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Sorry, No Royal Pardon For Najib – Here’re “5 Non-Political Reasons” Why The Crook Cannot Walk Away Free

Exactly why should former Prime Minister Najib Razak be given a royal pardon after serving less than 2 years (17 months to be precise) out of 12 years jail term? If you ask his loyalists to give one reason – just one compelling reason – why the crook should be allowed to walk away free, […]

... written on Jan 30 2024

Mahathir Gets Angrier While Daim Hides In Hospital – Here’s Why The “Untouchables” Are So Terrified Of Anwar’s Crackdown

Get ready for more whining, moaning and bitching from former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. The Malaysia’s longest serving premier, once the most powerful man, is set to go ballistic again after another son – Mokhzani – has been summoned by the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission). After Mirzan and Mokhzani, his two other children namely Mukhriz […]

... written on Jan 26 2024

You Can’t Screw All The People All The Time – Chicken Has Come Home To Roost For Desperado Mahathir

Barking like a mad dog, Malaysia’s fourth and seventh prime minister – Mahathir Mohamad – has challenged protégé-turned-nemesis-turned-ally-turned-nemesis Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim to call for a snap election. Just when people thought he might be able to pull a rabbit out of the hat, his so-called press conference was a huge disappointment. He could only […]

... written on Jan 23 2024

Tesla Disaster – Owners Stranded As “Dead Robots” Won’t Charge In Freezing Temperature, But China Has The Solution

Elon Musk has decided to do what he does best every time the demand for Tesla electric cars plunge – cut prices. With competition heating up over the past year, especially against BYD, a Chinese carmaker which is backed by legendary investor Warren Buffet, Tesla welcomes the New Year 2024 with more price cuts for […]

... written on Jan 19 2024

Mahathir’s Estimated Net Worth – The $40 Billion Reason Why He Spews Racist Remarks Against Chinese & Indian

Mahathir Mohamad has run out of bullet to save his mega-rich children, whose dubious fortune were made during the former prime minister’s 22 years of dictatorship (1981-2003). In fact, the 98-year-old corrupt man could no longer pull a rabbit out of his hat. He is done, finished, game over. He’s living on borrowed time because […]

... written on Jan 17 2024

The World’s 5 Richest Men Owned Close To $1 Trillion – But 5 Billion People Globally Become Poorer

As fast-food industry continues to see a surge in child labour violations across the United States, such as McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A, the poor become poorer while the rich become incredibly richer. The latest Oxfam report says the planet’s five wealthiest persons have seen their fortune more than doubled to US$869 billion since 2020 while five […]

... written on Jan 15 2024

Malu Apa Bossku – Crooked Najib Should Sue Netflix For Billions, Too Late To Ban “Man On The Run” Documentary

Netflix did not need to lift a finger to promote its latest documentary – “Man on the Run” – which was based on the true story of the infamous 1MDB scandal. Former Prime Minister Najib Razak, currently serving jail sentence linked to the world’s biggest scandal, has done an excellent job promoting it by demanding […]

... written on Jan 13 2024

Game Over For Opposition – Mahathir’s Super-Rich Children In Trouble After “Dubai Move” Failed & 120 MPs’ Bluff Exposed

King Sultan Abdullah has spoken, and he specifically told Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim during a pre-cabinet meeting on Tuesday (Jan 9) that the Palace would not get involved in any political manoeuvre. Basically, the monarch was saying that he is busy packing his stuff before moving back to Pahang as his term as the 16th […]

... written on Jan 10 2024

Cursed & Grounded – How “Luck” Saved 171 Passengers After Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 9’s Exit Door Detached

An order to ground Boeing Max 9 aircrafts was issued by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) on Saturday (Jan 6, 2024) to facilitate inspections. The emergency airworthiness directive came just a day after an emergency door “plug” was blown away on the Alaska Airlines Flight 1282, forcing it to return to Portland shortly after taking […]

... written on Jan 08 2024

The Opposition’s Fake 120 MPs List – Here’re 10 Reasons Why PM Anwar Cannot Be Toppled

With less than 3 weeks before Sultan Ibrahim of Johor is scheduled to be sworn in as Malaysia’s 17th Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King), the clock is ticking as more crooks are in the queue to be charged. At least two former Prime Ministers – Muhyiddin Yassin and Ismail Sabri – could potentially join fellow Najib Razak, […]

... written on Jan 07 2024

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