China Secretly Hiding Tonnes Of Gold – The Buying Spree In Preparation Of Trade War, Sanctions Or Even Invasion Of Taiwan

Since the price of gold broke the US$2,300 level for the first time in April this year, it has met with resistance after hitting US$2,450 an ounce. The commodity is now trading between the support level of US$2,300 and resistance level of US$2,400. The spectacular climb was due to not only geopolitical crises – in […]

... written on Jun 27 2024

Warning Of A New Cuban Missile Crisis – Putin Flexes His Missiles With A Fleet Of Warships In Cuba, Just 90 Miles From U.S.

Vladimir Putin has sent a powerful fleet of warships to Cuba on Wednesday (12-June) ahead of planned military exercises in the Caribbean. It was a calculated move to flex Russian muscle in the backyard of the United States. Just roughly 90 miles (150 kilometres) away from its traditional enemy U.S., Cuba provides the best parking […]

... written on Jun 14 2024

President “Butcher Of Tehran” Raisi Died In Helicopter Crash – But Iranians Rejoice, Dance & Celebrate With Fireworks

Anwar Ibrahim may be “deeply saddened” by the death of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, whom he admired and had the “honour” of meeting last November. But Iranians do not share the sadness of the Malaysian Prime Minister. Rather, the people of Iran around the world are celebrating and rejoicing – even before the man known as […]

... written on May 21 2024

Playing A Dangerous Game – Here’s Why Facebook Removes News Of PM Anwar Meeting With Hamas Terrorists

Defiant Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim thought he was clever and invincible when he deliberately met with Hamas political bureau chief Ismail Haniyeh during his 3-day visit in Qatar. He wanted to send a message to Washington that even if Malaysian banking system was helping the terrorist organization in funding and money laundering, there’s nothing […]

... written on May 15 2024

Truth Hurts – The Real Reason Why PM Anwar Went Berserk And Called Gilley A “Mediocre” Professor

A Canadian-American professor of political science, Bruce Gilley’s alma mater included University of Toronto (B.A.), University of Oxford (M.Phil) and Princeton University (PhD). From Bachelor of Arts in economics and international relations to Master of Economics, he then received his PhD in politics. Crucially, University of Toronto is ranked #21 in QS World University Rankings 2024, whilst […]

... written on Apr 26 2024

Israel Bombs Iran In Retaliation – But Here’s Why Iran Denies It Was Attacked While Israel Refuses To Admit

Roughly a week after Iran attacked Israel with more than 300 drones and missiles, 99% of which missed or intercepted, Israel has retaliated, striking the Islamic Republic with just a handful or drones and missiles. Unlike Iranian’s massive attack on the Jewish state that failed to inflict meaningful damage, Israeli’s “limited strike” saw multiple explosions […]

... written on Apr 19 2024

Boycott Gone Sour – Malays Returning To McDonald’s Insulted And Called “Dogs” & “Pigs” By Fellow Malays

McDonald’s Malaysia is looking to expand its fleet of outlets to 750 nationwide by 2030. That’s more than double from its current 370 restaurants across the country, or about 63 new outlets every year for the next 6 years. With between 50 to 100 jobs created from each restaurant, the fast food chain is expected […]

... written on Apr 17 2024

How Iran’s 300 Drones & Missiles Failed – But Brags Victory Anyway Despite 99% Of Them Intercepted

After almost 2 weeks discussing how to retaliate over Israel’s bold strikes on its embassy in Syria’s capital Damascus, Tehran could not find any option except a direct attack on Israel. To strike the Jewish state from proxies located in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen or Iraq would be not only lame, but ineffective. After all, its […]

... written on Apr 15 2024

U.S. Rushed Warships To Defend Israel – $100 Oil Price And World War 3 If Iran Attacks Israel Directly

On Friday (April 12), President Biden expressed his anticipation of an Iranian attack on Israel and rushed warships, including aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower and destroyers USS Carney and USS Arleigh Burke to protect Israel and American forces in the region. With “expectation” that the attack would come “sooner rather than later”, the Commander-in-Chief […]

... written on Apr 14 2024

A Racist & Hypocrite – Anwar Condemns Killing Of Terrorist Buddy Haniyeh’s Kids, But Allows Firebombing On Fellow Chinese

Anwar Ibrahim was displeased – even panicked – when Abdul Hadi Awang beats him to scoring some brownie points when the PAS Islamist party president contacted Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh to express his support for the terrorist organization. Prime Minister Anwar, unsatisfied, then used all the government resources to make sure the world knows he […]

... written on Apr 13 2024

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