No Deal For Bad Deal – Najib & Jho Low In A State Of Panic After Mahathir Rejects Immunity Deal

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng says that another major scandal involving the finance ministry will be revealed soon. Prime Minister Mahathir told The New York Times that his government had already accumulated “enough evidence” to have Najib and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, put on trial. Najib urges political rivals to lay down their arms now […]

... written on Jun 17 2018

Playing 3R Cards – Straits Times Singapore Still Hopeful Najib’s Corrupt UMNO Can Make A Comeback

Mahathir has announced that the highly controversial and super expensive HSR (high-speed rail) project is being “postponed”, not “cancelled”. Whether that was a U-turn from a 93-year-old man or was a clever strategy remains to be seen. Assuming it is just a postponement, will Singapore insist of having the new Malaysian government pay for the […]

... written on Jun 14 2018

No Money No Honey!! BN-UMNO Disintegrates As Sarawak Parties Quit, Nobody Wants To Be With Losers

As ex-PM Najib Razak visits his father’s grave, probably seeking helps, the same way Tengku Razalegh is seeking divine guidance whether he should contest the UMNO presidency or not, Sarawak Barisan Nasional (BN) is suddenly dissolved. Four component parties making up the BN coalition, which suffered a stunning defeat, had unanimously quit.   Essentially, the […]

... written on Jun 12 2018

Good Riddance – Here’s Why Najib-Appointed Police Chief Fuzi Should Not Only Be Fired, But Prosecuted Too

Royal Malaysia Police is one of the most corrupt institutions, if not the most corrupt, in the country. Today’s corruption among the police officers in Malaysia is no different from that of Hong Kong in the 1970s. In fact, if you want to arrest all the corrupt Malaysian police officers, there will be only a […]

... written on Jun 11 2018

Zahid Meets Mahathir – An Arrogant UMNO Warlord Made To Bend Over & Kow-Tow To An Old Man

Lim Kit Siang, aged 77, had been the opposition Member of Parliament since 1969 where he was first elected as an MP for the Bandar Melaka seat. He first emerged as a politician when he was National Organising Secretary of the DAP (Democratic Action Party) from 1966 to 1969. Yet, he did not want to […]

... written on Jun 09 2018

Australia To Extradite Killer Sirul – Forget 1MDB, Najib & Rosmah Should Be Very Afraid Of Altantuya

Australia is one of foreign countries which never thought the scandal-plagued Najib regime could be toppled by a 93-year-old former premier Mahathir. And Australia has its fair share in the 1MDB scandal. After all, it was Alex Turnbull, the son of Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who claimed that he exposed the misconduct by Goldman […]

... written on Jun 08 2018

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None – Anwar Is Terribly Upset For Being Called Monarchies Bootlicker

Anwar Ibrahim, the prime minister-in-waiting, is a changed man. After spending years in jail – twice – for sodomy, he has either become a more humble and wiser man, or a vengeful man who believes the nation owes him the premiership. After being pardoned by the Agong (King), the grateful Anwar spoke highly of the […]

... written on Jun 07 2018

Congrats Najib, You’ve Just Admitted China Had Scammed RM9.4 Billion & Colluded In 1MDB Scandal

Imagine you’ve engaged and awarded a contractor to renovate your office. For some strange reasons, you agreed to pay the contractor according to “calendar dates” instead of the project’s progress. In other words, you had agreed to generously pay even if the contractor does zero work. The job was supposed to be completed in 3 […]

... written on Jun 06 2018

Apandi Fired, Thomas Hired! – Proof That UMNO-Malays Were Fake Defender Of Malays & Islam

Under pressure from the netizens, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V (the King) finally agreed on the appointment of Tommy Thomas as the Attorney General of Malaysia. The people, with great hope for a better Malaysia, finally get to taste the real meaning of peoples’ power. And like Donald Trump, hopefully the people will […]

... written on Jun 05 2018

Rejecting A “Clean” Tommy Thomas As Attorney General – Mahathir’s Bait For The Monarchies

Mahathir is on a mission impossible to reform the country’s 61 years of tyrannical rule under previous Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition government. Even if it’s true that he is trying to correct his 21 years of iron-fist rule, to reform the system within 2 years is next to impossible. But the 93-year-old man has very […]

... written on Jun 03 2018

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