2,000 To 20,000 Covid Cases In 3 Weeks – Here’s Why The Numbers Are Suspiciously Fake

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Feb 11 2022
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People in general don’t really care about the Covid-19 cases anymore. At least, they are not as concerned as before. They have done everything as instructed, included practicing social distancing and wearing masks, not to mention taking the booster vaccine shot. In fact, some have even begun to suspect the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine.


Not only the nation is exhausted by a two-year pandemic, the ordinary people on the street are struggling against rising food price, driven by cronies and cartels who were given license to import and manipulate raw materials and goods. PM Ismail Sabri appears to be as clueless and incompetent as his predecessor, Mahiaddin, who mismanaged the economy and mishandled the Coronavirus pandemic.


Still, when new Covid cases suddenly shot from 5,000 to 20,000 in less than two weeks, it has raised the eyebrows of some Malaysians. For more than a month, the infections were around 3,000 cases. As recent as January 17, Malaysia recorded only 2,342 cases. Today (Feb 11), the daily infections jumped to 20,939 (the last time it hit such mark was on Sept 10, 2021 – 21,176 cases).

Coronavirus - Malaysia Covid-19 Hit 20000 Cases - Omicron

The simple fact that the daily cases suddenly skyrockets at a time when the Johor state election is in full swing has triggered the suspicions that the government deliberately cooked up the data. The goal was to spook the ethnic Chinese voters, who tend to vote for the Opposition, from going out to vote. It also provides an excuse to stop the opposition from campaigning for Malay vote bank.


A low turn-out like the recent Melaka state election will certainly wipe out the opposition parties in the upcoming Johor polls. The reluctance of opposition supporters to go out to vote for fear of Covid-19 will not only help the ruling “unelected” Barisan Nasional government win the Johor state, but also will motivate the corrupt government to trigger a nationwide snap election thereafter.


One of the reasons Malaysians doesn’t really care about the daily Covid cases anymore is because the numbers are untrustworthy. Before PM Muhyiddin Yassin was toppled in August 2021, his backdoor government had been cooking data to manipulate and exploit the pandemic to stay in power. The power-crazy man had even cooked the numbers to shut down the Parliament.

Parliament - Muhyiddin Yassin - 1-Day Session

For 17 months under the Muhyiddin regime, the suspicions had grown over the authentication of daily Coronavirus cases because whenever the backdoor prime minister wanted to claim victory in the fight against the virus, the number will drop. But whenever the power-hungry PM was about to face a vote of no confidence, the number of cases will suddenly hit the roof.


After traitor Muhyiddin was betrayed by his own governing ally and lost power, the newly crowned Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin finally revealed what many had been suspected for a long time. The number of Covid-19 cases had indeed been cooked and manipulated. Khairy admitted that backlogs happened due to procedures that require investigation and verification.


Exactly why hadn’t the Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, former Health Minister Dr Adham Baba or former PM Muhyiddin admitted to such backlog procedures before? And considering that the despicable Noor Hisham is still in the new government of Ismail Sabri, how sure are we that he is not working with Khairy on manipulating data again?

Dr Noor Hisham - Health Director-General

Even though Khairy is arguably more competent than his party colleague Adham Baba, the lack of transparency continues to raise suspicions. For example, why hasn’t the health ministry released the number of Delta and Omicron variants from the reported daily cases? Has the Omicron overtaken the Delta as the dominant variant, hence the sudden spike in cases to the tune of 20,939 daily infections?


Strangely, it was the genius Dr Noor Hisham who said the cumulative number of cases of Omicron were only 439 on January 18, with the remaining comprised Delta (5,726 cases), Beta (233) and Alpha (14). Yet, less than 3 weeks later (Feb 6), Khairy declared that Malaysia was experiencing the full Omicron wave as daily cases breached 10,000.


