Musa & Hadi Make A Fool Of Themselves – Najib Already Admitted It’s PM Muhyiddin Fault For Triggering Third Wave Of Covid-19

We had said this before and we’ll repeat again – Coronavirus cases will breach the 1,000 figure very soon and more people will die. And the blood is on backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s hands. The statistics and data don’t lie. In fact, due to his lust for power, Muhyiddin is responsible for both second […]

... written on Oct 20 2020

Coronavirus – Here’s How China Is Back To Normal While The U.S. And Europe Are Getting From Bad To Worse

The Thanksgiving holiday is around the corner. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top US infectious-disease expert, said Americans must “sacrifice” it if they hope to prevent another surge of Covid-19 cases. The White House Coronavirus advisor said during an interview with CBS News that his kids won’t be coming home for Thanksgiving this year due to fear of spreading the […]

... written on Oct 19 2020

Confusing Movement Control Order 2.0 – Making Sense Of Two Passengers Per Car, But Four Diners Per Table

A junior secondary school student was happy that the weekend has finally arrived. She wanted to join her parents for a short shopping trip to a nearby supermarket. After all, the school is closed and she was tired being trapped at home attending online classes. To her horror, her parents said she can’t join because […]

... written on Oct 17 2020

Covid-19 Vaccines Hit Roadblocks – In 24 Hours, Eli Lilly And Johnson & Johnson’s Trials Suspended Over Safety Concerns

If you think an effective vaccine for Covid-19 will be available before Christmas this year, you would be disappointed. Unless you don’t mind trying Russian-developed vaccine – “Sputnik V” – which is already available, a United States FDA-approved vaccine won’t happen until next year. The virus is still spreading rapidly, with over 1-million deaths and […]

... written on Oct 15 2020

Working From Home Costs Money, You Should Claim It – Dutch Workers Paid Extra €2 Per Day For Coffee & Toilet Paper

Working from home may sound like a great idea, especially during the present Coronavirus climate. To employees or workers, they could avoid the commute, get more sleep, be more productive and live a happier and more balance work-life. To employers or companies, they could cut office space, save on office supplies and snacks, and increase […]

... written on Oct 12 2020

1,000+ Covid-19 Cases Soon! – A 1-Year-Old Baby Has Died, Yet Disgraced PM Muhyiddin Could Joke About “Abah” & “Rotan”

Facing a backlash for creating a new wave – Third Wave – of Coronavirus infections, Muhyiddin Yassin was forced to do some damage control. His speechwriter must have thought the backdoor prime minister could once again hoodwink the simple-minded and ignorant Malay voters by flashing his trademark “Abah (father)” gimmick to cleanse his sins.   […]

... written on Oct 07 2020

WHO – 10% Of World Population May Have Covid-19, More Than 20 Times Of Current Confirmed Cases

If you think the current Coronavirus infections are bad, wait until you hear the “best estimates” from WHO. Mike Ryan, the World Health Organization’s emergency operations chief, told the global agency’s executive board on Monday – “Our current best estimates tell us that about 10% of the global population may have been infected by this […]

... written on Oct 06 2020

After Chinese Poked Fun At Trump’s Covid-19 Infection, Now Italians Tell The U.S. President – “This Is Karma”

Trump, 74, and first lady Melania Trump, 50, have both tested positive for Covid-19. A feverish and fatigued President Trump was flown to a military hospital – Walter Reed National Military Medical Center – on Friday night where he is being given Remdesivir therapy. Now there’s concern that the White House or Trump might have […]

... written on Oct 04 2020

New Wave!! – Power Hungry Muhyiddin Is Responsible For The Spread Of Covid-19 From Sabah To The Entire Country

Since he was sworn in as the 8th Prime Minister of Malaysia on March 1, Muhyiddin Yassin and his supporters have been bragging that the backdoor government had done an excellent job containing the Covid-19 outbreak, despite the contrary. They blamed the previous Pakatan Harapan government for the outbreak, even though the statistics show otherwise. […]

... written on Oct 02 2020

Covidiots! – PAS Ministers Should Become Lorry Drivers Transporting Vegetables If They’re So Jealous About The Job

For several months since the entertainment brought by “Doraemon” Minister Rina Mohd Harun, “Warm Water” Health Minister Adham Baba and “TikTok” Higher Education Minister Noraini Ahmad, life has been very boring. If there’s one crown jewel that the backdoor government of Muhyiddin possesses, it has to be its truckload of arrogant yet moronic ministers.   […]

... written on Aug 25 2020

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