Rice Crisis! – How Bernas Profits From The People And Why It’s Time To End The Money-Making Monopoly

Anwar Ibrahim’s pledge to crack down on corruption had initially sent shivers down the spine of many corrupt politicians, including three former Prime Ministers – Mahathir Mohamad, Muhyiddin Yassin and Ismail Sabri. But they were not alone. Powerful politician-cum-businessman like Daim Zainuddin and super-rich cronies like Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary too were targeted.   When Anwar […]

... written on Sep 24 2023

The Real Reason Behind Ukraine Invasion – NATO Chief Stoltenberg Admits Russia Invaded Ukraine Due To NATO Expansion

Despite throwing tens of billions of U.S. taxpayers dollars into the Ukraine War, Washington and its allies have not been able to weaken, let alone defeat the Russians. Since losing the battle of Bakhmut in May 2023, the Ukrainian forces are spooked – and demoralized – after the city has been “completely destroyed” by Moscow’s […]

... written on Sep 13 2023

Unity – Formula For Malaysian-Indian Success?

After 9 months of the Anwar Ibrahim administration, the Indian community is the one that has benefited the least. Members of this community have now started looking inward – “Have we been duped?” “Why is the community in dire straits?” “Have we, as a community, done the right things?” “Is it our own fault? Have […]

... written on Aug 30 2023

PRN: A “Mal-lash” Caused Anwar’s Vote Slash – Fact or Fallacy?

Unlike the 2021 Melaka and the 2022 Johor state elections, the recent state elections (PRN 2023) brought more zest and flavor. Bridget Welsh, in a recent article contends that, in the PRN 2023, the Chinese had the lowest percentage turnout (slightly lower than Indians). Further, she stated that when we compare GE15 and the PRN […]

... written on Aug 19 2023

Gerakan President Told To Fuck Off – If PAS Can Treat Partner Like A Pariah, What More Minorities Chinese & Indians

Dominic Lau Hoe Chai might be the most clueless and incompetent president of Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia. Still, as the president of Gerakan, a component party of the Opposition Perikatan Nasional coalition, he should at least be accorded some respect. To shoo him away from a campaign rally by his own partner – PAS Islamist […]

... written on Aug 04 2023

India Bans Rice Export Again – Why Global Food Security Could Get Ugly And Trigger Inflation

Accounting for more than 40% of the global rice trade, as well as the second-largest producer after China, India’s latest decision to ban the exports of non-basmati white rice with immediate effect (July 20) could trigger further inflation on global food markets. The move comes amid concerns that there could be a supply shortage in […]

... written on Jul 22 2023

Food Price To Spike Again – Russia Terminates Black Sea Grain Deal, Threatening Global Food Security

Russia has terminated a deal with Ukraine which allowed it to export grain through the Black Sea, potentially plunge the world into another round of food crisis. First inked in July 2022, the U.N.-brokered Black Sea Grain Initiative enabled Ukraine to supply world markets with over 32 million tonnes of food products after Moscow invaded […]

... written on Jul 17 2023

Yellen Bows Repetitively – America Begging China To Buy $850 Billion Debt, But Beijing Has 5 Demands For The U.S.

Americans were stunned – and humiliated – when U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen bowed, not once, but repetitively, when she met Vice Premier He Lifeng during her visit to Beijing last week. Her Chinese counterpart was pleasantly surprised with her gesture that he appeared to backs away to give Yellen more room to “kowtow” and […]

... written on Jul 11 2023

Blaming A “Middleman” – Top Level Cover-Up As MACC Tries To Protect Corrupt Immigration With A Bullshit Story

Remember those days at school when we received tips that the discipline teacher is doing a spot check? Students would comb their hair to look like Elvis Presley, trim their fingernails and tug in their shirts nicely. And when the feared teacher arrived with his inch-size cane, everyone pretended to be paying attention. Of course, […]

... written on Jul 04 2023

Russian Wagner Mercenary Rebellion – Why It Looks More Like A Staged Drama Than A Genuine Revolt

Stalin used to allow – even encourage – mini rebellions to occur so that the revolutionary who led the Soviet Union from 1924 until his death in 1953 could cling to power by flushing out traitors. He would suddenly disappear from the office without announcement for a few weeks, presenting the opportunity to enemies to […]

... written on Jun 30 2023

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