Innovative Packaging Ideas For Your Products

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Feb 27 2022
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Peter Drucker is one of the top 20th-century business thinkers. He’s fondly called the “father of modern management” because of his contribution to management. You can visit here to find out more about Peter Drucker and his management ideas. It was this great man that said that the 2 functions of business are innovation and marketing.


In this article, we will be merging these two essential ideas. Although some people fail to see it, packaging to a large extent serves a marketing purpose. Your customers get your products and their packaging is your final message to them. For those in the retail business, sometimes, how your products are packaged may be the main factor influencing your product’s success.


Now, you may have a lot of competition and a competitive market isn’t always great for sales. Luckily, you can stand above the crowd by being different. As we already said, packaging is a marketing strategy and you can use it to drive up sales by making it as unique as possible to create an edge over your competition.


For your product’s packaging to be unique, it has to be as innovative and fresh as possible. Below are some very cool innovative ideas that can take your product’s packaging from fairly attractive to very impressive.


1. Reusable Package

Reusable packages are the next best thing. Who wouldn’t want to be able to repurpose a product’s package for something else once the product is removed? People like it when they spend money and they get the value for their money. You bet your product’s sales will substantially increase if your customers feel like their money is giving them even more value than it should.


Plus, you do not need to go overboard with this idea. Let’s give a great example. If your product is a beverage, you could choose to have it packed in a drinking glass and then place a lid over it. People can then buy your drink, take off the lid, consume your product, and have a free drinking glass.

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2. Draw Inspiration From Nature

When considering packaging for your product, you may fall short of ideas or may think the ones you come up with aren’t good enough. This is the time to take a walk and look around to see what nature can tell you.


There are so many innovative packaging ideas to be drawn from nature because nature has several effective packages. Bananas, pine cones, pea-pods, the list is endless. All these have cool coverings that do a great job of protecting and making them look appealing. You can get ideas of coloring and concepts just by looking at nature.


3. Fun Packaging

Okay, your target audience isn’t kids but adults. Well, who said adults don’t like products that come in colorful, fun packs? That’s right, no one. So why do you think you can’t work bright colors, unusual shapes and other kid’s products pack features into an adult product?


You can think of an animal that portrays what your product is all about and add that animal on the pack. Ditch the boring dull colors and think of something bright and cheery. But again, do not go overboard. While you are adding fun to it all, ensure your approach is subtle.


A custom box will help you bring this idea to life. You can learn more about custom product box and take your product’s packaging to the next level.

Innovative Product Packaging 1

4. Make Your Focus The Design

For a lot of people, the product is what comes first and then the packaging is second. But you can turn this narrative around and make packaging the focus from the get-go. This way, you will create a very beautiful pack that will stand out from others.


Imagine your product being beautiful enough to be displayed and not hidden somewhere in a cupboard. People will see it more and this visibility will help drive sales up.


5. Little Extra Won’t Hurt

If you don’t want to shake things up too much, then you can add just one little touch of extra. You don’t have to do too much; stick to your standard pack, just with a tiny twist to it.


It could be something as simple as a bow, an extra paper, a flashy colored lid, or anything else you come up with. This extra thing may be all you need to make your product more desirable when it is sitting on the aisle in the mall with other similar products.



Packaging is not just about putting your product in a pack. It’s about ensuring it stands out when placed beside similar products. It is about making it more desirable and appealing to customers. Packaging is a marketing strategy that when used correctly can make a substantial difference in your product’s success. The innovative ideas discussed in this article can help you come up with a great packaging design or concept that’ll bring multiple benefits.

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