Dumping Toxic Wife Rosmah – Najib Secretly Married A New Wife To Rebuild Image In Preparation To Become PM Again

Najib Razak, whose “Malu apa bossku” (What’s the shame, my boss?) moniker has taken the country by storm, appears to have secretly married a new wife – probably without the knowledge of his existing wife, Rosmah Mansor. Apparently, a photograph of the ex-prime minister with a woman clutching his arm, together with a group of youngsters in […]

... written on May 21 2022

Internal Sabotage, Incompetence, Lost Of Respect – Reasons PM Sabri Humiliated During His Arab Tour To UAE

Every prime minister has to visit at least two places before a general election, or simply to boost popularity. Within Southeast Asia region, Indonesia is a must visit for a Malaysian premier in order to get the blessing from the country’s president. After all, both countries are part of the same Malay Archipelago and share […]

... written on Apr 13 2022

From Snatching Body To Converting Kids – Why Radical Religious Authorities Still Harassing Single Mom Loh?

Is the tearful episode involving single mother Loh Siew Hong, whose three children were converted to Islam without her knowledge, over? It appears not, judging by the MAIPS’ (Perlis Islamic Religious and Malay Customs Council) latest intervention to ensure the underage kids remain converted, despite recent court’s decision to award Loh the full custody of […]

... written on Mar 10 2022

Sex, Bribes & Blackmail – Najib’s Appeal In Jeopardy After Leissner Exposed More Dirty Deals In 1MDB Scandal

Najib Razak, the disgraced former prime minister of Malaysia, is appealing his corruption convictions after being sentenced to 12 years’ jail and fined RM210 million. The High Court delivered the guilty verdict in July 2020 for abuse of power, criminal breach of trust (CBT), and money laundering – all involving RM42 million stolen from SRC […]

... written on Feb 23 2022

Traitor Muhyiddin Cowardly Runs Away From Johor Election – Bersatu Could Disintegrate Before Next General Election

Muhyiddin appears not only trapped by his past acts of treachery and betrayal, but also humiliated by his big mouth when he decided not to defend his Gambir seat in the upcoming Johor state election. As the president of Bersatu (PPBM) or Malaysian United Indigenous Party, the former prime minister’s stunning decision will demoralize his […]

... written on Jan 27 2022

PAS “Iranian Revolution” In Malaysia – Why Sultan Selangor Bans Politicians From Preaching Islam

When Barisan Nasional coalition, which had ruled for 61 years since independence in 1957, was defeated in the May 2018 General Election, Malaysia became worse. This is due to the new alliance between Malay ultras (UMNO) and Muslim extremists (PAS) who joined forces to undermine the democratically-elected multiracial Pakatan Harapan government.   The national cooperation […]

... written on Dec 31 2021

Can “Twice Convicted” Najib Contest In Election? – It Depends On How The Corrupt Election Commission Abuses Its Power

Based on the verdict delivered by the Court of Appeal on Wednesday (8 Dec), former Prime Minister Najib Razak is as guilty as hell. Judge Abdul Karim Abdul Jalil, who was leading the three-man bench, not only upheld Najib’s conviction, but also laughed and ridiculed the ex-PM’s claims that he (despite stealing money) was acting in […]

... written on Dec 10 2021

Guilty!!! – Najib Should Blame His Wife Rosmah For Prematurely Insulting The Judiciary While Shopping In Singapore

Signs of trouble for former Prime Minister Najib Razak were as clear as daylight about 24 hours before a three-member Court of Appeal was scheduled to deliver its verdict today (8 December, 2021). Najib’s defence team suddenly wanted to add more evidence in his appeal at the eleventh hour, something quite extraordinary and obviously another […]

... written on Dec 08 2021

Thanks Najib For Reminding Gullible Malays Of Rosmah’s RM114 Million Pink Diamond & Daughter’s Lavish Wedding

Najib Razak has done a marvelous job in exorcising his corruption and money laundering, which had cost Malaysia tens of billions of dollars. As of June 30, 2021, even after having repaid RM12.54 billion of 1MDB’s debt and RM3.8 billion of SRC’s debt, the “outstanding debt” (principal and interest for bonds, sukuk and term loans) amounted to […]

... written on Oct 17 2021

Race-based Parties Exist Because Politicians Like Mahathir Insists On Using Racism And Discrimination To Divide & Rule

Mahathir Mohamad was not only the world’s oldest prime minister, but could easily snatch another trophy as the world’s oldest racist leader alive. Having served twice as Prime Minister of Malaysia, first stint in 1981-2003 and second stint in 2018-2020, the 96-year-old former premier has not lost his remarkable touch in promoting racism and discrimination. […]

... written on Oct 15 2021

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