One Person Per Car – One Of The Silliest Rules Hatched By The Clueless Muhyiddin Backdoor Government

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Mar 31 2020
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The war against the Coronavirus is left entirely to Health Director-General Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah, which is a good thing because in comparison to Health Minister Adham Baba, this Dr. Noor certainly looks like a genius. He talks about facts and figures and knows what he was talking about, unlike politicians who tried to look smart but ended up making a fool of themselves.


It also gives an impression that the country is being run by Dr. Noor, while the Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin went shopping – pretending to check whether supermarket was well stocked. He should visit stores like 99 Speedmart and not some luxury supermarket that sells overpriced products. Even some Aeon supermarkets were short of essential supplies like eggs, bread and canned food (sardines).


Including the prime minister, the bloated 70 ministries appear to be on holiday during the present lockdown. The country is essentially on autopilot while waiting for the Covid-19 to clear. But to create an impression that the backdoor government is not incompetent, they keep blowing their own trumpet about the number of arrests of those who flouted the movement control order (MCO).

Muhyiddin Yassin - Country on Autopilot

While it’s good to punish the stubborn MCO defaulters just to send the message across, so far there isn’t any concrete proof to link those naughty people to an increase of Coronavirus cases or deaths as a result of the pathogen. What we hear instead is more cases of Covid-19 linked to the Tabligh cluster, which is spreading via its fourth or fifth generation.


Seven villages in Hulu Langat have been put under an enhanced movement control order (EMCO) from Monday (March 30) over 71 positive cases identified among 274 residents of a tahfiz madrassah school. Involving 3,918 residents and comprising 700 households, the enhanced lockdown affects five Malays-majority villages, and two Orang Asli (indigenous people) villages.


Menara City One building, located near Jalan Masjid India in Kuala Lumpur, has similarly been ordered to be locked down for 2 weeks after 17 Coronavirus cases reportedly originated from the condominium. Interestingly, most of the 3,200 residents were not locals but foreigners from Pakistan, Indonesia and Bangladesh – suggesting some could have had attended the Tabligh religious gathering.

Coronavirus - Hulu Langat Lockdown

Call it whatever you like, but an enhanced movement control order is another nice word for an “emergency”. And you can bet your last dollar that there will be more villages or high-rise buildings to be slapped with a complete lockdown, where residents are not allowed to go out at all. In fact, the government has started to take away more freedom under the pretext of breaking the chain of infection.


The state of Selangor will increase the number of road closures in several areas in stages to so-called reduce crowd movement. That is as good as an admission that things have gotten worse and the authorities are quietly preparing for an emergency or an enhanced movement control order (EMCO) or whatever you like to call. They don’t have to do that if the outbreak is under control.


As the Phase-2 of the MCO is about to kick in on April 1, the incompetent backdoor government of Muhyiddin seems to be getting more desperate. Their incompetency has caught the attention of former deputy Health director-general Prof Dr Lokman Hakim Sulaiman, who said he was perplexed to see a disinfection operation involving spraying onto road surfaces.

Coronavirus - Malaysia Authorities Spraying and Disinfect Roads

He said the authorities should instead disinfect frequent touch-points, such as doorknobs and lift buttons – “What are they doing? Who is advising them? It is truly a waste of money. How are the roads and road curbs being contaminated? Even if road surfaces are contaminated, how could they get to your face? By people scrubbing their hands on the contaminated road surfaces and touching their faces?”


But one of the silliest rules that has gotten social media excited is the “one person per car”, to be enforced from April 1 onwards. Senior Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob announced – “As we have previously mentioned, for private vehicles, although they are allowed to go out to get food and essential supplies, the government has decided it would be one person in one car.”


The new rule will be on top of the shortened operation hours from 8am to 8pm daily for eateries, markets, petrol stations and even food delivery services that comes into effect on April 1. Taxis and e-hailing services can operate non-stop from 6am to 10pm while the operating hours for public transportation will remain 6am-10am and 5pm-10pm.

Ismail Sabri Yaakob

It didn’t cross the mind of Ismail Sabri Yaakob, who is also the country’s defense minister that he himself is being ferried around by his own driver. So what happen if the husband needs to drive his wife, who does not drive, to the train station to work? If the goal was to prevent the couple from infecting each other, don’t bother because they have been in the same bed for as long as one can remember.


It doesn’t make sense that a private vehicle cannot have more than one person, even from the same family members, because at the same time the same genius minister allows taxis and e-hailing services to operate. Will not there be minimum two persons in a taxi or a Grab car when you flag down one? Or is Muhyiddin government hallucinating that “driverless” cars are on the road already?


Obviously Senior Minister Ismail Sabri has lost touch with the common people. He probably thought people who flouted the MCO were the same people who wanted to do their grocery shopping as quickly as possible and returned home safely to avoid getting infected. He thought after most shops were closed in compliance of the lockdown, the shopping mall was still as entertaining as before.

