It’s Not About the Rally, It’s About the Chinese Voters

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Jan 12 2013
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Tomorrow’s rally, known as #KL112 (referring to Kuala Lumpur Jan 12th), to be held at Merdeka Stadium from 2pm – 5pm, should be the mother of all rallies considering that it involves some heavyweight NGOs namely Bersih (for clean and fair election), Royalti (for petroleum royalty), Anti-Lynas (to prevent rare earth plant in Gebeng, Kuantan), Anti Felda Global Ventures (to protest the listing of FGV), and whatnot. This should be an interesting and colourful Olympic-like demonstration as each of them will have their own colour T-shirt – Bersih’s yellow, Royalti’s red, Anti Lynas’s green, Anti Felda’s orange. The objective – to gather 1 million demonstrators at Merdeka Stadium that has a capacity of 30,000 seats.


This will be the last demonstration of such size before the next mother of all elections is called – Malaysian’s 13th general election, which must be held latest by 27th June 2013. #KL112 must generate nothing less than 250,000 participants tomorrow. Anything less than this, a figure generated during Bersih 3.0, is considered a failure. Besides not wanting to anger more people than it already has, the present BN-regime under PM Najib Razak was also interested to see the crowds that opposition-PR can attract. Anything less than 250,000 would mean the support for the opposition is declining, literally speaking. Anything more than 250,000 could send Najib administration back to the drawing board about new strategies to fish for support.

KL112 - Demonstrators

Now that the police has kindly promise to assist the demonstrators and pledged to facilitate the mammoth event despite eleventh hour attempt by certain quarters within UMNO warlords to create havoc by forcing the organizer to use Bukit Jalil Stadium instead, there’re more reasons for the 250,000 record to be broken. Heck, the police had even pledged not to use FRU to happy-spray chemical-laced water and tear-gas while forming a special squad – media police – to escort and protect journalists. When was the last time you see such a darling police serving their duties in protecting innocent citizens (*grin*)? But will 250,000 turnout guarantee a new government taking over post general election?

KL112 - Polis Media 1KL112 - Polis Media 2

We’ve written about the farewell party for PM Najib Razak. Unless he secures two-third majority, which is unlikely, he’s toast as far as UMNO warlords are concerned. Now, how does the UMNO Godfather, Dr M, knows the party he created can win the next general election while at the same time continues to weaken Najib’s powerbase? Simple – Dr M knows the Chinese voters are back to the present federal government’s lap, although not in a huge percentage. Yes, as much as it hurts, the Chinese voters will again help the corrupt BN secures its position come next general election.


When old dictator Mahathir Mohamad declared his supposedly retirement many moons ago, everyone seems to be rejoicing. There was this famous radio DJ who was attached to a local Chinese radio station who was very popular because he used to advice listeners with marriage or relationship problems. Almost everyone who called in listened to his advises as if it was Gospel of Truth. Over time, the arrogant radio DJ learnt his lesson after confronted by angry guys whose wife were ill-advised to divorce their partner. When this DJ ran a radio talk for peoples opinion about newly Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi taking over the throne, he openly declared Badawi was Chinese Justice Pao.

Badawi Justice Pao

Boy, when a listener called in to offer his piece of opinion – that leaders from UMNO are equally corrupt – this DJ whacked the poor caller left, right, center and whatnot. This DJ who was a master in marriage counselling suddenly found a newly God to worship. Amusingly, this same DJ was spotted attending Bersih 3.0 together with his wife, 10 years after he (almost) pledged his soul to Badawi. If only this chap knew the God he worshipped was actually a Sleeping God, he would have been a little humble (*tongue-in-cheek*) and wise. Now, how successful is the marketing ploy – 1Malaysia – in brainwashing the Chinese voters?


Couple of months ago during a radio talk, some Chinese listeners offered their cup of praises to Najib’s 1Malaysia. They were in love with 1Malaysia marketing strategy so much so that they actually sympatize with PM Najib’s noble sloganeering that attracted criticisms. They even asked the Chinese to give the 1Malaysia some time to prove its sincere intention. And why do you think Mahathir commented that there should be nothing more the Chinese can ask from the government? Mahathir was sending signals (or rather threats) that the Chinese will be punished economically, if BN does not win the next general election handsomely. While the government’s scare tactic using racial riots doesn’t work, the economic scare tactic works flawlessly.

