Chicken Apocalypse – UK Hit By KFC Crisis So Serious People Call Police For Help

Tower Hamlets Metropolitan Police Service tweeted – “Please do not contact us about the #KFCCrisis – it is not a police matter if your favourite eatery is not serving the menu that you desire.” So what is happening in United Kingdom that the public saw it fit to call the police, as if it was some sort […]

... written on Feb 21 2018

OPEC Fighting A Losing Battle – Super Tankers & Russia Could Change The Game

Brent crude oil is struggling to stay above US$60 while WTI crude oil has already gone below that level. It’s a matter of time before this psychology level is tested. When the Brent couldn’t hold above US$60 a barrel anymore, all hell will break loose. It took Brent 42 days to skyrocket from US$62 to […]

... written on Feb 15 2018

Bloodbath Continues – Stocks Plunge 1,032 Points – Here’s The Biggest Culprits!!

What do number 666, 1175 and 1032 numbers have in common? They’re obviously nice number for punters wishing to strike jackpot at 4D betting outlets. As the Chinese Lunar New Year is around the corner, perhaps placing a small bet on those numbers isn’t a bad idea after all. But in the U.S. stock markets, […]

... written on Feb 09 2018

Frexit!! – Macron Admits French Would Vote To Leave EU If A Referendum Is Held

What would happen if France holds a similar referendum like the Britain two years ago which caused the Brexit? The French, like fellow Britons, would “probably” vote to leave the European Union. That’s the bombshell coming out from the horse’s mouth – French President Emmanuel Macron during an interview.   Ever since United Kingdom delivered […]

... written on Jan 22 2018

U.S. Government Shutdown – How Trump Proves Himself As A Cunning Politician

Donald Trump marked the first anniversary of his inauguration with his government in shutdown mode. Essentially at midnight Friday, the U.S. federal government is partially shutdown after the Senate failed to reach a solution – the first government shutdown since 2013. If there’s any consolation prize, Trump’s predecessor Obama also had experienced such humiliation.   […]

... written on Jan 21 2018

Japan Is Upset – Nuclear Attack Sub With Chinese Flag Emerges In Their Backyard

China’s military has been flexing its muscles in the South China Sea with no indication of slowing down. As Trump and Kim were busy engaging in a war of words fits only for kids, the distraction provides a great cover for Chinese to continue its island-building project in the region. After unilaterally opened four new […]

... written on Jan 16 2018

The Lifestyle Of “Rich Kids Of Tehran” Fuels The Fire Of Protest In Iran (Photos)

When a few hundred people gathered in Mashhad, Iran’s second largest and holiest city, very few thought that the Dec. 28th protest could result in a domino effect. With protests spreading and popping up in several cities around the country, President Hassan Rouhani and his band of elites who walk the corridor of powers have […]

... written on Jan 07 2018

Top-10 Exposive Secrets From “Fire And Fury” Book That Makes Trump Super Mad & Furious

Forget North Korea. Donald Trump may have a bigger and powerful “nuclear button” than Kim Jong-un’s, but the U.S. president has a bigger fish to fry. The man he once considered an asset to his administration has turned rogue. That man – former chief strategist Steve Bannon – has revealed his former boss’ skeleton in […]

... written on Jan 04 2018

Here’s Why Kim’s Offer Of Dialogue To South Korea But Warning To U.S. Is Brilliant

Nuclear button is always on my desk – that’s the New Year 2018 message from Kim Jong-un to Donald Trump. The North Korean leader also warned United States – “The entire United States is within range of our nuclear weapons, and a nuclear button is always on my desk. This is reality, not a threat.” […]

... written on Jan 02 2018

Trump’s Christmas Gift To U.N. – Retaliation Begins With $285 Million Budget Cut

After Trump’s historical recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Guatemala announced the Central American country will relocate its embassy in Israel – from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – becoming the first nation to follow the lead of U.S. President Donald Trump. Guatemala was one of nine nations which voted against a U.N. resolution.   […]

... written on Dec 26 2017

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