Crooked Najib Opposes Borrowing Money To Help People – But He Borrowed Till National Debts Hit RM1 Trillion

When a crook like Najib Razak proposes something, just do the opposite and it should be the best solution. The former premier’s insistence, or rather blackmails without which he threatened to withdraw his support for the fragile backdoor Muhyiddin government, that EPF members must be allowed to withdraw up to RM10,000 as part of Covid-19 […]

... written on Nov 30 2020

Failure To Defeat Budget 2021 – With A Leader Like The Confused & Indecisive Anwar, Who Needs Enemies?

When the Democratic Action Party (DAP) sided with former PM Mahathir in June, Anwar hardcore supporters went berserk and accused DAP of being power-hungry and corrupted. DAP leaders were mocked and ridiculed for blindly supporting Mahathir. They urged Anwar Ibrahim, the president of People’s Justice Party (PKR), to go solo and kick DAP out of […]

... written on Nov 28 2020

Thursday Fireworks! – If Budget 2021 Fails, The Next Prime Minister Could Be Razaleigh With Anwar As Deputy

Backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin’s D-Day is on Thursday (Nov 26). If the regime’s Budget 2021 is passed, the usefulness of UMNO (and Barisan Nasional for that matter) would be over, at least temporarily. In short, until the next Budget 2022, the premier’s Perikatan Nasional (National Alliance) government will have very little use of UMNO and […]

... written on Nov 24 2020

Printing Money – The Stupid Backdoor Deputy Minister Who Thought Malaysia Ringgit Is As Powerful As US Dollar

Why don’t poor countries just print more money? Likewise, why can’t the central bank print money and give the free cash to the people who have become jobless or under-employed due to Covid-19 pandemic? Those are excellent questions – if came from a curious kid. But coming from a deputy minister, it could only mean […]

... written on Nov 21 2020

A Grand Coalition For Corruption – Fake Research Report Of Racist UMNO Having More Chinese Support Than DAP

Exactly how many grand coalitions the dubious “Malay-Muslim” government consisting of UMNO, Bersatu (PPBM) and PAS wanted to create? It appears that in spite of having cornered 90% of Malay-Muslim voters, the Perikatan Nasional backdoor regime still has no confidence of winning the next 15th General Election – a strange phenomenon indeed.   The corrupt […]

... written on Nov 17 2020

Admission Of Incompetence – The Clueless Government Now Allows 3 Passengers Per Car, But Still 4 Diners Per Table

In another U-turn, the backdoor government of Muhyiddin Yassin has now decided to allow three people from the same household to travel in a same car. Senior Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob claimed the decision was agreed upon after receiving complaints from the public, as well as consideration based on e-hailing rides and taxis that are […]

... written on Nov 14 2020

Budget 2021 – Here’s What The Backdoor Government Does Not Want You To Know

Financial planning 101 say if you consistently spend more than you earn, it becomes the secret recipe of huge debt. In the case of (previous) Barisan Nasional government, not only did they spend lavishly beyond their ability to grow the economy, they also plundered and stole money from the national coffers. Everything looked rosy until […]

... written on Nov 08 2020

Rejects Withdrawal From EPF Retirement Fund – The Clueless Government Should Give Cash Or Guarantee Jobs Instead

Introduced in 1951, the EPF (Employees Provident Fund) compulsory retirement savings scheme for private sector workers requires employees to contribute 11% of their salaries to their EPF accounts. Employers, on the other hand, contribute the equivalent of 13% of the salaries of employees earning RM5,000 and below, and 12% if wages are above RM5,000.   […]

... written on Nov 05 2020

Power-Crazy PM Muhyiddin Calls UMNO Bluff, Challenges The King For Absolute Power

It is close to a week since the Agong (King) rejected backdoor Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin’s request for a proclamation of emergency, which would grant the power-crazy leader the absolute power to rule like Adolf Hitler. Despite the royal vote of no confidence and a slap in the face by the monarch, “MooHitler” appears to […]

... written on Nov 01 2020

A Royal Vote Of No Confidence – How PM Muhyiddin’s Plan To Gain Absolute Power Was Actually Dead On Arrival (DOA)

You know it was game over for Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin when Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim expressed his hope that Malaysia will be saved from threats of those who are greedy and power crazy for their personal interests. It was not a normal daily babbling as the remark was made on the […]

... written on Oct 26 2020

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