Mahathir - Chinese Voters

Last year, when I asked my Chinese friends to attend Bersih 3.0 together, just for the fun of it, most of them chickened out due to the possibility of getting arrested. This year, when I asked my same pool of Chinese friends to go for #KL112, they said if the opposition takes over, stock market will collapse, property market will tumbles, FDI will suddenly disappear, crimes will shoot up because the police will not care and tons of grandmother justifications. So, are the Malaysian Chinese voters a bunch of cowards? Looks like it. Are the Malaysian Chinese voters a bunch of selfish and ignorant people? Absolutely. Are all the Malaysian Chinese voters hopeless? Fortunately not all of them. Will we ever see the same percentage of Chinese voters who voted for opposition in 2008 to vote in the same pattern again? Unfortunately they won’t.


And to think most of my Chinese friends are professionals with tertiary education yet to have such mentality is certainly alarming, at least to the opposition. No wonder BN warlords are still arrogant and still plundering the nation’s fortunes. With Chinese voters flocking back to BN’s arm, who cares if tomorrow’s demonstration can attract 100,000 or even 200,000 of same pool of die-hard opposition fans? But if it can attracts 1,000,000 people, then it would be another different story. And we’ve not even talk about UMNO (or rather Mahathir) dirty tactics to stay in power even if the opposition wins with slim majority. But again, this article may be a reverse psychology attempt to provoke the Chinese, so go figure (*evil smile*).


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250k on bersih 3? Wowwwww!!!!! Bigger than Tahrir Square! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tahrir_Square
“However, such media reports that so many people congregated in Cairo’s largest public square are believed to be exaggerated for political purposes and, accordingly to Stratfor analysis the real number of gathered protester never exceed 300,000 people”

Bro, i think u r much better in stocks than counting people. :p

bro r0th … rite, i was exaggerated … it was only 2,000 the most at bersih 3.0 … so, shall we see more than 2,000 then 😛

cheers …

yes you are right, the chinese voters r back. and i m one of them who will switch from voting DAP to BN/MCA. I don’t care if you are using reverse psychology but you hit the nail on the head as chinese are heavily vested in properties, stocks and businesses and don’t want to lose everything if opposition takes over, eventhough I and many others know for an absolute fact or rather 10000% sure that none of this fear will happen (if oppoosition forms government) but yet I think most of the chinese voters like me will still vote for BN/MCA. we are a safe bunch of baggers, not cowards, but safe. so are you one of the cowards (opps, i mean safe bagger?)

Yer right! The Chinese in Malaysians are all chickens, 2-faced cowards. Why do I care who runs the government so long as they leave me alone to make money. Occasional kopi money to the right people, those are necessary to make sure business is as usual. It happens anywhere in the world. I’m happy with the present bunch of people, I have greased them for years. If a new bunch comes in, my business will have big trouble. I have to start greasing a new group of people again. That’s going to cost me money.

thanks for the info~

http://www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Between BN vs PKR/DAP, my votes goes to PR. But between PAS vs BN/UMNO which happens in my area, my vote goes to UMNO.

Yes I am a Chinese Malaysian.

Those few commentators above chinese who want to play safe safe
These are the kinds of cowards who kept mahatir in power all the years even when Malay support for mahatir was waning

Yes..you got that right Chinese voters are ignorant and most importantly selfish. Most of those aged 40 and above only think about thier own interest …ohhh what will happen to their greasy business, properties, shares, ability to watch sexy young girls dancing during hungry ghost festival or being able to buy the alcohol at the nearest shop. Dun worry, we the younger generation have less to worry about since we’re struggling to eek out a living coz no matter how much we know…one day the older generation Chinese voters will be meeting their maker…I hope you you can tell HIM how much u sacrificed your principles and religion teacher in order to preserve your worldly possessions and lifestyle !!!

