The Stupid Act Of Converting A Hindu To Islam Could Backfire – Pulai By-Election Could Be Anwar’s Tanjung Piai

Narcissist Anwar Ibrahim was not impressed that all his hard work during the six state election political campaign had failed to swing the Malay heartland. The prime minister thought he was incredibly popular judging by the large crowd he drew wherever he went. He particularly loves to climb up from his car’s door to salute […]

... written on Aug 25 2023

Gerakan President Told To Fuck Off – If PAS Can Treat Partner Like A Pariah, What More Minorities Chinese & Indians

Dominic Lau Hoe Chai might be the most clueless and incompetent president of Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia. Still, as the president of Gerakan, a component party of the Opposition Perikatan Nasional coalition, he should at least be accorded some respect. To shoo him away from a campaign rally by his own partner – PAS Islamist […]

... written on Aug 04 2023

A Rebellion Has Begun – How PAS Provoked Malays To Rebel And Hate Sultan Selangor, And Will Pay The Price

In a rare response to caretaker Kedah chief minister Muhammad Sanusi’s apology, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah appears to have rejected it when the Malay Ruler decreed that the issue is not over yet. It’s not rocket science that the sultan was incredibly upset and angry after Sanusi, the notorious loose cannon of PAS Islamist party, […]

... written on Jul 19 2023

Playing Hard To Get – Indecisive & Over-Rated Khairy Committing Suicide If Joins Racist And Extremist Opposition

Four days after Khairy Jamaluddin joined Anwar administration in a discussion about Malaysia economy, he shared a photo of his meeting with Opposition Perikatan Nasional chairman Muhyiddin Yassin on Instagram. Since his sacking from Malay nationalist party UMNO on January 27 this year, former health minister Khairy has been without a party.   Khairy’s meeting […]

... written on Jun 21 2023

Bill Gates Meets “Old Friend” Xi Jinping – And Donates $50 Million To Tsinghua & Beijing In Infectious Disease Research

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken landed in Beijing on Sunday (June 18) with little expectation that the planet’s two largest economies could ease the heightened tension. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the visit, but did not provide details on specific meetings – suggesting the insignificance of Blinken’s trip to the Chinese government.   […]

... written on Jun 18 2023

The “Mahathir Proclamation” – Greatest Plunderer Mahathir And Conman Hadi Try To Scam Malays Openly

He formed “UMNO Baru” (new UMNO) after the old UMNO (United Malays National Organization) was declared an “unlawful society” in 1987. He then exited UMNO in 2016. Later, he formed Pejuang in August 2020, only to quit in February 2023. He formed GTA (Homeland Movement), but abandoned it 2 days ago. Mahathir Mohamad appears to […]

... written on May 14 2023

The End Of Mahathir’s Trick, Legacy & Political Journey – You Cannot Fool All The People All The Time

When Mahathir Mohamad was asked in 2003 by Asiaweek how he would like his legacy to be remembered, he said – “Oh, I really don’t care. In 40 years, I’m not going to be around and when you’re dead, people will say nasty things about you. It doesn’t make a difference to me.” That was […]

... written on Mar 22 2023

Ex-PM Mahiaddin To Face 7 Charges Tomorrow – How The Crook Fled To London And Almost Never Returned

No amount of praying can help Muhyiddin Yassin if indeed he had received bribes or abused his power to help families or cronies enriched themselves. Praying to the God cannot erase money trails that would implicate him of corruption and money laundering, even though it is a good tactic to trick his gullible supporters into […]

... written on Mar 09 2023

Live By The Sword, Die By The Sword – Why Khairy’s Sacking & Hishammuddin’s Suspension Are Long Overdue

Zahid Hamidi would have become a great surgeon had he not joined politics. With great precision, the president of the United Malays National Organization (UMNO)  boldly and decisively removed two biggest cancer cells from the party – Khairy Jamaluddin and Hishammuddin Hussein. The decision on Friday (Jan 27) effectively eliminates all Zahid’s opponents in the […]

... written on Jan 29 2023

PM Anwar Shows Who’s The Boss – No Royal Pardon, Najib Has To Rot In Jail For At Least Another 5 Years

Rosmah Mansor raised eyebrows when she made a high profile visit to the UMNO headquarters on Dec 8, 2022. She pretended by asking not to be photographed, despite knowing very well reporters were on site as UMNO president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was about to chair an explosive Supreme Council meeting, which ended with the sacking […]

... written on Dec 24 2022

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