A Disgraceful PM – Despite First Death From Coronavirus, Muhyiddin Discriminated Opposition States From A Covid-19 Meeting

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Mar 18 2020
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In his first address to the nation after sworn in as the 8th Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin said – “I am a brother to the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians, the Sikhs, the Ibans, the Kadazans, the Dusun, the Murut and those of various ethnicities. I am your prime minister. Even if you are a farmer, a fisherman, a trader, a civil servant or a private sector employer, I am your prime minister.


Mr. Muhyiddin, arguably the first prime minister of a backdoor government, made that pledge on March 2, 2020. Less than 3 weeks later today (March 17), the 72-year-old prime minister, who was a pancreatic cancer patient, has shown his true colour. He is definitely not a statesman who deserves respect, despite his 40 years of experience in politics and government.


In spite of the horror first death registered in Malaysia today from the Coronavirus pandemic, PM Muhyiddin has chosen to play UMNO’s trademark cheap politics when he chaired a special National Action Council meeting with all the chief ministers – except those from the states controlled by opposition Pakatan Harapan, namely Selangor, Kedah, Negri Sembilan, Penang and Sabah.

Coronavirus - Muhyiddin National Action Council Meeting

No matter what could be his excuses or grudges, in times of crisis and as a leader of a country, Muhyiddin should work together with rivals to combat a common enemy – Coronavirus. After all, the 5 states under the leadership of opposition parties contribute to 40% of the infection cases. Was the premier trying to say that people under those 5 states are not the citizens of Malaysia?


Perhaps Muhyiddin can learn from the United States. Despite fierce political rivalries between the Republican and Democratic, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Donald Trump managed to strike a deal on an economic stimulus package to address the Coronavirus, providing paid sick leave for workers and pumping billions of dollars to states for food programs and unemployment benefits.


That’s what mature politics is all about – putting public interest, namely the Americans, before everything else. But as far as Muhyiddin’s policy is concerned, the public interest is divided into two groups – those who support him will be taken care of while those who criticize him will be punished and ignored completely. For Muhyiddin, you’re either with him, or against him.

Coronavirus - Malaysia Workers

The prime minister of the backdoor Perikatan Nasional coalition government appeared to be clueless about the importance of bipartisan politics in times of a crisis. The way he deliberately left out the chief ministers of the 5 opposition states in a critical meeting to streamline a nationwide lockdown exercise is not only irresponsible, but also illustrates his despicable behaviour.


In the same breath, Muhyiddin has shown clear disrespect for Sultans or Rulers of states of Selangor, Kedah, Negri Sembilan, Penang and Sabah. That’s because the premier has treated the people of those states as if they were second-class citizens or pariah who did not deserve the attention from the federal government. Did not the people of the 5 states also pay taxes?


Yes, the country has just reported its first two deaths from the Coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday (March 17) and the confirmed cases has reached 673. Yet, PM Muhyiddin whose government is barely 1-month-old has shown arrogance – even vengeance – after opposition Pakatan Harapan leaders blamed the rise in the pathogen cases on the incompetency of Muhyiddin administration.

Muhyiddin Yassin - Prime Minister Legitimacy In Question

The first victim of the infectious virus was a 60-year-old pastor from the Emmanuel Baptist Church in state capital Kuching, Sarawak. The second victim was a 34-year-old man from Johor who had attended a mass religious gathering by the “Tabligh” missionary group held at a Sri Petaling mosque – Masjid Jamek – in Kuala Lumpur from February 28 and March 1.


Apparently the massive gathering, which was attended by an estimated 16,000 people, has transformed the country as the epicentre of the Coronavirus when more than half of the infection cases have been traced to the event. Thanks to the religious programme, Malaysia has the highest tally of infections in South-east Asia, forcing Muhyiddin to declare a lockdown.


Perhaps the disgraced Muhyiddin wanted the outbreak to spread beyond control in the targeted 5 states so that opposition Pakatan Harapan would lose in the next general election. Heck, even the disgraced former PM Najib Razak said that everyone should be united and no state should be discriminated due to their pro-government or pro-opposition political alignment.


