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Crackdown Continues – Apple Kowtows & Removes Skype Upon China’s Order

Mark Zuckerberg’s fluency in Mandarin is legendary. Yet, despite all his efforts learning and speaking the language to impress President Xi Jinping, he couldn’t convince Beijing that Whatsapp is a harmless application. WhatsApp was one of the few foreign messaging apps available in mainland China until it was blocked before the Communist Party congress gets […]

... written on Nov 23 2017

$100,000 Cover-Up – How Uber Kept Quiet After 57 Million Customers’ Data Were Stolen

Uber has done it again! From accusations of bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination, Uber has been attracting the publicity for the wrong reason. And now, they have added another feather to the cap. A staggering 57 million of its users and drivers’ data were compromised, but instead of report the hacking to the authorities, Uber […]

... written on Nov 22 2017

Uber’s New Business Model – Owning 24,000 Volvo Self-Driving Taxis In 2019

Automakers, tech start-ups and ride-hailing companies are forging closer alliances in a multi-billion-dollar business. That can only mean one thing – self-driving taxis will be taking over the street, like it or not. Uber, a leader in ride-hailing business has been stripped of its London licence. However, the company has last month filed its legal appeal […]

... written on Nov 21 2017

Fails To Form Government – Merkel’s 4th Term As Germany Chancellor In Jeopardy

Angela Merkel was a very unhappy woman on Sunday, and who could blame her. In spite of winning the federal elections on September 2017, her chance to become the German Chancellor for the fourth term has hit the wall, for now. While it was a victory, her CDU-CSU (Christian Democratic Union-Christian Social Union) alliance received […]

... written on Nov 20 2017

Saudi Crown Prince Offers Princes: “Gimme 70% Of Your Money And You Can Walk”

About 200 Saudi princes, ministers, senior military officers and wealthy businessmen are still being held in 5-star prison Ritz-Carlton in Riyadh. But soon, they could walk out free again, despite allegations of corruption and money laundering. The fact that they weren’t officially charged till today suggests that the Saudi government wasn’t interested in their despicable crimes […]

... written on Nov 17 2017

These 2 Signals Have Flashed – Could Be The End Of Bull Stock Market

U.S. stocks closed lower Wednesday – both Dow and S&P 500 – suffered their biggest one-day percentage drops since September. The Dow fell 138.19 points while the S&P 500 lost 14.25 points. That wasn’t too bad considering both plunges were less than 1%. But the issue here is they crashed primarily due to a sudden […]

... written on Nov 16 2017

Poor Villagers Given The Option To Prosperity – Replace Jesus With President Xi

China might be an economic superpower so wealthy that even U.S. President Donald Trump had to behave during his visit to the Middle Kingdom. It was said that the notorious Kim Jong-un was kept in silent not because he was terrified that North Korea was surrounded by U.S. warships, but rather because China told the […]

... written on Nov 15 2017

Ungrateful Trump Pretends Didn’t See Golf Buddy Najib & Oversized Rosmah

Trump was at the centre of attraction at the 2017 Asean Summit in Manila, Philippines. But the superstar was none other than the host President Rodrigo “Rody” Roa Duterte. The Filipino leader gets to rub shoulders with the world’s most powerful man, despite breaking every possible law concerning human rights, something cherished by the U.S., […]

... written on Nov 14 2017

Here’s Why Duterte Is The Most Powerful Man In Southeast-Asia

Since he took office, police have reported killing 3,967 people in direct illegal drugs crackdown. Another 2,290 people have been murdered in drug-related crimes, while thousands of other deaths remain unsolved. So far, he loves the number.  He has no plan to deny his involvement. That’s because he loves to kill – the bad guys. […]

... written on Nov 13 2017

Chinese Charms!! – Trump Praised China For Taking Advantage Of U.S.

Majority of Americans don’t like their own president. But the Arabs love the U.S. president. And the Chinese love Donald Trump even more. After his visit to Saudi Arabia, Japan and South Korea, Beijing has found the formula of chemistry to charm President Donald Trump before he steps on his foot in China, the third […]

... written on Nov 10 2017

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