoax?

Dow Jones is skyrocketing as we speak now, something which is expected as today is the first trading day in the New Year 2010 after the stock market closed last Friday for the celebration. Weakening dollar help push the stocks as well as commodities higher especially the black oil which has risen above $80 a […]

... written on Jan 04 2010

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