Sultan Selangor Orders 46th “Bon Odori” To Proceed – A Slap In The Face Of PM Ismail, JAKIM & PAS Islamic Extremists

Bon Odori (not to be mistaken with Bon Jovi) is a festival that has been celebrated in Japan for centuries. Obon or just Bon is a Japanese Buddhist custom to honour the spirits of one’s ancestors. Odori means lively dance. Hence, Bon Odori is a family reunion where people return to ancestral family places and visit […]

... written on Jun 08 2022

It’s Bread & Butter Issues In Melaka – But Muhyiddin Shows Desperation & Stupidity With Self-Praised & More Lies

Melaka received 18.7 million tourists and attracted RM21.3 billion revenue in 2019. About 67% were domestic tourists while the remaining 37% were foreign visitors. That’s about 6.9 million foreign tourists. It may not sound a lot, but based on total 26.1 million tourist arrivals in Malaysia in the same year, Melaka (Malacca) actually grabbed a […]

... written on Nov 13 2021

UK’s Covid Cases Skyrocket – What Other Countries Should Learn About Factors Driving Up The Infections

Britain rolled out its vaccination program much earlier than other countries in the Europe. Yet, Covid-19 infections in the country have been rising in recent weeks, so much so it hit more than 50,000 cases on Thursday (Oct 21). Something is terribly wrong in the U.K. as it was only on July 19 that Britons […]

... written on Oct 24 2021

Illegal Immigrants – The Covid-19 Walking “Time Bomb” That Clueless Sabri Govt Does Not Want You To Know

In a national broadcast on Sunday, Prime Minister Ismail Sabri proudly claimed victory, announcing that Malaysia will allow interstate and overseas travel effective from Monday (Oct 11). However, only 90% of its adult population (along with their children) that have been fully vaccinated will enjoy the freedom, even though those unvaccinated will definitely try their […]

... written on Oct 12 2021

Paying The Price For Incompetence – The RM14 Billion Reason Singapore Isn’t As Desperate As Johor To Reopen Its Border

More than 500,000 people travel across the Johor-Singapore Causeway every day, making it one of the busiest overland border crossings in the region. An average 300,000 Malaysian crossed the border daily to work in Singapore, lured by a favourable exchange rate. At today’s currency rate, it’s like earning Australian dollar (or US dollar in 2013). […]

... written on Sep 28 2021

Meet “J Hotel” – The World’s Highest Luxury Hotel In Shanghai With A Restaurant On The 120th Floor

Shanghai Tower is the second-tallest building in the world after Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. But on the 120th floor, the skyscraper boasts a restaurant in the world’s highest luxury hotel – “J Hotel”. Located in the city’s financial district, the hotel occupies the top floors of the 632-metre (2,073 feet) mega tall building. It has 165 […]

... written on Jun 25 2021

Top US Medical Adviser Fauci – India Should Learn From China How To Stop The Spreading Of Covid-19

China and India are the two largest countries in terms of population size. China, the world’s most populous nation with 1.44 billion, has just slightly more people than India’s 1.39 billion. But on May 1, when most of the world celebrated International Workers’ Day, also known as Labour Day, both countries were facing different problems.   On […]

... written on May 03 2021

China Has Just Launched Coronavirus Vaccine Passport – Here’s How It Works

Bahrain has already introduced it. The United States and the United Kingdom are still considering it, while the European Union is working on it. Yes, travellers will soon have to add a new item to their travel list, without which they may not be allowed to fly. Besides air ticket, money and passport, passengers will […]

... written on Mar 09 2021

Just Scrap The Useless MCO & Enforce Simple SOP – When 40 Industries Lose Confidence & Demand End Of Lockdown

The clueless government under the leadership of Muhyiddin Yassin has to make up its mind – either impose a full economic lockdown or reopen every economic sector. A half-baked lockdown like the MCO 2.0 isn’t working. In fact, it makes the situation worse for business. What’s the point of allowing business to open without customers […]

... written on Feb 03 2021

Many Thought Asia’s Top-Performing Economy In 2020 Is China – But The Top Winner Is Vietnam

China, despite a trade war with the economic superpower United States and a pandemic war with Covid-19, has been expected to register a positive economic growth in 2020. Every single analyst, economist, think tank or financial institution knew that despite being the first country hit by Coronavirus, the Chinese economy would grow by at least […]

... written on Jan 28 2021

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