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2014 – Beware Of The Wooden Horse

Malaysia is facing bankruptcy and PM Najib Razak was not talking nonsense when he made the threat. So, it’s either GST at 6% or he’s flying off to Bahamas for good, leaving Malaysians to settle the nation’s debt. The country has proudly accumulated more than RM550 billion in gross debt from 1990-2013 (the actual figure […]

... written on Jan 24 2014

Psst !!! Remember Your Bread And Butter Issues?

Both PM Najib Razak and opposition de-facto leader Anwar Ibrahim are smiling. And how could you blame them when the fool-proof punching bag – religion – is being used again (*yawn*) to divert attention. The prime minister can now sleeps soundly because peoples’ anger about new taxes, utilities rate hike and whatnot has now disappeared […]

... written on Jan 06 2014

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