Country On Autopilot – The Panicked Muhyiddin Government Is Running Around Like A Headless Chicken

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Mar 27 2020
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The backdoor government of Muhyiddin Yassin has extended the lockdown, or the MCO (movement control order) by 2 weeks until April 14 in order to contain the spread of Covid-19. In his televised address, the prime minister urged Malaysians to stay at home. He kept saying his government had no choice but to extend the lockdown to break the chain of infection.


Now, Senior Minister cum Defense Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob warned that after the first phase of lockdown (March 18 to 31), the National Security Council (NSC) is considering more stringent measures for the second phase (from April 1 to 14). He said – “The new SOP will be more stringent and after this, there will perhaps be stricter restrictions on shopping, food purchases and others.”


The statement from Ismail Sabri was as good as a declaration of emergency. It would be interesting to see the government deploys police, military personnel or SWAT teams standing guard outside every entrance of residential areas or placing metal barriers over every road junction in a bid to so-called stop the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

Coronavirus - Malaysia Military Roadblock

PM Muhyiddin is still trying to close the stable door after the horse has bolted. In fact, both prime minister and the defense minister do not know what else to do but to keep blaming stubborn defaulters of the partial lockdown to hide their incompetency. The backdoor government hopes by having a stricter rules and measures in the second phase, the virus will automatically go away.


Despite the Health Minister Adham Baba’s genius theory that there were already signs of a “plateau” in the number of Coronavirus cases, the country continues to register 3-digit new cases. As of Thursday (March 26), another 235 new Covid-19 cases have been reported, pushing the total cases to 2,031 while the death toll is 23 people – 60% of them were linked to the “Tabligh” religious cluster.


From the beginning, the first phase of lockdown was declared without a comprehensive study. Unlike the China’s Wuhan lockdown, Malaysia’s lockdown was nationwide. That was a huge mistake as it should be compartmentalized, meaning the lockdown should be restricted to each of the 13 states, and further drilled down to districts based on hotspots of the Coronavirus outbreak.


Basic troubleshooting 101 say you must identify the source of the problem, isolate them and fix it. But the genius Muhyiddin had instead sent panicked people scrambled for bus and train tickets and converge at transportation hubs, potentially spread the virus among them, and brought the tourist named Covid-19 back to their hometown or rural areas nationwide.


Thanks to the first phase of chaos lockdown which started on March 18, the 14-day incubation period of the Coronavirus means the next wave could explode in early April. And the scariest part is that the outbreak could happen anywhere throughout the country. Hence, it’s extremely urgent to track the remaining 3,800 Tabligh members because they contribute – directly or indirectly – 60% of the cases.


But convincing the religious members to come forward to be tested for the virus is just one of the problems. Despite the government’s assurance that there is plenty of food to go around, it will be a matter of time before panic buying starts again if the supply chain is not properly secured. It will be like Muhyiddin’s insistence that there were plenty of face masks, but people just could not buy it.

Cameron Highlands - Vegetables

Yes, the food security is in jeopardy because the supply chain appears to be falling apart. The proof – hundreds of tonnes of vegetables in Cameron Highlands had to be dumped because of movement restrictions. Then the same logistic problem wrecked havoc in the fisheries sector when fishermen had to dump their catch because of failure in transportation to the factories.


Obviously, without consultation with the right people, the backdoor government was clueless about the supply chains of catching, storing, preserving, transporting, processing, packaging or selling fish in the fisheries industry. The government probably thought the fishermen’s job include parachuting their catch to the wet market using Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopters.


Did Muhyiddin’s most trusted lieutenant, de-facto deputy PM Azmin Ali, who has just been entrusted to ensure adequate supply of foodstuff during the ongoing movement restriction, realise that the prices of meats, poultry, eggs, fish, seafood, pork, vegetables and other essential goods have spiked since the phase one of the current lockdown – suggesting profiteering or supply shortage?

Malaysian Ringgit Toast - Seller Counting Money

Transport Minister Wee Ka Siong admits today that Port Klang, Port of Penang, and Johor Port in Pasir Gudang have reached nearly 100% of their capacities to hold goods. That statement alone is the clearest indication that the transportation or logistic sector has been crippled by the half-baked movement control order since March 18 (a week ago).


