Malaysian Loves Corruption & Can’t Live Without It

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Feb 08 2013
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If there’s one hot topic of discussion during the coming Chinese New Year, it has to be the Mother of General Elections – the 2013 Malaysia General Election. This is perhaps the final time family members would sit together, cracking garlic-flavour groundnuts sipping Anglia Shandy or Carlsberg, and debate over who and which party to elect – either current regime (BN) or opposition (PR). This is also the time family members get to brainwash each other on which party to vote for the next federal government. The swing in support to either BN or PR would be fierce and wilder than Dow Jones during sub-prime crisis.


Of course PM Najib Razak’s PR team realizes the significance of this and has spent many hours on the drawing board preparing scripts to attract Chinese voters. That’s why PM Najib looks more Chinese than all the past prime ministers combined. To a certain extent, he’s even more Chinese than the Chinese themselves (*tongue-in-cheek*). There’re thousands hanging buntings by the roadsides depicting him wearing Chinese traditional costume with his Chinese New Year message. Heck, he even tried his Chinese-friendly trick on radio station by having conversation in Mandarin with his son, although the stunt turns out rather funny (*grin*) and weird. If only he has the stamina he may just put on the lion dance costume and jump around your house begging for your votes.

KLCC-UMNO-PWTC-Najib CNY Greetings

Ultimately, the question will be – which party to choose and why? If your answer is the opposition because the current regime is corrupt, then get ready for a rude awakening – the so-called corrupt BN (Barisan Nasional) will win the next general election hands down. In case you’re still scratching your head peeling kuaci, the voters who voted opposition back in 2008 did not do so primarily because the current regime was corrupted. If that was the main reason, how on earth could former PM Mahathir rule this land for a whopping 22 years, despite the fact that his regime opened the floodgates of corruption and racism? In actual fact, Malaysian Chinese and Malays love corruption, without them realizing it.


Like it or not, corruption has been part and parcel of Malaysian culture, thanks to Father of Corruption – Mahathir Mohamad. That was why a study done some moons ago found that graduates actually thought corruption was not such a big deal after all. Corruption has been ingrained into the mindset of Malaysian citizens so much so that it’s almost legal and inseparable entity from daily lifes. Corruption was like lion-dance during Chinese New Year and “meriam-buloh” during Hari Raya festivals. While Malaysian Chinese consider corruption as a main ingredient to get business going, Malaysian Malays consider corruption as “rezeki”. That’s why the opposition can only go so far by drumming government massive corruptions as the reason why they should be booted from Putrajaya.

Malaysia Corruption - Cost of Doing Business

Do you really think corruption will disappear into thin air after opposition wins the next general election and form the federal government? Why do you think everybody rush to lick Lim Guan Eng and Anwar Ibrahim boots to be fielded as candidates? And do you really think Sabah’s King of Frogs Jeffrey Kitingan, Wilfred Bumburing and Yong Teck Lee really want to take care of the Sabahan? Pleeeeze!!! With the exception of probably Lim Kit Siang and Nik Aziz, you can’t really trust the rest of the opposition politicians. If they have no intention of enriching themselves, then President Obama is still a virgin. Ever wonder why Mahathir confidently declared he will not leave the country before the next election results are announced? That’s because he was dead sure the current corrupt regime will still form the next federal government.


If the recent AES implementation criticisms by the public was any indicator, it shows that the public can’t live without corruption, well, at least majority of them. Malaysian drivers like to speed and drive as if they’re Formula-1 drivers and they have no plan of changing their lifestyle (or rather drive-style). And AES was a classic example of how zero corruption will affect their lifes. While they accept the reality that they would be caught breaking the laws, they want the flexibility to negotiate their way out through bribes. And you can’t “kautim” (settle) by giving money to the AES camera on the spot, can you? These people would rather pay RM50 as “coffee-money” for each of 10 traffic offences than to pay full RM300 for 2 offence tickets, literally speaking.

