China Appears To Be Winning The Coronavirus War, And Other Countries Are Studying How The Chinese Did It

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Mar 11 2020
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As countries around the world scramble to contain the spread of the highly infectious Covid-19 coronavirus, China appears to have successfully contained the pathogen. With official figures showing that the crisis, which first started in Wuhan, China, may have stabilized, other countries have started taking a look at how the Chinese did it.


The first proof that China is indeed winning the war against the virus was the President Xi Jinping’s visit to Wuhan on Tuesday (March 10) – the first time since the outbreak began in Dec 2019. Obviously, the president would be advised against taking unnecessary risks, even if it was for publicity stunt. After all, there was no need for such a political stunt in a nation like China.


The second sign that the Coronavirus cases have indeed declined was the closure of the last of a dozen temporary hospitals in Wuhan such as converted sports centre and factories. Even before the President Xi’s visit to Wuhan, about 11 of 16 temporary hospitals that had been converted from public facilities including stadiums and schools were closed by Sunday.

Chinese President Xi Jinping Visits Wuhan - Coronavirus

Then there was Shanghai Disney who said it’s shopping and entertainment Disneytown zone would be reopened. Another sign that the worst is over in China was an order issued by Hubei Airport Group to all airports in the province to get back to work by Thursday. Some schools have also reopened as the Chinese economy is on track to get back to business.


Beijing reported only 19 new Coronavirus infections on Tuesday, down from 40 a day earlier. Even though 19,000 people are still getting treatment for the virus, it was a huge improvement as compared to as high as 58,000 on Feb 24. As of today (March 11), China has a total 80,785 Coronavirus case and 3,158 deaths, while 61,503 have recovered.


However, the virus has spread across the planet, infecting almost 114,000 people globally and taking at least 4,000 lives. Despite initial criticism over the Chinese handling of the outbreak, amusingly, the world is taking a second look at how Beijing managed to win the war. When China locked down some 50 million people in more than a dozen cities, many slammed the draconian approach.

Coronavirus - Italy Rome

On Monday (March 9), amusingly, Italy did the same – locking down the entire country of 60.5 million populations. While Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte told his entire nation to “stay at home”, the government also imposed some restrictions, including suspension of weddings and even funerals. The country has now 10,149 confirmed cases and 631 deaths from the virus.


As the third-largest economy in the Euro zone, but with massive debt, economists and analysts are debating whether Italy could afford a Wuhan-style full shutdown for a long period of time. People have already started complaining and struggling with the new ways of life. JPMorgan expects Italy’s economy to slide 7.5% in the first quarter from the previous quarter.


Indeed, Beijing could easily lock down an entire city of Wuhan (11 million people), or even a dozen more thereafter, because the iron-fisted approach can only be executed in a country controlled by the China’s Communist Party. To ensure people were really restricted and did not cheat, Beijing deployed enforcers to actually guard the gates of residential compounds.

Coronavirus - Guards in Beijing

In fact, between January and February, the Chinese had confined 507.5 million people either in full or partial lockdown covering 20 provinces. That half a billion people population is about the size of the European Union. Imagine all the 27 member countries in Europe put on lockdown like China. It was more than the populations of the U.S. (327.2 million) and Russia (144.5 million) combined.


In addition, the Chinese government leveraged on state-run mobile carriers to track down anyone who disobeyed the lock-down order. Such measure which breaches privacy will definitely invite condemnations from human rights activists if being carried out in the Western countries. But in China, nobody would dare to question the authorities of the uniformed law enforcement officers.


China’s big three telecom providers – China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom – have been working hand in glove with authorities by sharing location data on users with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. That information would later pass to the National Health Commission and other response team involved in the containment of the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus - People Wearing Mask in Beijing

Desperate times calls for desperate measures. What is regarded as draconian tactics in the U.S. and Europe has proven to be the working solution in China. And unlike China who has a very high tolerance for economic pain, Italy does not have deep pocket to use the same tactics. As of February 2020, China possesses the world’s biggest foreign reserves – US$3.107 trillion.


In the United States, at least 32 people have died of the virus nationwide with confirmed Coronavirus cases reaches 1,016 people. While there was mounting evidence that strict control measures pay off in China, the responsibility for combating the infectious disease largely falls on individual state governments in America, each of which has its own laws governing quarantines.