Yes, as the police and army were busy catching MCO defaulters, vehicles of freight forwarders and hauliers have not fully functioning, either because they were intimidated by the authorities or were confused with the government policies. At the same time, there was zero enforcement or monitoring to prevent unfair profiteering or shortage of food supply.


Like it or not, there’s a fine line between “essential” and “non-essential” sectors due to in-depth integration in the supply chain. The Muhyiddin government might think vehicle workshops and spare parts shops are non-essential sector, but try to tell that to vans, trucks or cars that have broken down halfway during goods delivery.

Coronavirus - Malaysia Roadblock

Had the movement restrictions been enforced based on states, territories or districts, instead of a “big bang” nationwide lockdown, the farmers in Cameron Highlands may not have had to dump their vegetables and the fishermen would be able to sell their catch to their usual buyers. But the clueless government clearly had no idea how to manage dependencies in a complex economy ecosystem.


Amusingly, as the government keeps whining, moaning and bitching about many people still breaching the movement control order, the defense minister Ismail Sabri also admitted at the same time that the authorities have recorded 95% compliance rate on the sixth day of the lockdown (March 24). What was the 95% rate based on? Aren’t 95% a good number based on the current partial lockdown?


Muhyiddin’s biggest problem is the fact that the country is broke, thanks to massive corruption practiced by the previous Barisan Nasional government, of which he was part of since his political career began when he joined UMNO in 1971 (until he was sacked in June 2016). He then invited the same corrupt regime to form the Perikatan Nasional government early this month.

Malaysia Government Gross Debt 1990-2017 Q1 - Finance Minister Performance

Under the former Prime Minister Najib Razak, the national debt ballooned to RM1 trillion. The outbreak of Coronavirus has caught the country without any strong financial muscles to help the people. It has gotten so bad that PM Muhyiddin had no choice but told Malaysians, regardless of ethnicity or race, to dig into their own retirement fund (EPF) to make ends meet.


It didn’t cross the minds of the backdoor government, however, that more than two-thirds (68%) of EPF members aged 54 had less than RM50,000 in EPF savings (based on a study in 2017). Therefore, allowing (or rather forcing) contributors to withdraw RM500 monthly from their own EPF account for 12 months means spending RM6,000 of their own money due to the failure of the government to protect its people.


In comparison, the U.S. lawmakers have just approved a US$2.2 trillion emergency relief bill to help Americans and business community during the current Coronavirus pandemic. In essence, American adults would get free cash of US$1,200 while children would be rewarded with US$500 in a stimulus package to help 150 million American households who earn less than US$75,000.

Coronavirus - Malaysia Workers

To make matters worse, now even hospital employees have been infected with Coronavirus. Health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah revealed that a whopping 39 healthcare personnel at Teluk Intan Hospital in Perak had tested positive for Covid-19 – suggesting that the institution, instead of containing the pathogen, might have spread the virus to the public.


Apparently, the Teluk Intan Hospital is just one of five hospitals infected by the virus when 80 medical staff under the Ministry of Health had been tested positive for the virus after they attended wedding events that were also attended by those who went for the mass “Tabligh” religious gathering at a Kuala Lumpur mosque – Masjid Jamek – from February 28 and March 1.


The infections of hospital personnel prove that a lockdown alone won’t break the chain of infection. To add insult to injury, it’s absolutely embarrassing that doctors, nurses and medical staff at hospitals have to make DIY protection gear from dustbin liners because there is a shortage of personal protective equipment. What happens to the billions of dollars in annual budget allocation?

Muhyiddin Yassin - Country on Autopilot

Muhyiddin government is running like a headless chicken. They couldn’t help the poor people. They have to beg for donations to deal with insufficient healthcare equipments. They don’t understand the importance of food supply. They failed to track down the remaining 3,800 Tabligh members. They only know how to appear on TV and tell the people to stay at home as if money and food will drop from the sky.


