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PR Manifesto – More Reasons to Change Govt?

How do you know who will win the next 13th general election? Simple – if PM Najib Razak select Ng Yen Yen as one of the “winnable” candidates, then the current BN (Barisan Nasional) regime will collapse and vice-versa. Well, that’s the joke on the street. But after the Minister of Tourism’s screw-up in the […]

... written on Feb 27 2013

Malaysian Loves Corruption & Can’t Live Without It

If there’s one hot topic of discussion during the coming Chinese New Year, it has to be the Mother of General Elections – the 2013 Malaysia General Election. This is perhaps the final time family members would sit together, cracking garlic-flavour groundnuts sipping Anglia Shandy or Carlsberg, and debate over who and which party to […]

... written on Feb 08 2013

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