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Five Dumbest Things You Should Know – 24 July

McDonald’s Smoothie Chicken-Out – The popular fast-food franchiser that sells billions and billions of burgers made a sudden and silly decision in cancelling this week’s free fruit smoothie promotion. Reason given – McDonald Corp. (NYSE: MCD, stock) was worried that it would run out of the fruit drinks (how silly could that be).  The fast-food […]

... written on Jul 24 2010

10 Facts About APPLE’s Latest Earnings

As expected Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) announced yet another round of spectacular earnings result – its net income rose by a whopping 78% thanks to the combination of strong sales from iPhone, iPad and Macintosh computers. The Antenna-Gate was forgotten, at least for now, when the stock skyrocketed more than 3% in after-hours trading […]

... written on Jul 21 2010

5 Things You Need to Know – from Earnings to AIDS

Parkway War – Malaysia’s government investment arm, Khazanah Nasional Berhad, is fuming mad because India’s Fortis Healthcare Ltd (owned by billionaire brothers Malvinder Mohan Singh and Shivinder Mohan Singh) has offered S$3.80 a share for Singapore’s Parkway Holdings Ltd, 2 cents higher than Malaysia’s S$3.78 a share offer. The Indian company already owns 25.3% in […]

... written on Jul 20 2010

iPhone Antenna Issue – Sorry, No Recall

If not because of the hype and rumour that iPhone 4 is about to be recalled, thanks to the Consumer Reports’ review that it could not recommend the Apple’s gadget due to antenna issues, the stock would have skyrocket judging from the 146.75 points (or 1.44%) and 43.67 points (or 1.99%) jump in Dow Jones […]

... written on Jul 14 2010

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