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Unlike Brunei & Philippines, Malaysia-China Alliance Has Its Own Dirty Little Secret

From October 31 (today) to November 6, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak will be given the 5-star treatment by Beijing, privilege not even U.S. President Barack Obama would enjoy. In fact, when Obama flew in to Hangzhou, China, for the G-20 Summit last month, China deliberately humiliated the U.S. president by denying him a staircase, […]

... written on Oct 31 2016

FBI Broke Ranks – Reopens Clinton’s Email Scandal, Dragging Lesbian Lover Huma Abedin

By now it doesn’t matter if Hillary Clinton wins the 2016 Presidential Election on November 8. United States of America would be laughed, shamed and mocked by the rest of the world. The U.S.’ allies, ranging from heavyweight Saudi Arabia to small fry Malaysia, let alone bitter enemies Russia and Iran, would have very little […]

... written on Oct 30 2016

After Misconducts On US Subprime & 1MDB Scandal, RBS Reports New Loss Of £469 Million

What does politicians and bankers have in common? They are liars and crooks, or at least behave like crooks. But they don’t really care as long as there is money to be made. Royal Bank of Scotland, which is supposed to be one of the prestigious banks in the United Kingdom, was involved in Malaysia’s […]

... written on Oct 28 2016

Bandar Malaysia Has Become “Bandar China” – The U.S. & Malays Conned By Najib

Najib Razak is smarter than Barack Obama. That explains why Vladimir Putin has been outsmarting the America’s first black president since the first day Obama took office. Najib is smarter because he pretended to be Obama’s poodle. Obama was so pleased that he became the first U.S. president in nearly 50 years to visit Malaysia, offered Najib a […]

... written on Oct 27 2016

Move Over Singapore, New Zealand Is Best Place To Do Business

After 10 year on top of the chart, Singapore has lost its crown as the best country in the world to do business. Not many could guess the new champion – New Zealand – a boring but beautiful country where the highly successful “Lord of the Rings” films were made. For the year 2017, World […]

... written on Oct 26 2016

WikiLeaks: Soros Slammed Obama Of Trading TPP For A Racist, Extreme & Corrupt Najib

Who’s the most powerful person in the United States of America? We were told that the president was the man but based on recent bombshells unleashed by WikiLeaks, we aren’t sure anymore. Based on email leaks from Podesta files dump so far, we roughly know who will be the most powerful person in the U.S., […]

... written on Oct 25 2016

Budget 2017 – What Najib Razak Doesn’t Want You To Know

Budget 2017 revealed by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak was both boring and interesting. It was boring because the scandal-hit Najib tried to hoodwink ignorant people that everything in the garden is still rosy. It was interesting because the shameless Najib finally admitted his administration has successfully dried the country’s treasures.   When Najib trumpeted […]

... written on Oct 24 2016

China & Philippines Are “Blood Brothers” – Bidding Goodbye, Duterte Says U.S. Has Lost

After losing the Syrian Civil War, it appears superpower United States has lost an important ally in Asia. Philippines’ President Rodrigo Duterte, who is currently in China for a 4-day trip, declared his “separation” from longstanding ally the United States in Beijing on Thursday, as he rebalances his country’s diplomacy towards China.   Also known […]

... written on Oct 21 2016

Rigged!! – Here’s How Democrats Will Cheat & Steal The Election For Hillary Clinton

Project IC, or simply “Project M” (M stood for Mahathir), refers to systematic granting of “citizenship to immigrants” by giving them IC (Identity Card) so that they can vote in favour of Barisan Nasional coalition in the state of Sabah. It was the dirtiest and most massive election fraud ever committed by former Prime Minister […]

... written on Oct 20 2016

Panic!! Russia’s Aircraft Carrier Leading A Fleet Of Warships Towards Mediterranean

Russia’s largest battleship – Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier – was scheduled to be sent to Syria between October 2016 and January 2017. However, when the news was released by a military-diplomatic source in Moscow back in July, some were sceptical about the report, accusing it as nothing but a Russian propaganda without any substance.   […]

... written on Oct 19 2016

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