10 Facts About APPLE’s Latest Earnings

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Jul 21 2010
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As expected Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) announced yet another round of spectacular earnings result – its net income rose by a whopping 78% thanks to the combination of strong sales from iPhone, iPad and Macintosh computers. The Antenna-Gate was forgotten, at least for now, when the stock skyrocketed more than 3% in after-hours trading (to $259.20 a share).

Below is the summary of the quarter earnings announcement:


  1. Sold nearly 3.27 million iPads in the quarter – generating US$2.17 billion in revenue
  2. Sold almost 8.4 million iPhone (mostly 3G and 3GS) – generating US$5.3 billion in revenue
  3. Sold about 3.47 million Macintosh computers – 33% jump compared to last year
  4. From the sales figures, iPad did not cannibalize Macintosh *whew*
  5. Net income rose to US$3.25 billion (US$3.51 a share) against analysts’ estimation of US$3.12 a share – 78% jump from a year ago.
  6. Revenue rose to US$15.7 billion or 61%, against analysts’ consensus of US$14.75 billion. This broke the company’s previous quarterly high of US$15.68 billion recorded during the traditionally strong holiday sales period of 2009.
  7. Apple’s gross margin was 39.1%, down from 40.9% in the period a year earlier
  8. While iPods took 20 months to reach 1 million in sales, iPad reached the figure in merely 1 month
  9. Apple will defer US$175 million in revenue from current quarter to Dec-quarter to cover the cost of bumpers – offered free to iPhone 4 customers.

But if you care to read between the lines, the most interesting speech from Steve Jobs is indeed the following:

iPad is off to a terrific start, more people are buying Macs than ever before, and we have amazing new products still to come this year.”

Whoa! amazing new products? And there’re more than one? And it will be this year, 2010? Just what could it be? Now I’m seeing all shorties are crying trying to cover their short positions (*evil laugh*). Anyway, maybe it’s time for Apple to split its stock and who is the better person to announce it than Steve Jobs himself. But wait, let’s save that for the second round of excitement for the Apple’s Bull to charge again.

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HI, could you advise what is the best option for us malaysian to buy apple stock? thanks

Good blog.

[…] 10 Facts About APPLE’s Latest Earnings […]

[…] 10 Facts About APPLE’s Latest Earnings […]

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