Amusingly, after public backlash against Muhyiddin’s childish and cheap politics, Chief Secretary to the Government Mohd Zuki Ali suddenly came forward and apologised for not inviting the Chief Ministers of the 5 state governments under opposition Pakatan Harapan to the top-level meeting. Mr. Zuki insisted that it was his mistake, and not the prime minister.


Seriously? As the Chief Secretary to the Government, who has served the civil service for 28 years, what were the chances that Zuki could make such a silly mistake? We’re talking about a man who had previously served in the Finance, Education, Home and Natural Resources and Environment Ministries, not to mention previously attached to Istana Negara (Palace).


If indeed Mohd Zuki Ali could do such a sloppy job, he should either resign or be fired. It would be more believable if he had accidentally missed out some of the chief ministers of the opposition states. To miss out all the 5 Chief Ministers means there was a clear instruction to exclude all the opposition states of Selangor, Kedah, Negri Sembilan, Penang and Sabah from the meeting.

Mohd Zuki Ali - Chief Secretary to the Government

Besides, the Chief Secretary to the Government is the most senior officer in the Malaysian Civil Service. He is secretary to the Cabinet of Malaysia and is also the secretary-general of the Prime Minister’s Department. He would consult his boss – PM Muhyiddin – before finalizing the attendance list and sends out invitations. He acts on behalf of the prime minister.


To say that the Chief Secretary to the Government has acted without the knowledge of the Prime Minister means he was either plotting against PM Muhyiddin or was a traitor to the country and Agong (King). Either way, he should be investigated and sacked. Obviously, his apology was a drama to fool the people that the prime minister was not involved and therefore, not to be blamed.


The Chief Secretary has been made a scapegoat to shield the backdoor government of Muhyiddin Yassin. Get real, if Muhyiddin, who pronounced Covid-19 as “Kobis-19”, could backstab and betray his former boss Mahathir Mohamad without blinking an eye, do you really think he would not dare give an instruction to exclude 5 Chief Ministers from the opposition camp in a meeting?

Mahathir Mohamad and Muhyiddin Yassin - Dispute


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I was so disgusted when I read the news.

I hope all races will open the eyes and activate their brains to see which politicians are playing politics with the citizens’ lives.

First we had no ministers for 2 weeks+,
Now we have ‘accidentally excluded chief of state’ from the NAC meeting.. why would they call even NATIONAL Action Council when it’s only selective states into the meeting?

If this is not gutter politic, I don’t know what is.

The omission was intentional. Wld be foolish for someone so new in this new govt to make such a mistake. The crisis is beyond borders or politics. It has to be tackled as a nation. Disrespectful to d Sultans n rakyat of thise states for not being included esp when casualties account for 40% from these states. If mistake some heads from new govt wld also hve been omitted. Who they trying to kid? We were not born yesterday!

We are short changed and getting a government from bad to worse and soon it will just be the worst in the world where everything fails. Muhyiddin was asking for trouble when he has already on hand his major concerns in forming a backdoor government consists of retards and criminal mind politicians in the PN formation. There is no one right now in PN who has political expediency in steering the country out of the pandemic and economic woes. Just a bunch of wayward characters in their pseudo approach to ministerial functions. The inactivity of Muhyyidn and his cohorts since inception of PN to nip off the severity outbreak of his “Kobis 19” from the clusters of the Tabligh do shows what is his competence !!!!! . The punctuality and the delay announcement reflects his lackadaisical priority to deal with concerns that is gripping the country. Rakyay do not even respect his annoucement as can be seen many are still eating and driving in waves back to kampong and spread the Kobis 19 !! Why ??? because our so called PM do not even bother to deliberate further a few steps ahead on the consequences and contigencies of the enacted law to be in place. Typical of an empty leader who pretend to be busy but busy doing nothing. Blame this too on Mahatir for being selfishly for himself and his family leading , this country into shit hole. Rakyat patience has its limit. If the miseries and woes are not rectify fast with an efficient government in place , the irresponsible leaders will be chased out and dire consequences. The country is in a bind not because it does not have the resilency in resources or the recouping of its financial strength but constant drainage and corrupted leaders on selfish agenda helming it do not allow any breather.