Malaysia AES Traffic

From sales executives to company directors, 90% of their business deals involve “under-table” money, one way or another. If the only thing that opposition can promise is eliminate corruption, then a sizeable Chinese and Malays would rather vote for the corrupt regime, if that was how they secured their current businesses or “rezeki” in the first place. So, does that mean the current corrupt regime should be returned to power? Well, perhaps the answer can be found by the recent advise from Mahathir himself – choose between the lesser of two evils. Of course when Mahathir blogged his advise, he was referring to the possibility of violent demonstration should the opposition lose in the coming election, although I can’t figure out till today how can one lose something that it does not possess in the first place (*grin*).


Since the opposition has not win the federal government since independence, there’s no benchmark of how corrupted they would become. Thus, the perception of the general public – the BN regime is tremendously corrupt while the PR regime will be mildly corrupt, if the latter choose to corrupt after all. The choice is pretty obvious based on Mahathir’s “choose between the lesser of two evils” theory. The good news for the opposition fans – the corrupt Chinese businessmen are flexible to switch sides and butter the opposition’s bread should there be a change in government. The bad news – the corrupt Chinese businessmen are worry and perceive a lesser corrupt governments to mean lesser business deals for them.

Anwar Ibrahim and Mahathir Mohamad - Devil Inside

While we’re still adamant the current BN regime will win the next general election, there’s a distant possibility the opposition may get enough seats to form the next government – via defections from BN camp. But for that to happen, a hung government must happen and the BN regime does not play dirty such as blocking opposition from entering the palace, intimidating and “hiding” opposition politicians, withheld official votes count, massive blackouts at counting centres and even declare the election results null and voids due to phantom voters. Can you see how phantom voters can act as double-edged sword? Now, has anyone wonders what happen to the disappearance of PM Najib during 1st-Jan-2013, when he should be doing the New Year countdown instead of his deputy?


Underground naughty rumours has it that when the PM should be shouting “Happy New Year”, he had instead flew into a resort in Hong Kong. The interesting part was where all the local tycoons were summoned to a private meeting with the prime minister. But we’ll reserve that article for another day (*grin*). As of now, the opposition needs to behave – lock in existing supporters while compete for fence-sitters. But going by the rate on how PAS and DAP childishly playing the religion cards the same way BN used to play, no wonder Mahathir is grining from ear to ear. Worst still, some opposition figures are already counting their chicks before they’re hatched, when they should instead presenting their arsenal of propositions for the betterment of the people.


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What Najib wearing in the photo resembles the attire for deceased Chinese.

Najib can do ANYTHING even be more Chinese than a Chinese like you and I,but I think it is a bit too late and rather too much “sandiwara” that everyone can see. Will the Chinese vote UBN just for all these superficiality? I think Chua Soi Lek knows the answer!

so another of your reverse psychology article eh ? getting tired already with it, try something new lah.

People fed up lah seeing Najib s mugshot everywhere He s only running in one constituency Pekan In the the other parliamentary constituencies the umno people are not very like able and arrogant

I am a corrupt Chinese biz man which have voted for BN for at least more than 3 times, I will be sure to vote for Pakatan this years thanks for the encouragement I was not decided until I read your article, keep up the good work !

Well FT, if you need a benchmark on how corrupt the Opposition parties are, you have several state – Selangor, Penang, Kelantan to use as a benchmark, or did you forget that they are governing those state well even with limited Federal resources?

To a certain degree i agree that M’sian businesses are symphathetic towards corrupt practices but not for the fact that they ‘like’ it but simply to cut the red tapes and the many red tapes are killing the ‘golden goose’!

Tthe under current against the BN is simply because the ruling elites and their inner circles are getting more and more greedy but the size of the ‘cake’ is getting ever smaller. Simply no trickle downwards not even scraps but the squeeze continues!

The feeling these days is that even staunch BN supporters (those business people who use to benefit from their support of BN) are crying for change!

Know this, the elites are a meer handful who are gaining from the regimes, but vast majority of BN supporting business people are facing problems and many would want change and many have even said, it is getting out of hand!

Ordinary Malaysians out number these business people and the elites and why would we ‘Like’ these practices and what do we have to gain from such practices? We have the most to lose!

The JPJ vehicle burning incident in Setiawan clearly shows the frustration the public has with these corrupt regime! The public are simply fed up!

Your article is true of those elites but not the ordinary Malaysian!

