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Samsung’s New S5 – Everything You Need To Know

Samsung has just unveiled the much anticipated new Android smartphone – the Galaxy S5. Samsung claims its new “super phone” has everything under the sun – a professional camera, a powerful fitness tracker, water and dust proof, a fingerprint sensor, a heart-rate sensor and whatnot. It even has the iPhone-like gold edition to rival its […]

... written on Feb 25 2014

How To Save Money This Year – 15 Exciting Tips

Have you notice food prices have already been increased since early of the year? If your normal basic “Wantan Mee” was RM5.00 last year, it’s RM5.50 now – that’s 10% increase. A plate of “Mee Goreng” at Mamak stall is now RM4.00 when it was RM3.50 three months ago. Of course if you stay in […]

... written on Feb 21 2014

Kajang by-Election – UMNO’s Grand Plan Backfires?

Malaysian Chinese are still celebrating the Year of the Wooden Horse. Noticeable, there were fewer shoppers this year. The main culprit – high prices of goods. Instead of spending and showing off at restaurants, many chose to spend time at home during reunion dinners. Instead of chatting about (*yawn*) skyrocketing cost of living at the […]

... written on Feb 06 2014

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