Meet “Zealandia” – A New But Hidden Continent You Should Tell Your Kids

This is not a new discovery, but a gradual realization. How would you answer if your kids ask how many continents are there on planet Earth? You might answer seven – Africa, Asia, Australia, Antarctica, Europe, North America and South America. But if you’re a geologist, you might answer six because Europe and Asia are […]

... written on Feb 17 2017

Mufti’s Latest R&D Discovery – “Haram” Body Parts Automatically Becomes “Halal”

The beauty of Malaysia version of Islam is its perfect definition of “halal (permissible)” and “haram (forbidden)”. Unlike other Arab nations, including Saudi Arabia, Malaysia is perhaps the only Muslim country on planet Earth which consistently conducts its own R&D (research and development) to enrich its encyclopaedia of halal and haram.   Last week, in […]

... written on Feb 13 2017

Ready For “Star Wars” – Israel Deploys Arrow 3 Missile Defence System

Israel is a country surrounded by enemies. In fact, Israel is surrounded by 22 hostile Arab / Islamic countries, which happens to be ruled by dictators. To rub salt in the wound, Israel, which is merely 1/19th the size of California, is outsized by its enemies by 640 times. The enemies also possess close to […]

... written on Jan 19 2017

These 8 Men Are As Rich As 3.6-Billion People, Or Half The World

Globalisation is in danger as people uprising against their orthodoxy of open markets and borders are sweeping the globe. Their hostility towards both trade and immigration without boundaries saw Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, as well as the unexpected presidential victory by super conservative Donald Trump.   In what appears to be a […]

... written on Jan 16 2017

Why Trump’s New Hire For Secretary Of State – Rex Tillerson – Is A Masterpiece

Donald Trump will not become the 45th President of the United States until Friday, January 20, 2017, in Washington, D.C. That’s more than a month away. But the staffs he’s hiring have raised more eyebrows than his stunning victory. And he’s enjoying every moment of providing the same kind of entertainment he provided on his […]

... written on Dec 15 2016

The GOD Unleashed Freak Storm & Cloud To Protect Israel From ISIS

Arab social media networks were celebrating the burning of Israel last month as parts of the port city of Haifa in northern Israel were ablaze as wildfires raged through the country for a third day. Tens of thousands of people were evacuated as the fire devoured forests and damaged homes. The unusually strong winds and a dry atmosphere […]

... written on Dec 09 2016

EU Elites Panic As Italian PM Renzi’s Failed Referendum Could Lead To “Italexit”

We have said this before and we are saying it again – British Pound is safer than Euro currency. If you really want to sell, sell Euro. After Brexit, the European Union has started disintegrating and it’s a matter of time before a total meltdown. Failed to win his referendum, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi […]

... written on Dec 06 2016

A Genuine Sore Loser – Hillary Clinton Flip-Flops, Can’t Accept Defeat, Will Recount

Fortunately Hillary Clinton didn’t win the 2016 Presidential Election. If she did, people around the world might be staring at the prospect of World War 3, for real, because Russian President Vladimir Putin would be forced to deal with a woman who is genuinely a sore loser. She is capable of doing crazy things just […]

... written on Nov 28 2016

After Britons & Americans, The French Are Revolting Against EU Elites

The real problem why globalism is losing to nationalism is because the elite few globalists have become too powerful and arrogant that they have forgotten about the people’s interests, not to mention the problems created by the ideology. Globalists don’t care about borders so they happily invite everyone into their home – information, money, goods […]

... written on Nov 22 2016

Here’s How America Would Look Like If Clinton & Trump Split Area They Won

Donald Trump has won 290 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton’s 232. However, while Clinton locks herself up at home licking wounds, and probably suffering from depression after her unexpected loss, her supporters are still demonstrating and rioting and beating any Trump supporters they could find. This is the true picture of so-called liberal Democratic Party. […]

... written on Nov 18 2016

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