Apple Special Event – 20 Things That May Interest You

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Sep 03 2010
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Steve Jobs didn’t disappoint the audience when he presented the latest offerings from Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL, stock) yesterday as can be witnessed from the stock price that skyrocket more than 3%. Here’re the 20 things presented by Steve Jobs, in case you’re interested.

[ 1 ]  Apple now has 300 retail stores including three new stores in Paris, Shanghai and London

[ 2 ]  More than 120 million iOS devices shipped to date that includes iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

[ 3 ]  Apple is activating 230,000 new devices every day although Steve Jobs was somehow impressed with Google’s 200,000 Android devices activation daily.

[ 4 ]  Apple boasted that it registered 200 applications downloaded every second

[ 5 ]  Apple introduces new release of iOS 4.1 that fixes tons of bugs including performance issues with iPhone 3GS. This new iOS is available next week for iPhone and iPod Touch

[ 6 ]  Steve Jobs also announced iOS 4.2 free upgrade will be available in Nov 2010 and will be solely for iPad. It has the capability of wireless printing

[ 7 ]  Apple introduces Game Center, a hub for people playing games o iOS devices

[ 8 ]  Project Sword, a high definition 3D game on iPhone will be available this holiday season

[ 9 ]  Steve also introduces AirPlay (a new version of AirTunes) which in addition to music can stream videos and photos to other Wi-Fi equipped devices.

New iPod Shuffle

[ 10 ]  Apple has sold a whopping 275 million iPods

[ 11 ]  New iPod Shuffle will comes in five colors and costs $49 each.

New iPod Nano

[ 12 ]  Upgraded iPod Nano was announced with smaller foot-print and costs $149 for an 8-gigabyte version and $179 for the 16-gigabyte version. Almost half the size and weight of its predecessor, the latest iPod Nano has 24-hour battery life. The wheel is replaced with multi-touch right on screen.

[ 13 ]  The new iPod Touch is thinner than the last model and it has the “retina” display that Apple first introduced in the iPhone 4 this year.

[ 14 ]  The new iPod Touch is powered by the Apple A4 chip that’s in the iPad, and has front- and back-facing cameras.

[ 15 ]  iPod Touch comes with FaceTime – the video chatting feature that is currently available in the iPhone 4. Three models of new iPod Touch; 8GB for $229, 32GB for $299, 64GB for $399 – available next week

[ 16 ]  Apple iTunes claimed to score 11.7 billion songs downloaded, 450 million TV episodes, 35 million books, 100 million movies and 160 million accounts. Steve Jobs introduces new version of iTunes, iTunes 10

[ 17 ]  Steve Jobs announces Ping, a social network about music built into iTunes. Ping is just like Twitter and you can follow friends to see what music they’re listening, buying or even reviewing. Ping works on iPhone and iPod Touch.

New Apple TV

[ 18 ]  More of a hobby, Steve Jobs introduces new version of Apple TV, a smaller box about the size of two iPhones side by side. You can now rent instead of purchase movies at $0.99. Almost immediately Amazon.com Inc. slashed the download cost for TV shows to $0.99 from $1.99 today *ouch*

[ 19 ]  The new Apple TV will use its A4 ARM-based processor, replacing Intel chips that had been used in earlier version.

[ 20 ]  The new Apple TV costs $99, $200 less than the old Apple TV and will be available in four weeks.

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[…] Apple Special Event – 20 Things That May Interest You […]

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