Apple Special Event 1st Sept – iPod, iTunes, iPad and iTV

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Sep 01 2010
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Apple has called a press conference (or rather Special Event) on Wednesday, September 1st in San Francisco 10:00 a.m PST. Not only Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) die-hard fans are waiting anxiously for this event but stock analysts and speculators are equally excited about this event as any extraordinary positive announcement would push up the stock price.

 Apple Special Event 1 Sept 2010

The invitations for the event contains image of a guitar with the Apple’s logo, a clue that it’s a music-focus event. Below are the possible announcements from the special event.

4th Generation iPod Nano:

  • the new size will be as small (screen of 3cm x 3cm?) as the iPod shuffle but maintains the traditional iPod dock connector to ensure compatibility with existing iPod accessories  
  • the new small iPod will have touch-screen display instead of click-wheel but navigation may be a challenge
  • will be based on iPhone 4’s A4 processor
  • will have built-in microphone
  • the new iPod will be 3G-enabled in addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • the new iPod will be equip with FaceTime (currently available in iPhone 4) with front and rear facing cameras for video chat *cool*
  • the new iPod will have iLife software suite which includes iPhoto, iMovie, iWeb and GarageBand



  • leveraging on the acquisition of Lala for $17 million in 2009, Apple could unveil a cloud-based of iTunes. This means music service that could store a user’s collection and be played remotely as and when you like it. But some said this could be extend to videos as well. Furthermore Apple is developing a data centre in Maiden, N.C. that is rumoured to serve the purpose of cloud-based iTunes video service.


iPad Refresh:

  • iPad Mini with 7-inch screen to hit the street on Christmas
  • running iOS 4.x operating system
  • announcement of iPad price cut


Apple TV:

  • new update on Apple TV to be called iTV
  • will have an ARM processor running on iOS and have access to App-Store
  • and you can use your iPhone as the remote control *grin*
  • include 48-hour rentals of current network TV shows for as little as 99 cents.

But the above are just speculations so Steve Jobs may just pull other rabbits from his hat. What do you think could be unveiled during this special event?

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[…] Apple Special Event 1st Sept – iPod, iTunes, iPad and iTV […]

[…] Apple Special Event 1st Sept – iPod, iTunes, iPad and iTV […]

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