However, as the virus spread across the U.S., the authorities have warned that mandatory preventive measures may be necessary. When push comes to shove, Trump administration might toy with the idea of a lock-down like the one implemented in Italy. But such option would be definitely met with strong opposition as it is amount to martial law.

Coronavirus - Donald Trump Wears Mask

Still, the U.S. authorities can use a more acceptable word like “containment” instead of “lockdown”. On Tuesday, the New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that schools, places of worship and other large gathering spots within a one-mile zone of the city of New Rochelle will close for 14 days. National Guard troops will be called to help deliver food.


Digital surveillance in the U.S. would require subpoenas, a legal obstacle to accessing personal tracking data. Inspired by China’s success, some Asian governments like South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore have tapped credit-card transactions, ride-sharing data, mobile phone signals and surveillance cameras to monitor people under self-quarantine.


The Singapore government has threatened to slap Coronavirus patients with thousands of dollars in fines – or even jail time – if they lie about their travel history. Last month, a Chinese man was charged for giving false information about his movements and whereabouts. For violating self-quarantine, the immigration officers have even withdrawn the permanent resident status of a foreigner.



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“suspension of weddings and even funerals”

I don’t know about weddings but suspension of funerals won’t work in Malaysia.

We had, and may yet yet again have a zombie politician who has been long long past his used-by date who never stops returning from the graveyard.

He was politically dead a while but another politician raised him from the dead, rebranding him a “changed” and “forgiven” entity.

From there (and maybe beyond), the toxic creature went on to destroy all in his path – since destruction to everything and everyone was, and still is, his wan and only ability.

Corona virus, covid-19, can be eliminated if the whole world imposes 24 hour curfew for 14 days.

The global focus should be on eliminating the virus so scare, panic and disorder subsides.

Isolation, quarantine and lockdowns will take a much longer time to help eliminate the virus.

Estimates vary but the most pessimistic projections see the virus being around for up to two years.

Even the most optimistic assessments do not see the virus scare ending before Christmas 2020.

Read further here . . .


Otherwise, the virus may be around at least until Christmas 2020, perhaps for another two years.

This is based on flawed premises.

China will not be free of the Corona virus until the world is free of it.

Meanwhile in Malaysia – our effort to fight this virus has become incompetent!

The way i see it, with the last Health Minister, we were at least transparent – we get to know how the patient got infected, the basic info about his/her prior movement etc.

Now we have very limited info instead.

We must set a baseline of covid19 virus reporting – this will be helpful for the public to fight fake news.

At least Singapore has been consistent about this, their daily update has been informative so far (https://www.moh.gov.sg/covid-19)

very simple, make sure clean your self every day with water soak with neam leaf and tumeric powder.
both are highly contains of virus and bacteria killing properties.

“Corona virus, covid-19, can be eliminated if the whole world imposes 24 hour curfew for 14 days.”

Does your rant get anyone bothering to give it some kind of peer review – even if it is recycled stuff?

Since it is highly unlikely you are a doctor of any sort, and since you are not likely to be in any medical field, and since it is even more unlikely you are an epidemiologist – or even an amateur statistician (of sort).

Sorry, reading your rather unhinged drift is like having to finish a coffee forced to listen to a rather loud and noisy back alley kopitiam soapbox plantation “orator” waiting for someone to pay attention…

Or pay for a cup of teh tarik…

“… water soak with neam leaf and tumeric powder”

Would it not be easier to just jump into a pot of curry, it’s got more than just turmeric?

Wait for curry to cool, of course.

Stay in it for fourteen days each time you forgot to do the subcontinental two-hands in prayer greeting when you meet someone coming round to curry favour, shakes hands with you.

Have a pot of cha handy too, considering the gravy tea of the matter and how long you may have to do quarantine.

OM… Hari Hari…!

I don’t think China will get complete success in Corona.

“complete success in Corona”

Which country has “complete success” with cholera, typhoid, TB, malaria, SARs, camel urine disease, Mahathir venom, etc etc …?

You can also include Malaysia’s unique disease, its patent stupidity.

Whatever you want to say about China, China is winning even before it totally wiped out the coronavirus!

China is making still faster bucks, the masks will be coming off in tons as the mask comes off China’s salivating mouth, think profit, think vast profit – even though the kind country will be giving plenty of masks free.

Still… even in calamity there is plenty of room -and plenty of machines to make a pretty penny..!

Good lordy Lord, that country is indeed blessed, Haleluyah!




Hope to get the Quick Medicine for CoronaVirus.


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