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Chinese Are Free To Vote – But It’s Pathetic For Crooked Najib To Milk A Chinese School For Votes

Najib Razak has every reason to smile, if the feedback from ethnic Chinese during his two recent visits is any indicator. First, the former prime minister visited the Foon Yew High School, the top Chinese independent school in the country. He was given an opportunity to speak at the school, despite being the first Malaysian […]

... written on Feb 28 2022

Innovative Packaging Ideas For Your Products

Peter Drucker is one of the top 20th-century business thinkers. He’s fondly called the “father of modern management” because of his contribution to management. You can visit here to find out more about Peter Drucker and his management ideas. It was this great man that said that the 2 functions of business are innovation and […]

... written on Feb 27 2022

7 Expert Tips On How To Boost Your Profits From Your Real Estate Investment

Real estate investing is one of the best ways to make money as there is always a need for homes. The demand is always increasing, which translates to an always increasing real estate market. Before you get into real estate investing, here are a few tips to help maximize your profits.   Adjust Rent With […]

... written on Feb 26 2022

What Are The Different Kinds Of Orders In Trading?

When it comes to building a successful portfolio for your future, there’s a lot of learning you might need to do. It’s not enough to simply jump into the stock market and start buying and selling based on a whim. Although some people seem convinced that guy instinct is all they need to thrive – […]

... written on Feb 26 2022

Make Her Sings Like A Canary On Najib’s 1MDB Scandal – Why Astro Ex-CEO Rohana Should Be Prosecuted

Two UMNO leaders, Ahmad Maslan and Shahrir Samad, were charged with money laundering in January 2020 for having received RM2 million and RM1 million respectively from former Prime Minister Najib Razak. The money was part of at least US$4.5 billion stolen from 1MDB sovereign funds. Both politicians got into trouble for failure to declare the […]

... written on Feb 26 2022

From Wheat To Oil & Gas – How Russia Invasion Of Ukraine Affects Europe’s Food Supply, And Even Your Loaf Of Bread

Putin might be a mad dictator to the Western countries, but he is not crazy, let alone stupid. On the contrary, he could be smarter than the U.S. and NATO, based on his political chess game so far. He tactically recognized the independence of two self-proclaimed and pro-Russian republics in eastern Ukraine, before sending troops […]

... written on Feb 25 2022

Sex, Bribes & Blackmail – Najib’s Appeal In Jeopardy After Leissner Exposed More Dirty Deals In 1MDB Scandal

Najib Razak, the disgraced former prime minister of Malaysia, is appealing his corruption convictions after being sentenced to 12 years’ jail and fined RM210 million. The High Court delivered the guilty verdict in July 2020 for abuse of power, criminal breach of trust (CBT), and money laundering – all involving RM42 million stolen from SRC […]

... written on Feb 23 2022

U.S. & NATO In Confusion – How Putin Cleverly Invades Ukraine Without Making It Look Like An Invasion

With Ukraine surrounded in the north, east and south, the shelling and mortar fire between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine had begun. The attacks, including a car bombing, were quickly blamed on the Kremlin. Western leaders and Ukrainian officials accused Moscow of orchestrating the havocs to justify an […]

... written on Feb 22 2022

Australia’s Poseidon Spies On China Warships, But Quickly Complains When The Chinese Navy Retaliated With A Laser

When China sent two warships – Type 052D destroyer “Hefei” and Type 071 amphibious ship “Jinggangshan” – to deliver aid to Tonga and the Solomon Islands, they had to sail through the Arafura Sea between New Guinea and Australia. The Chinese Navy also knew that the Australian military would not let them pass by without some sort […]

... written on Feb 21 2022

Different Methods Of Gold Investment

Are you curious about gold investments? Many investors are, as this commodity is considered safe with an extensive track record of gains. When inflation spikes and the stock market seems unstable, individuals turn to gold. This asset has numerous attributes that make it even more attractive than stocks and bonds. It’s an inflation hedge and […]

... written on Feb 21 2022

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