Barely days in gomen, the new bunch of useless retards – exactly like the previous bunch, is playing petty kampong politics!

What the chickenshit wayang infantile clowns are doing is excluding anyone not in their playground “geng”.

Excluding anyone from robbing the nation is wan thing. But excluding all those who need to be in the crisis meeting is pissing about with the lives of the rakyat.

We all know how corrupt and useless our politicians are but the gomen is bankrupt if it cannot at least pretend it cares about human lives, do a bit of PR for that, go through the motion of inviting non “geng” members, even serve them coffee, shake hands(?), pretend it “cares” about the public which is what the show is about.

Even when the gomen cannot be trusted to do anything even half-baked.

We can’t be assured one bit about our health, in fact, our lives, if a gomen has such thoroughly backward caveman mentality, get into playground politics.

Sure, we’ve got pretty backward folks who should have thought about the danger of gathering for any jamboree or even grouping up just a few good bouts of cock talking and gossip – and moaning – which is about most what Malaysians can do.

Some may say that have special protection from somewhere, that’s well and good if our friends do not return from their paradise and infect others.

Or when others do not want to be given that special status of getting hit first or last with coronavirus to get to whatever real or imaginary paradise.

If a useless gomen cannot see that a fair proportion of the public is rather thick and backward in its mentality, cannot think for itself – and should not think for itself, that it is dangerous if it is allowed to think, then the gomen should do itself and the country a simple favour – resign, disband the “geng”, sit and wait to go to whatever paradise, Amen.

The previous PH gomen already made a disaster giving a permit for the gathering, made no effort to curb the spread of the disease, it was all too busy fighting among itself as it broke promises in its non-Bible.

The previous gomen even had two doctors, one the Snake Pharaoh, the other, madam Pankawallah (fan operator)! They were probably just too busy arguing over a certain future “geng” leader to think for a minute about the people they should serve first and last.

Like all our previous gomens, this one seems to have its standard lack of self-respect and lack of basic sense – or any human sense.

What it should do now is crawl to China, not to discuss any project “debt trap” or otherwise, not to discuss drinking palm oil, not even to demand Fat Jhow be given up.

China has achieved pretty good success with its fight against the coronavirus. Some even call that “spectacular”.

The gomen should beg the Chinese come quickly to do a “Save Malaysia” like they saved Proton. The rest of the world is copying China now for their success with coronavirus, some even ask the Chinese for help (eg. Italy, Serbia…)!

China should be asked politely, don’t try any “supremacist” crap on them!

Don’t mention anything about saving the Sufis, the Hanafis, and Shias of Xinjiang (which has very very few Wahabis but are a whore loada trouble).

Don’t talk extraditing Fat Jhow, Fatboy ain’t there! He ain’t in the Wuhan Hilton – or anywhere in China. Fatboy couldn’t get in the Paris Hilton, he ain’t going to get in any Hilton anywhere in China.

Our “intelligence” on Fatboy is lacking – just like our “intelligence” on coronavirus – and everything else. We can’t just blame China for all our failures.

Don’t talk “ketuanan”. It is not a usable currency there. The usable currency is “ketuanan Cina”. The Chinese would be delighted if you say they can do miracles in their economy and society in less than 30 years what Malaysia cannot do in 60 – or even ever.

Saying anything else about any other “ketuanan” would not be useful, most “ketuanan” starts off and ends with the impeccable Chinese records from them good ole days. All other “records” are mostly unreliable invention, mostly silly mythology.

We should thank the Chinese profusely for saving Proton, our permanent expensive failure of two decades of running gigantic loss.