Coronavirus - Malaysia Lockdown - Panic Buying - Empty Shelves

Get real, the long queue of getting screened for temperature by supermarket personnel has made shopping a nightmare. The last thing the supermarket, or the incompetent Muhyiddin government for that matter, wants is for a clueless husband to start hunting for tampons or searching Google to ensure he was buying the correct fish as ordered by his wife.


It would create more traffic on the road to send a husband to do a wife’s job as the poor man would be made to go back to the supermarket because he had bought the wrong sauce. Ministers with the privileges of police escorts like Ismail Sabri and PM Muhyiddin Yassin did not have to suffer the inconvenience of finding a parking to buy necessities, or to send meals for aged parents living in congested housing estates.


Does the turtle egg minister expect a husband and wife to drive separate cars, even if the couple work together in the same company or building? Perhaps they should borrow a motorcycle or a bicycle so that both can ride together. Sure, the objective is to reduce human contacts, but the “one person per car” rule is overkill, so much so it becomes incredibly ridiculous.

Coronavirus - Senior Minister Ismail Sabri One Person Per Car Rule

If Muhyiddin government is so obsessed with lockdown or enhanced movement control order that it can no longer think rationally or logically, perhaps it should just declare an emergency nationwide and deploy the army and police to send daily essentials – free – to the 32-million populations. Then it would have no excuse to blame “two persons per car” as a contributor to Coronavirus cases.


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“clueless husband to start hunting for tampons”

Why are you guys so deeply entranced by fetishism of “tampons”, eh?

Surely, all there is to solve the mystery of what to get is to ask the wife, no?

Unless, of course, the wife doesn’t herself knows.

In which case, get every product on the shelves – or give up altogether.

Malaysian men are known to be more backward and useless than those anywhere else in the world when it comes to knowing anything about women, including their wives, but there is nothing stopping them from learning about the mystery of women from their sisters or even mothers. Some can even ask their secret girlfriends or even mistresses – or their massage parlour idols.

For the clueless and helpless Malaysian infants pretending to be adult and male, stop worrying, fussing and panicking over “tampons”, there are plenty of other issues and mysteries to do with women and buying “fish” when all you need do to find out about “tampons” is to simply ask.

All women are surprisingly candid when you ask them personal and intimate questions.

All you need do is ask them first to check for you if you have got at least one testicle that is still alive.

Amazing our dumb men hopefully sleeping in the same house as their women not having noticed the packages left around the loos are not bread or other grocery!

It can only be Malaysia!

To make it titillating for you backward primitives who only drive the car to the church on Sundays, women I’ve gone out with more than often simply chuck their “tampons” into the supermarket trolley I drive.

Not used ones, you sick perverts, and I don’t mean the trolley.

I can’t drive but my dear husband drives. Only one in a family can be inside a car. My husband is quite unsteady when he walks. Of coursr he can still walk!! Next year my hubby will be 80 yrs. old. Dear Muhiddin sir, how do you expect my elderly husband to do marketing for our necessery makan items?? We do not have anyone to help.
At least 2 to a car would have been fine.
We are not going out to ‘rongeng rongeng or enjoy enjoy’!!

Really what the issue of it?

Please stop complaining abt the current govt.. they are trying their best to ensure our safety . I think they had dine a good job so far..
I’m one of the covid victim n only god knows how it feels to be in quarantined in the hospital..i have a chronic disease…
When you feel that your life can end anytime and you would not get to see your family anymore… 😭😭
We should be grateful that we are still alive ..
people who don’t have positive things to say . Please be quite instead and get closer to GOD.. God can take your life anytime and I’m afraid you would not be able to repent..
my husbnd and son is still in the hospital 😭😭

Stop politicising. Under the current circumstances, the country needs positive and constructive comments and not negative comments which, of late seems to be the direction of Finance Twitter. Stop splitting hairs over “one person per car” which is meant only to cover private vehicles and not public transportation like taxis or buses. I believe we are intelligent enough. If there are more than 1 person in a car, the police will be rational enough to use their discretion. On the use of drivers, under MCO, how many people will go to the office with drivers – a minority and this is the exception rather than the rule. Please revert back to balanced reporting and please read Tun Mahathir latest blog. He is above all this negativity despite what he had gone through.

I wish to do this wonderful business but I don’t have the initial money to invest.

If you are the PM. I think you will be clueless of what to do. As dumb as Trump

You better pray I don’t become the PM. First thing I’ll do is sack you, and all the Perikatan Nasional ministers for having the IQ of a carrot … Sounds familiar?

So much butthurt in this writing just because they are no longer Gov but opposition. But these whole thing wont happen if the incapable PH ministers have done the right thing before the 2nd wave erupted.

The root cause is of how the Tabligh group is allowed to do large gathering and causes all these. Thank you stupid PH.

