U.S. A Laughing Stock – Biden Introduces Zelensky As “President Putin”, Calls Kamala Harris As Vice President Trump

Doesn’t the United States, supposedly world’s biggest economic and military superpower, have anyone else besides Joe Biden or Donald Trump to lead the nation? If the Americans still want to rule the world, but the best leaders they can offer are two old men quarrelling in front of millions of people on TV, the U.S. […]

... written on Jul 14 2024

Told You So!! – Why Arrogant PM Anwar And Racist UMNO Are Responsible For Chinese Protest In Sungai Bakap Polls

Many Pakatan Harapan hardcore supporters do not like it when Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim is being criticized. They had no idea the danger of blindly supporting a man who walks the corridors of power. All power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This is not to say Anwar had stolen money, but power […]

... written on Jul 08 2024

From Health And Defence To Immigration And Economy – How Clueless Sunak Led Conservative To Worst Defeat

After 14 years in government, the Conservative Party was led to its worst election defeat in history, thanks partly to clueless billionaire Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. It just needed to win 326 seats – one more than half of the total 650 – to form a government on its own, without the need for a […]

... written on Jul 06 2024

All SPM 10 A’s Students Guaranteed Matrics Slot – The Gimmick Formula & Trick The Government Doesn’t Want You To Know

Since Anwar Ibrahim became the PMX (10th Prime Minister) on Nov 24, 2022, he has done three incredible things. First, he has splashed tens of billions of Ringgit to appease fellow ethnic Malays, 80% of whom did not vote for him. Second, his government has donated RM100 million to the Palestinians, and openly promotes Hamas […]

... written on Jul 03 2024

Sungai Bakap Polls – PKR Set To Lose Again As Chinese Voters Find Little Inspiration To Vote For Anwar’s Party

After chickening out from Kuala Kubu Baharu by-election last month, Anwar Ibrahim has again decided to skip campaigning for the coming Sungai Bakap polls on July 6. This alone suggests that the prime minister’s political party – PKR (People’s Justice Party) – is set to be crushed by PAS Islamist party, who is defending the […]

... written on Jun 29 2024

Deaf Grab Driver Assaulted By Royal Bodyguard – How Police Cover-Up Will Bring Back Johor Sultanate’s 1992 Scandal

Ong Ing Keong, like any other e-hailing drivers, was just trying to make a living. The only difference is the 46-year-old Grab driver is deaf. But he isn’t blind, hence he’s perfectly fit to work. As usual, on May 28, 2024, he was waiting to pick up four passengers at the St Regis Hotel in […]

... written on Jun 02 2024

Apartheid UiTM – UMNO Malays Can Keep The Racist University, But Show Dignity By Not Using Non-Malays’ Tax Money

UiTM boasts that it is the largest public university, with 35 campuses throughout all 13 states in Malaysia. Claiming that it offers world class education at the most affordable tuition fees, the university is ranked #555 in the QS World University Rankings 2024. That was an impressive jump of 102 spots. In comparison, University Malaya […]

... written on May 26 2024

President “Butcher Of Tehran” Raisi Died In Helicopter Crash – But Iranians Rejoice, Dance & Celebrate With Fireworks

Anwar Ibrahim may be “deeply saddened” by the death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, whom he admired and had the “honour” of meeting last November. But Iranians do not share the sadness of the Malaysian Prime Minister. Rather, the people of Iran around the world are celebrating and rejoicing – even before the man known as […]

... written on May 21 2024

Police Station Attack And Palace Intrusion – Congrats To Government For Breeding & Harbouring Terrorists

In early morning Friday (May 17), a terrorist believed to be linked to the Jemaah Islamiah boldly entered a police station at a small village near Johor’s Ulu Tiram and hacked the neck of a policeman on duty with a machete. He then grabbed the officer’s gun and shot another policeman who came out to […]

... written on May 19 2024

DAP Trashed Opposition PN – How MCA & PAS Scored 3 Own Goals To Unite Chinese Voters Against Bersatu

Here’s how to win a soccer game – score more goals than your rival, or watch your enemy score own goals (ignore penalty shoot-out). The result is out and the Democratic Action Party (DAP) Pang Sock Tao has won the Kuala Kubu Baharu by-election with a 3,869 vote majority. DAP, a component of Pakatan Harapan […]

... written on May 12 2024

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