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Why you did not mention a virus was brought from China.You alway rasis.
When come to chinese stupidity you will be amenisia.

So, I’ll automatically become not racist if I keep blaming China for this virus, even if I’m not 100% sure if the virus originated from China, just so that the incompetence of Muhyiddin government can be hidden?

You must first distinguish whether Coronavirus “started” or “originated” from China. Do you know the story of MERS? Go read before you show your stupidity here.

BTW, our Arab Muslim brothers and sisters believe in conspiracy theories about the West infected it and blamed it on China. Are you saying our Muslim brothers were a truckload of shit for protecting the Chinese? (we had written an article on this as well)

Actually, we had already written about how the virus spread in Wuhan and their disgusting habit of eating exotic animals. Go search for it.

But if you’re looking for anti-China articles to hide the incompetency of this backdoor government, this is not the website for you.

Sad that Muhyiddin is in total daze with loss of confidence and competence in dealing with the situation. He has tried in his capacity as a leader of PN but it is not working, as PN has too many clowns who are not hands on but taking it too lightly,—- too damn bloody lightly !!!!!. Muhyiddin with his vision of all Malay Agenda of administration is dragging him , the party and the country down. Too many simple mistakes and taking it for granted in their haphazard planning. It is now ticking on the way to be a major catastrophy. I would advise Muhyiddin to drop his pride and for the sake of the country, work in unison with PH. Co-strategize out a fully deliberated fail proof plan to contain the situation. After that it can be disbanded with the political antics restored to what comes may !!!. Seriously right now there is nothing racial or bigotry on rakyat crying out to prioritise the focus , that is —-to nip the Tabligh spreading !!!! as no one is aware of who is who that have been infected. Too much of gestures and kind words are not bringing them out unless on sheer desperation , offer monetary rewards for information. This may sound silly but desperate times require desperate measures. The tabligh attendees are too deeply entrenched in their beliefs, where irrationality rules that they are preordained to be infected . No point going on harpig on the general compliance of MCO. Malaysian as a whole are law abiding and peaceful in nature. Yes there will be small isolated cases of non compliances but should not be used as a reason and rationale for future stringent clamp. The answer is well know and staring brazenly from the daily data base. The high contributions are coming from a single source and if the focus are on somewher else it deplete the already diluted and tired resouces available. Restored the rakyat confidence, where now it is largely seen that the Government is cluess and in weak apprehending the situation. We know it is difficult but now it needs many concerted effort and willing minds, united to fight this war. When the country goes ito the stage worse than Italy there will be no PN or PH or anybody else high and mighty.

It’s easy to complaint and when you are doing it from the utside. Backdoor government or not, that the current government endorsed by the constitution.

Assumptions will not help and it’s down right unfair to judgeTSMY
During this tough and unexpected period.

I appreciate intelligent criticism. But not leaving your name on your comments is just reflecting your mind set and self-centred views

nice try …

By the way since MCO has already bein in placed , when is the Government going to mass disinfect city and sorrounding . Can’t wait for an explosion of infected patients than only react. High time to strictly enforce essential service provider or utilities to have mandatory sanitisation . A good examples will be to clean up pumps in petrol station frequently by pump attendant or janitors adequately in frequencycleaning up of the lifts Higher frequency in floor cleaning in shopping malls or supermarket and all trolleys to be sanitise and customers to be educated by security guards in the premise to sanitise their hands . There are too many potential loop holes area and it is peremptorily that general cleanliness campaign should be on going to inculcate hygiene and personal safety factor.Sadly all these are very lacking as one can see that only certain areas are practising self distancing of 1 metre and the rest are taking it easy with no two hoots about it .

Bapak Mat Sembab tried hard to look cool. His backdoor government never support his coolness. Too much careless mistakes and risky decisions. I just waiting for the third and fourth wave of Covid19 due to this Mat Sembab slow action type of bapak.

First of all stop blaming and put in some suggestion how to overcome this matter.
Firstly cordon off the area whic is seriously infected.
The main family member must be allowed to purchase important goods or sundaries only.
Goverment must set a task team in shifts to help the unfotunate people. Maybe place them all in one placecand serve their daily needs and medication.
Police going around to check on security.
All foreingners must be assembeled in one place.
Easy to monitor on them. Please provide some suggestion.since wecknow our half baked ministers cannot think.