This article reminds me that during year 2005, 2006 and 2007, to setup a business outlet in Petaling Jaya requires to wait for 3 – 4 months (without specific time frame) and a application ‘consultant’ to apply for you. While waiting for the business license, you are actually can not operate the business, and ‘coincidentally’ there are ‘pegawai’ to visit you for business license checking; without it, you are entitled for a RM350 fine. I got it once. When you complaint, the investigation is almost none. License renewal is even worse which is overcrowded in 13th floor, just a small counter with 1 ‘pegawai’.

Start from year 2009, the non-critical business (boutique, IT shop, handphone shop, newspaper, furniture…) license application is approved on the spot (you have to bring all necessary documents along with the application form (RM5)), pay and get your license at the same time. The MBPJ even have kiosk in shipping mall for license renewal during Nov and Dec every year.

The most impressive thing is that during year 2011, I make a slow business application process complaint which the published time frame for ‘business license of institutional’ is maximum 3 months, and the complaint really works. Just make the complaint to a complaint department and there is someone investigate for you.

I personally feel this is an improvement. Without these changes, we people still suffering from the corruption of red-tape, just like the POSPAKOM, the law is there, but everyone know the hidden rules.

It is interested to find out how the big tycoons weight on the coming GE13, PR or BN? It is very interesting to know how Robert Kwok and Tony Fernandes feel when Najib meet him for someting (donation, support, …).

If I am one of these tycoon, I am sure to think of without the alibaba (30% or joint venture share). My cost of doing business is low and the decision making process is easier.

The issue of corruption seems to be outdated by now. It is less relevant to the Chinese businessman as an issue but it has become a means. Nevertheless, the bulk of the Chinese are still in the middle working class and small businesses (hawkers, traders, workshops and business operators from shoplots etc etc. Only project orientated business which is high in value are heavily linked to UMNO, eg Berjaya, YTL, George Kent, etc etc. Corruption comes in part and parcel for the day.

This CNY, it was a political overdrive with Gangnam Style music horsing at the background. The conclusion is all Chinese is die hard opposition supporters for whatever reason, they are ABU supporters.

What is left is the Malays and Indians. Hindraf is waiting for the highest bidder to sell their souls to. Who has the funds to lure them? No prize for the correct answer.

Malays whom voted for PR in 2008, is actually UMNO members at large. They are actually frustrated by Abdullah Badawi administration and want to teach UMNO a lesson, this compounded with the all out war against Abdullah Badawi from Mahathir and his mafia gang. By now, the Malays are back to UMNO since Abdullah Badawi went to retirement with his new wife.

They only thing that brings Malays support back to UMNO is the race and religion issue. On strategy wise, UMNO is the best, UMNO have outsource Perkasa to do all the dirty work. Mind you, it is doing very well at wooing the Malays back. News spread about loosing Ketuanan Melayu, that means they are not going to hit jackpot on IPOs anymore, no more discount on house purchases, no more free education for their children whom loves fishing and lepak, no more high dividend for ASB and no more free “loans”. Even the materialistic Chinese will change their mind and support if all these are threaten to be taken away.

Malays are strongly united by religion. Muslims hear these everyday that Islam is under threat. Under threat from who? There is a jihad against all “shadow” threats. This is the most powerful uniting factor for the Malays. Allah issue is played until tilted, PAS themselves falls into the trap that was created by UMNO.

Most PAS ulamaks are loose canons, they think they are the messenger, hence whatever that comes out their mouth is not their words, but message from higher up. Damn what the PAS supreme council says and no consultation is needed from the supreme council, message is direct from the above. Eat that!

It is the battle of religion and race issue that will bring back votes from the Malay. Utusan Malaysia is supreme in creating this type fear among Malays.

The materialistic Chinese meanwhile is threaten with wealth depreciation. An earlier post by FinanceTwitter on how coward are the Chinese and over jealous over their wealth.

Indians needs not any threats or fear. Show them the money and they will follow you to the end of the world. Literary speaking.

Chinese is being too confident themselves, try asking the Malays and Indians, it will certainly reduce the Chinese confidence of kicking out UMNO.


[…] Malaysian Loves Corruption & Can’t Live Without It […]

[…] Malaysian Loves Corruption & Can’t Live Without It […]

[…] Malaysian Loves Corruption & Can’t Live Without It […]

[…] Malaysian Loves Corruption & Can’t Live Without It […]

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