1. https://themalaysianreserve.com/2020/01/30/massive-gatherings-still-allowed-amid-virus-outbreak/

2. https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2020/01/29/tourist-events-to-go-on-unless-who-advises-otherwise-says-dpm

3. Someone said not feasible, now EVERYTHING IS FEASIBLE


Do some homework please…

Guess what! In case you still hadn’t figured it out, the so-called incapable PH ministers (Muhyiddin, Azmin, Zuraida, Doraemon Rina etc) are now leading the country and part of the current incapable PN ministers.

Thank you for confirming the current government is indeed incapable and stupid.

“the country needs positive and constructive comments”

“hamidon hamzah”, your comment is neither “positive” nor “constructive”.

It is jolly damn daft to use your comment to praise the Snake Pharaoh like he is some kind of “saint”.

He is not.

And has never been.

Mahathir has never been positive about making anything work for the ordinary folks of the country.

Neither as a useless and clueless Indian kampong-grade Macaivillain operator brought in anything that can be considered positive in Malaysian politics in all his years in politics.

You cannot call the devotion and energy he spends on his racist and bigoted politics, “constructive”.

If Mahathir has a gramme of common decency and basic honesty, Malaysia would be like Singapore, maybe, even better.

Mahathir is the singularly worst virus in Malaysian politics, ever.

For the positive and constructive in any discourse on the coronavirus, you’ve only to look at China’s huge success in its war against it.

Looking toward China would be a damn sight better than looking toward any ugly decrepid tyrant dictator zombie with a record that can only be called hopeless – over 22 years in gomen, what has Mahathir done that has not destroyed Malaysia?

Give China 22 years, and you see more than just simple progress our backward and primitive country can only dream of, you see miraculous change, progress, mega constructions – and no end of positive pride!

Give Malaysian gomens over 60 years to run the country, you get the rural folks deliberately kept “kampong” in their lives and outlook so that our corrupt and filthy politicians (Yes! Mahathir the worst of them) can control the poor sheep, and rule for ever.

Yes, one car, one passenger… is about all Malaysians can shag themselves stupid discussing… What advice can Malaysians give to one person, many (high end) cars, wondering how to cope..?!

Melayu memang tak tahan di tegur, even in the slightest bit, walau pun the criticism is absolutely spot on and valid. Is it because they have been in the entitlement mode for too long ?

Some one advised we go read Mahathir’s blog, supposedly for his “positive” take in such trying time. Kita ni mudah lupa ke ? Isn’t this the very same man who plunged the whole nation into a total head spin with his nonsensical shenanigans and politicking? He did nothing but politicking the whole 22 months when he was our PM.

The disastrous so-called 250 billion stimulus package is anything but stimulating. Soon we will see mass unemployment when the much needed money goes instead to politicians’ vote banks rather than to ensure private companies survive so that people still have a job to go back to after this virus infection toned down. Playing R and R at this juncture is so dooming, to say the least.

This one person per car is so typical of an asinine government who as usual, menyusahkan rakyat. Can you imagine, for every private vehicle spotted on the road with a passenger sitting beside the driver, it will be stopped and queried.Can you imagine how many will be stopped through out the nation with a population of 33 millions ? These rakyat are NOT having a picnic in the car or going to a party. They obviously have essential chores to attend to and the last thing they need is to be stopped and be queried in such stressful times now. This government ought to learn from countries like S Korea, Singapore, Japan who seemed to be coping much better. But will bodoh sombong ever learn ?

“God can take your life anytime and I’m afraid you would not be able to repent..”

“Nemy”, please don’t be “afraid”, I have nothing to “repent”.

I even return all my library books (yes, I read even if reading is a disease in Malaysia).

I think it is evil to threaten others with “God can take your life anytime”, whether or not others believe in whatever “G*d” you do. Or any god at all.

Chance, randomness, even luck plays a bigger role than “G*d” for many others, your belief is your personal business.

The idea that “G*d” has given you the power to lord it over others by condescending upon them is purely delusional.

It will be a curse by the Almighty, and sheer bad luck if the Almighty gives the virus to his faithful followers, worse still, to infect others.

Or if the virus without divine direction, by chance hits someone.

Still, may you and family recover, and recover fast.

As a Rock worshiper, I will pray for you all.

The one car per person ruling is absolute nonsense. If taxis and e-hailing is allowed, why not allow two people from the same household to travel together to get groceries and essential supplies? Doesn’t the chances of contracting this Covid-19 is higher if a person takes a public mode of transport than travelling with the very same person that they live with?

Get real and use some thinking power that you may have been granted

Don’t put more people at risk at by your badly thought of or advised actions.

The lives of my family comes first before your high handed rules.

Stop trying to gain fame by ridiculous actions as you will be infamous for it.

Incompetent leaders will use ridiculous law to show off power. Power of stupidness and bodohisme.

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