“Like A Headless Chicken”

“Like” is not good enough!

Headless chicken is more intelligent.

And not at all corrupt.

So, as the rest of the world declares lockdown, you expect Malaysia with limited resources (as you say we are in debt) to not do the same? You want to catch up with the virus by doing a district by district lockdown.

Let’s see, if you do a district by district lockdown, what is stopping the residents in that district from going back to hometown? Can you block every single car that goes out? What about cars that go in to meet family? You want to block every single entrance/exit with armed personnel?

Do you know how many were eat the tabligh gathering? Do you know they’re exact district that they lived in, maybe one of them lives in every single district of KL. Who the fuck knows? The whole point of the lockdown is that they don’t know where each and every tabligh attendees went. Else why you think they are asking for them to come and get checked instead of go to their house to check them?

Your article cherry picks whatever headlines you want to support your agenda. I don’t like the backdoor government any more than you but at least as a journalist please show some neutrality. US government debt is higher than Malaysia and yet they still need to give stimulus to their economy due to their own lockdown, yet you praise them? You pro-trump or something?

Really disappointed in this article and this site. Spreading agendas and politicking. You are no different from the corrupt politicians our country tried to get rid of (UMNO)

China locked the entire nation and at the same time locked its Wuhan province. It’s called a subset within a set. Are you having English comprehension problem? Which part of hotspot that must be locked down that you don’t understand?

So, you think locking down the entire Malaysia but let them travel interstate is a genius solution? That’s why when you decide to lockdown the entire nation, at the same time you must lock down by state and by district depending on hotspot. At least you contain the spread to a particular state at most.

You’ve 16,000 tabligh memhers here, but in China 5-million had escaped the Wuhan quarantine. Why do you think Trump wants to lock down New York to prevent spreading to other states?

“So, you think locking down the entire Malaysia but let them travel interstate is a genius solution?”

It is.

For a country blessed with so many blessed extra-thick moronic retards.

As for “Chris” and his “Who the fuck knows?”

The fcuktards should the fcuk know their fcuking selves.

Those social deviants who went half way up the sky recently should the fcuk know and remember the fcuk they went to some fcuking events, maybe including their fcuking happy-clappy one where many of the fcuktards got fcuking blessed with the blessed virus.

No doubt there must be those who want to deliberately pass on the virus, as there are those hiding who are just plain fcuking cowards and with questionable and warped “religious morals” when they are tested for their strength of character and belief in themselves.

And it came to past, it seems, also tested by some deity in Her germ lab! Possible “VVIP” tickets to Hell for await.

Btw, there is no such thing as “balance” or “neutral” in journalism.

If so, all you need is ask whose “balance” and whose “neutral”!

My my, what a nation of fcuking unthinking ignorant, poorly-educated, badly-educated, wrongly-educated, uneducated, and impossible to educate, with such fcuked up load of fermented demented tauhu in their fcuking midget heads!

And who all “think” they are such smart asses and camels!

Pttuuiii…!!!! (from 2 metres social distance)!

This financetwitter is very biased and racist . Malaysia is fortunate they only make a small insignificant number of the population. Must hv been frustrating to see PH crumble with one swipe done by none other than mahathir himself. Lets support the govt of the day. Nxt pru can try again to win the rakyats heart n soul. Meanwhile stay at home n think of manifesto for pru 15

“Malaysia is fortunate they only make a small insignificant number of the population.”

It won’t be “insignificant” when that “number” consists mostly members of your family!

Still, there is always that solution to lost numbers, big or small.

You breed like rabbits.

Not a bad idea, considering your welfare would be taken care of by those who can hardly afford to breed, having to work hard to pay for the expensive upkeep of those rabbit farms of those amazingly ignorant and selfish rabbits.

“Lets support the govt of the day.”

Can’t do that.

Gomen’s made up of bloodsucking creatures that only come out at night.

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