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Richest Man on Earth – Financial or Political Genius?

Mexico’s Carlos Slim Helu, 70, beat Bill Gates and Warren Buffett for the top spot on 2010 Forbes magazine’s annual list of billionaires making him the first person from outside the U.S. to lead the rankings in 16 years. Slim’s net worth, 80% are held in five public stocks, rose US$18.5 billion to US$53.5 billion […]

... written on Mar 12 2010

Hold you Horse, Don’t buy iPhone, Wait for DIGI

Maxis Berhad (KLSE: MAXIS, stock-code 6012) was literally laughing all the way to the bank when it successfully signed the deal (thank God it was not exclusive) in selling the much talked about Apple Inc.’s (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) iPhone. That was back in Mar 2009, about a year ago. Maxis was hoping to leverage on […]

... written on Mar 08 2010

6 Mind-boggling Info about China That May Interest You

#1 » 40% of Chinese small businesses either went bust or almost went bust during crisis A report mentioned that just after 9 months China claimed its small business sector was surviving the global recession, new figures surprisingly shown that about a whopping 40% of them either failed or close to failing between Nov 2008 […]

... written on Mar 02 2010

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