The government needs to give a more convincing story how the Omicron suddenly jumped from 439 cases to 10,000 cases in less than 3 weeks, before doubled to 20,000 in just 5 days. Of course, the Omicron conveniently spread like wildfire “after” the Johor State Assembly was officially dissolved on January 22, paving the way for the state election.

Barisan Nasional - Perikatan Nasional - Pakatan Harapan - Flags

The funny part is, the first case of Omicron was detected on Dec 2, 2021. So, for 48 days or close to 7 weeks, the Omicron was spreading at a snail’s pace, hitting only 439 cases (January 18). But the moment Johor state election was triggered, voila, the Omicron somehow got aggressive and knew exactly what to do next, spiking to 20,939 today.


Hilariously, Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah also said that 99.44% (20,821) of the cases recorded today were in Categories 1 and 2 – meaning they were not a lung infection or worse. The remaining 118 cases (0.56%) were in the more serious Categories 3, 4 and 5. Does this mean the Omicron is so harmless that it’s better to get infected to trigger a natural production of antibodies, instead of getting a booster jab?


Here’s where the contradiction and confusion starts all over again. Interestingly, Dr Noor also revealed today that cumulatively, the Ministry of Health has recorded 6,504 cases of Delta variant, 815 cases of Omicron variant, Beta variant (233 cases) and Alpha variant (14 cases). But Khairy said the country was already hit with a full Omicron wave on Feb 6 – some five days ago.

Khairy Jamaluddin

So, can the clueless and incompetent Sabri government make up its mind whether the current wave is caused by Omicron or Delta? While Khairy insisted a full Omicron wave has hit, the data revealed by Dr Noor appears to suggest otherwise. Either way, it’s ridiculously hard to believe today’s 20,000 cases based on the government’s inconsistent and contradictory numbers.


Khairy’s inability to provide a breakdown or analysis of the variants from the beginning suggests that he has hastily plucked the numbers from the sky to justify his projections. Worse, on one hand, he said the severity of Covid-19 cases in Malaysia is currently the prime concern for his ministry, but on the other hand Dr Noor suggested there’s nothing to worry as over 99% of cases were not dangerous.


Former PM Muhyiddin, who is now Malaysia’s National Recovery Council chairman, has recommended the full reopening of the borders as early as March 1, despite the raging Omicron, as if the Omicron is a normal flu. PM Ismail Sabri, meanwhile, said today that his Cabinet has yet to decide on the proposal to reopen the country’s border, passing the ball to Minister of Health Khairy.

Coronavirus - Malaysia Covid-19 Record Cases and Deaths - KLCC

Khairy had previously said that his ministry will recommend the reopening of the borders only when the booster vaccination among the adults and kids showed improved rates. Only 40% of the population had received the booster shot so far. If the Omicron is indeed as mild and lame as suggested by Dr Noor, why are all the ministers passing the balls around?


Equally interesting was when Muhyiddin claimed that his decision to reopen the borders was derived after a briefing by Health Minister Khairy. Did Mr Khairy tell one story to Muhyiddin and another different story to the public? Or did Muhyiddin make his recommendation because he knew Khairy’s briefing was full of fake data, the same way the ex-premier had cooked the numbers?


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In the old days, gangsters create fear by threatening to break your arm unless you pay protection money. Today the Modus Operandi is still the same.

Create fear. Sell the protection. But today, they are suave and sophisticated. And Oxford educated. They look like successful businessmen and people in Authority. And actually are.
People obey blindly. Cos it is arahan dari atas. (Order from the top). Unbelievably, people are dying to be the first in line to get the “protection”

Your dates are off. The Johor state assembly was dissolved on Jan 23. Cases had already started rising before then. It was caused by mega PPVs, same as last year.

The majority of cases are still Delta.

Blatantly faking numbers:

Sultan Johor dissolved it on Jan 22, not Jan 23 …

Regardless, you do know that they did not suddenly wake up on Jan 22 or 23 and decided to dissolve it, do you?


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