Mention they have superduper 5G working for their nation – and saving Wuhan. While we still have to find where our “Multimedia Super Corridor” is after two decades of hunting high and low.

Don’t talk about saving the Muslims in China. Apart from ISIS-supporting terrorists, Muslims in China are a happy lot. We should only talk about saving Muslims (and everybody else, if relevant) in Malaysia, start with coronavirus.

The Chinese are pretty okay with their commie gomen, like it or not, to them, especially now it’s something like “Wuhan kurniakan…”.

Do drop hint in the very near future, Malaysia would definitely need China save its economy (and maybe everything else). Nobody else than China would give a bat’s dropping about saving Malaysia.

Utterly humiliating as it may be to crawl to “ketuanan Cina” for anything than begging them drink palm oil and asking for impossible discounts and free gifts for railway, doing that (the crawling) would be wan damn shrewd move.

For one, going humbly (in submission?) to the Chinese would severely undermine the US- “Christian” fundamentalist DAP which pretends badly to champion Chinese interest – while flopping with winning over the Malays.

Learning Jawi is the last refuge of the DAP, it is an utter failure with the chauvinist Chinese, the gomen needs only send a delegation of Chinese-speaking bumiputras – the Ibans of Sarawak are best for that, to “(Anwar) Nego Nego” with our Chinese uncles.

The Chinese may even do Iban with our delegation, they were the first in the world with a university department doing Iban (long ago they were undermining us with exhortations of “Uighur separatism” broadcasting to the Ibans!).

Plenty of other benefits with being pally with China, doing the khalwat, but gomen should start off by immediately getting on the plane and not our “flying car” or flying carpet to go to China. We can even sell off that plane, and the whole of MAS to the Chinese who would definitely get it to prosper when all other airlines would fail with coronavirus.

We can even fulfill the Snake Pharaoh’s wish of “Going East” as far/near as China to be educated by the Chinese.

Then we are talking about “Saving Malaysia”.

Some are lucky, some are not…

Some have to worry about toilet paper running out…

At least some would not have a hand in running another sh*tty gomen…

And the gomen would not have clean hands of the mess with the coronavirus.

Blaming New Government of backdoor and etc just because you are anti new government.
Can’t we talk positively and solving problems.. to fight against these coronaviral.

It is Time for all of us to put our hands and minds together to prevent and fight against this Coronaviral.

Unsatisfactory Political oppositions condemning and Blaming this new government… backdoor, inefficiency and even mean to condemn these Government before they can fully functions in managing the country.
Why politicise ?

We all must join hand regard Races, religion, politic differences to give positive, concrete suggestions, methods, control, Precautionary solutions and cooperating preventing answer instead of trying to condemning, blaming and outsmart the think tank Council and committees.

Stop Blaming, Stop Condemning and stop giving Fake News

We need YOU AND ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY to Join hand to fight and give full cooperation and fight together against this Coronoviral in our own correct ways

“It is Time for all of us to put our hands and minds together”


Looks like you have no inkling of what the coronavirus is.

It is jolly damn wild, unhelpful, and potentially dangerous advice to “join hand”, put hands… together”.

The gomen may know sweet fcuk all, but it is still best to leave pontificating, shagging off advice and all the obligatory talk to those qualified.

All the advice you need is all over the place – and free.

Make sure you don’t touch anyone’s hand.

Wash yours thoroughly with hand sanitiser each few hours, that’s the advice given by experts all over the world – and for free.

All the “talk positively and solving problems” is all talk, our morons fall asleep if they hear all the grand exhortations, they listen to nothing unless they can get discounts and free gifts when they wake up from a lecture.

It was their trademark stupidity that got the rate of those infected to explode.

Just follow the sanitary rules, talk less unless educating our nation of morons to observe those simple sanitary rules.

Anything more said would not get in the thick neanderthal skulls of the majority of morons in the country.

Good luck, and don’t touch hands.

Make sure hands don’t touch eyes, mouths, those orifices…

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