My apologies…I meant “religious teachings”…

I am also a Chinese. It is sad to note that most Chinese are selfish and deserved to be plundered by the present regime again and again. Also to those Chinese who vote BN/MCA/UMNO, get prepared to face the worst economy and future of your children if BN win again!

For all the selfish Chinamen who only think for themselves, they deserve the government they choose. After 55 years of bad governance, isn’t it about time to have a change of government? If they are so naive to believe that Malaysia’s economy is going to fail just because of a change, then it is proven how selfish and ridiculous the Chinese Malaysians must be. I have lived in the US for more than 10 years and my friends here who are also Malaysians living in the US asked me why should I should be bothered with who is the ruling party, I tell them it is because I am a “Kay Poh” and I don’t want to perpetuate the stereotyping that I am just another selfish China-man. I rest my case, but just remember whoever you choose, choose wisely.

There is a so many things Malaysia can and Gould improve, the current federal govt is unable and reluctant to carry it bcoZ there is too many people’s interest to look after, political warlords, well connected business tycoons, to name a few. With a new govt, it’s a clean plate, if its gets dirty, change it!! Simple, we get the best people in! I don’t care if it s black cat, white cat, or a brown cat, so as long is a cat that catches rats everyday, not some fat lazy can which tells u, hey I only catch rats if u feed me with sharks fin soup and waghyu beef. This reminds me of a scene in the show BRAVEHEAT. In that movie, the nobles didn’t want to join d peasants in the war coz they had more to lose, lands, titles and money. They think their lives are worth more. They are not affected by the cruel rule of d English. They think the peasants existence is to support them. Well I believe every rich or upper middle class owe your less well to do Malaysian countrymen your good and fair judgement to vote by principle and not to ensure self preservation.

Well I’m Indian, and my dad’s very pro-BN, for similar reasons, but also because he remembers PAS as the Islamist party who didn’t want non-Muslims to even vote, the DAP as a Chinese chauvinist party with very weak Indian representation. I am pro PR because although they are far from perfect, a change is necessary for us to prevent a decline of our country into a banana republic. We need to become a 2-party democracy. And nothing disastrous is gonna happen if we do, lah!

There will be many who will vote Bn coz they have benefited from the corruption culture of Mamathir. They do not need to work very hard so long as they can grease the palms of the senior Umno pirates. They will srnd their children abroad just like all those who have bastardised the NEP and benefitted. Fortunately there are not many who makes a living through corruption but works hard and hope their chjldren and grandchildren will have a future in a land called MALAYSIA

Chinese is bunch of cowards and short term opportunist, they do not have long term views. Chinese are divided into two categories the chinese educated (ah pek) and the national school chinese. Most of the backward thinking chinese is from the chinese educated background.

Ah Pek will not vote for PAS. It is already proven, PAS do not have enough MPs to make Malaysia a Taliban state. We have progressive PAS MPs whom knows the right of non-muslims, eg Khalid Samad and Mat Sabu. Yet, when the word PAS or Hudud are mention, it creates phobia.

Ah Pek loves to go to Genting, because it gives immediate result, there is no time to wait. They are busy 3 times a week on Wed, Sat and Sun in Magnum, Da Ma Cai and Sports Toto, as it is given instant result. When you ask any Ah Pek to invest he will ask FinanceTwitter, how long? Ah Pek cannot understand unit trust takes years to profit, neither they are happy with slow moving dividend yield stocks. They prefer T+3 result and without any up front collateral.

They are concern that change of government will effect a few of the their property prices, a handful of their ACE counters and their corruption business with the UMNO cronies. They LEAST concern about their grandchildren future because they think their asset is enough to cover 5 generations. Ah Pek is least concern about policies, because they know money can buy out any policies and money is solution to any problem in Malaysia.

I Malaysia, you can even get away with murder, if you have enough money. Ah Pek concern is to protect all monies from dropping in value, including the change of government.

To me, it is “Penny Wise, Pound Foolish”. Do they teach these in Chinese medium schools? Yes, it is said “You have to sacrifice small wealth to gain big fortune?”

The problem is, Ah Pek do not understand the word sacrifice.

Dear FinanceTwitter,

I just don’t get it why are you so frustrated under the new PM Bijan regime. I understand the years during Mr. Sleeping Lah is certainly static, and zero improvements, and poor management.

