Sinopharm And Sinovac – Should You Trust Any Of These Chinese Covid-19 Vaccines?

In the seven-emirate United Arab Emirates (UAE), if you have been in other Emirates and wish to travel to Abu Dhabi, you must present at the Abu Dhabi border your negative Covid‑19 PCR test results issued within 48 hours. In essence, residents who live in Abu Dhabi but travel daily to Dubai to work must […]

... written on Feb 27 2021

A Humiliating Damage Control – Now The King Says Parliament Can Be Held During State Of Emergency After All

The Proclamation of Emergency, which was consented by the Agong (King) on January 12, was a huge mistake from the beginning. King Sultan Abdullah, who had received briefings from a strong battalion of top government officials, including the Attorney General, Inspector-General of Police and Chief of the Armed Forces, stunningly agreed to a state of Emergency […]

... written on Feb 25 2021

5 Industries That Benefit The Most From Same-Day Delivery

As an entrepreneur, having to choose what services your business should offer is often overwhelming. There are so many options that you may not know what to include and what to exclude. Nowadays, businesses can offer live chats, webcam consultations, 24/7 customer service, or same-day deliveries.   The coronavirus pandemic has definitely shifted attitudes in […]

... written on Feb 21 2021

Finance Minister Zafrul Sucks – Despite RM305 Billion Of Stimulus, Malaysia’s GDP Shrinks 5.6% In 2020, Worst Since 1998

Finance Minister Zafrul Abdul Aziz previously said that he expected the Malaysian economy to shrink by 4.5% in 2020, despite the Coronavirus pandemic. To paint a rosy picture, the government had even said at one point that the economic growth would be just -3.5%. As usual, the clueless finance minister lied through his teeth as […]

... written on Feb 13 2021

South Africa Suspends “Ineffective” Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine – Plans To Sell It And Use J&J Instead

South Africa has recorded almost 1.5 million Coronavirus cases and more than 46,000 deaths since the pandemic began. And it has bought 1.5 million doses of vaccine from British pharmaceutical AstraZeneca for healthcare workers. The vaccination is scheduled to start this week, when the country suddenly decided to suspend the rollout. What has happened?   […]

... written on Feb 10 2021

Indonesia Launches A Faster, Simpler & Cheaper Way To Detect Covid-19 At Train Stations – “Breathalyzer” With 95% Accuracy

In early January, 2021, Indonesian scientists have developed a simpler way to detect Coronavirus in less than 2 minutes. Meet “GeNose” C-19, a breathalyzer device that uses artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of an “electronic nose to smell” Covid-19. The test is like a dog sniffing for elements that are unique to Covid-19. The […]

... written on Feb 05 2021

Just Scrap The Useless MCO & Enforce Simple SOP – When 40 Industries Lose Confidence & Demand End Of Lockdown

The clueless government under the leadership of Muhyiddin Yassin has to make up its mind – either impose a full economic lockdown or reopen every economic sector. A half-baked lockdown like the MCO 2.0 isn’t working. In fact, it makes the situation worse for business. What’s the point of allowing business to open without customers […]

... written on Feb 03 2021

Condo Management Can’t Force Covid-19 Tests – Clueless “Turtle Egg” Minister Sabri Could Start Social Unrest

In less than 24 hours, Senior Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob has made a spectacular U-turn from his initial green light to management boards of apartments and condominium to demand tenants to prove they are free of Covid-19. After being criticised for his incompetency and silly decision, he claims his statement was not a policy announcement. […]

... written on Jan 30 2021

Many Thought Asia’s Top-Performing Economy In 2020 Is China – But The Top Winner Is Vietnam

China, despite a trade war with the economic superpower United States and a pandemic war with Covid-19, has been expected to register a positive economic growth in 2020. Every single analyst, economist, think tank or financial institution knew that despite being the first country hit by Coronavirus, the Chinese economy would grow by at least […]

... written on Jan 28 2021

Emergency Rule Gimmick Exposed – Stocks Plunge, MCO To End, Patients To Pay Own Bills At Private Hospitals

As expected, the controversial and half-baked second MCO (movement control order) lockdown comes and goes – without any improvements. Supposedly to be effective from Jan 13 to 26, 2021, the MCO 2.0 was later extended until Feb 4. Had the partial lockdown not been extended, today would be the expiry of the 14-day lockdown. But […]

... written on Jan 26 2021

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