Let’s just look back at these 4 to 5 years, right?
What has Pekatan achieve, or has contributed to those winning areas? My area, has remained the same. Actually, the roads are poor, the ligthing is poor now, as no money was spent for CAPEX. Lorries are everywhere, taking up space in residential areas. Consumers rubish is everywhere on the road as there are no specific dump for consumer rubbish.
I will place 2 vote. 1 vote the for the person taking care of my area. 1 more vote for the person taking care of me in the country (parlimen). Now, obviously this person taking care of my area is doing a poor job. It certainly was better with the last management team. So, it is pretty clear, which vote for my area is going to.

Now, the next vote is for the country. Things are I would not be able to see, but will gradually affect our future.
Under Mr Lah, is piss poor. No doubt. But can we say the same under Mr Bijan? Traffic is terrible in KL, automobiles profits are soaring. So, they are building MRT. Our country largest industry in oil palm, and finance. Who pushed for oil plam plantation when no one else is planting them? Who pushed for efforts in Islamic Finance, making us the hub we are now. Aren’t we playing with our edge of climate, soil, religion base?

Mr Bijan is the new CEO of our Malaysia. Backed by the same board of directors since indepence. The previous CEO was terrible, drop him. Now we have a great one. Don’t we have a clear vision of our future under his leadership? Aren’t processes improving very rapidly. Check your passport issuance, check the efficiency of various governmental departments. Aren’t there lots of improvements? Are there more room for improvements? Sure. Of course.
But, look what he has done, and where he is bringing us to.
It is clear the future is bright. General managers that are poor under him will be replaced, and competent ones will promoted.

I understand, there is always opportunity cost. What if Pakatan has been leading us. Would we have turned out differently? First, we examine the progress under them. Free water, great. Then what else? More bridges to Penang, great. Sooner or later, someone will have to build it depending on the traffic.

Our manufacturing is lousy and cheap labour dependent. Which manufacturing is not cheap labour dependent? If we were under Pakatan, would we have been a manufacturing superhero, making world standard cars, and electronics? Let’s not forget, no one, has yet been able to beat China in manufacturing during the past 10 years. No country. Is it the government’s fault? No. This is just globalisation.
Money will chase the cheapest labour and material. The USA manufacturing were destroyed by cheap China labour.
Prices of property and real assets are rising in the country causing unaffordable housing. But isn’t this a worldwide event? This is not just specific to Malaysia. This is due to never before low interest rates, and money printing. And also globalisation. Those who are the money will push these asset prices higher versus their other opportunity else where. A robust property market at the moment is not because of any government in the state. Of course, you need quality products. Were there steps to make housing more affordable? Yes. Were there many Chinese who want property prices to up so more? Yes. How do you balance this conflict of interest?

If proton were not started, would it guarantee that we will be the Detroit of Asia? No. Would proton be a super brand in Asia? Tried but failed. Why so? Because most car brands simply fail. Look at Lotus, failed. Look at GM, failed. Look at Fiat, failed. Would proton have been as great as the Japanese under some other management? Perhaps. But, would you have known?

It is clear to me, at least, that under Mr Bijan is great. The future objective is clear: Achieve vision 2020 by being a developed nation b year 2020. Developed nation means by raising income per capita US$ 11,042. That’s RM 33,126 per year income for everyone. Isn’t that a great income level, if inflation remained static? Aren’t we all richer. Ok, that is only a target. Anyone can target, But are we taking serious steps toward it? Yes. Is it achievable? At this rate, yes.

Perhaps you can blog on what the Pakatan government has achieved throughout their current tenure. Enlighten me, enlighten us. Most of the time, when we can’t see it, does not mean it is not happening.

And then, what is their aim for Malaysia? Are they capable of reaching it? Who will be the PM, if Pakatan is to come to power? None of this is conveyed clearly, not to me. Then who am I supposed to look up to lead me for the next 5 years?
So,in short, what have Pakatan done, and what will Pakatan do, and can they be trusted to do it. Isn’t this the main metrics in gauging a plumber, a mechanic, and investment manager, an employee? Why should it be any different for a government?

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