Racist UMNO Akmal Arrested – Coward PM Anwar & Ministers Should Learn “Real Leadership” From Sarawak

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Apr 05 2024
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Ultra racist UMNO Youth chief Akmal Saleh is finally arrested, albeit momentarily, by the police at the Kota Kinabalu airport this morning. Upon his arrival in Sabah, he was taken to the police station to be questioned before released. Comically, he was called back about 5 minutes later because the police apparently forgot to ask some questions – a sign of incompetency.


Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Razaruddin Husain said that Akmal is being investigated under Section 4(1) of the Sedition Act 1958 and Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act (CMA) 1998. However, unless he is officially charged and jailed, don’t count your chicken that the “untouchable” racist will be punished. This is just another cheap drama to hoodwink gullible Chinese voters.


Even before the junior UMNO leader can be charged, the pathetic Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim profusely clarifies that Akmal wasn’t arrested, but merely called to facilitate an investigation despite news media all reported that it was an arrest. Instead of showing strong leadership skills, the PM appears to be incredibly apologetic over Akmal’s arrest, who is a member of a political party aligned to him.

Anwar Ibrahim - Prime Minister-in-Waiting

Anwar, who has shown nothing but weak leadership and cowardice throughout the KK Mart crisis involving “Allah” socks, should just keep his mouth zipped. To say that the bully was not arrested will only create an impression that the prime minister was defending Akmal, extremely terrified of losing power if the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) suddenly withdraws support for him.


Exactly why is Anwar Ibrahim so concerned and fearful of a racist and extremist like Akmal Saleh, when none of the UMNO leaders was panicked at all about the arrest? The premier only damages his own reputation by running around like a headless chicken when he should keep a cool head, and cowardly hid in a corner when his leadership was needed to calm the crisis before it got out of control.


Heck, Anwar’s apologetic tone actually creates more questions than answers. If Akmal was not arrested, then the PM should explain why the UMNO Youth still isn’t arrested after weeks of instigating Malay sentiments against Chinese, not to mention flaming hatred between races to the extent of provoking and encouraging UMNO-Malay extremists to firebombing KK Mart convenience stores nationwide?

Home Minister Saifuddin Nasution with Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim

Yes, thanks to the clueless and useless Home Minister Saifuddin Nasution, the inaction of the Royal Malaysia Police under his leadership saw Akmal terrorizing the country without repercussion. Saifuddin, the No 1 bootlicker who hopes his boss would serve a second term as PM, hilariously said he will not and cannot interfere in police matter despite the fact that police are under his portfolio.


Perhaps that explains why Saifuddin was like a toothless tiger – running away at every turn instead of courageously facing bully Akmal. His boss was a bigger toothless tiger. Yet, despite claiming police matter was none of his business, the idiotic home minister has defended the police for not initiating an investigation on Akmal due to lack of police reports lodged against the UMNO Youth.


The disgraced Royal Malaysia Police, infamous as one of the most corrupted institutions, was dragging its feet – hear nothing, see nothing, say nothing – even 3 weeks after Akmal deliberately posted a photo of him holding a Japanese samurai sword, which clearly inciting UMNO-Malay extremists to harm ethnic Chinese with “weapons” over 5 pairs of socks.

UMNO Youth Leader Akmal Salleh - Samurai

Even after Sultan Ibrahim had decreed that he did not want the controversy to drag on, having granted an audience to KK Mart Group executive chairman Chai Kee Kan who apologised to the King over the incident, the defiant UMNO Youth leader continues to call on Malays to boycott the 881 convenience store chain nationwide – adding more fuel to the fire.


Make no mistake – it was not a coincidence that Akmal was finally arrested barely 24 hours after Sarawak Tourism, Creative Industry and Performing Arts Minister Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah lectured the police that it should just “go and grab” the UMNO Youth without any fear of his position and political affiliation – indicating that the Borneo state might withdraw support if the Anwar-led unity government continues pussyfooting.


It would take Karim, the first cabinet minister from Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) – the ruling Sarawak state government – to do the job of a prime minister before Akmal was apprehended. And the Borneo state had to issue the warning following UMNO’s racist politics that triggered three firebomb attacks on KK Mart stores in Bidor (Perak), Kuantan (Pahang) and unexpectedly in Kuching (Sarawak).

Sarawak Tourism Minister - Abdul Karim Rahman Hamzah

Indeed, it was a slap in the face of both PKR president Anwar Ibrahim and UMNO president Zahid Hamidi when Karim warned – “The UMNO Youth chief cannot be inciting and no action is taken. Anything to do with race, religion should always be avoided especially in a multi-ethnic, multi-religious country. Whether he is from UMNO or from any other party, don’t bother. Just nab him”.


It was also shameful that the Sarawak minister had to teach the police from Malaya how to do its job, saying – “Police should use whatever available laws ‘to stop this kind of nonsense’. Those who seem to be advocating boycotts are creating much more stress to our nation. The police and the Home Ministry should have acted decisively and not let Akmal’s actions escalate the situation”.


In the same breath, it was a humiliation to PM Anwar, whose apple polisher Saifuddin was sleeping on the job instead of playing his role effectively as a home minister to ensure law enforcement, public security and public order. Like ordinary folks, Mr Karim expressed his bewilderment that no one had been arrested a week after the first attack on the KK Super Mart branch in Bidor (March 26), and five days after the Kuching attack.

KK Mart Attacked With Molotov Cocktail

Worse, the Sarawak Minister Karim had to also do the job of the King, who had expressed his desire to not see the issue prolonged any further, but stop short of using his power to reprimand the UMNO Youth – presumably was also afraid of Akmal Saleh – despite the monarch having empowered as the “Honorary Commissioner-in-Chief” of the police force.


The interesting fact that Akmal suddenly arrived in Sabah to be arrested by the Sabah police, rather than the Malaya police (Peninsular Malaysia), suggests that the half-baked drama was hatched for both the police and UMNO to save face. The dubious arrest would show that the police have acted without fear and favour, yet also shows that UMNO-Malays are still untouchable and powerful in Malaya.


More importantly, Akmal had to be arrested – temporarily – to satisfy non-Malays’ anger, especially the Chinese community, over the UMNO Youth’s anti-Chinese extreme race and religious politics. The Malay nationalist party knew it needed the Chinese votes in the next 16th General Election, but at the same time it also needed to scam Malays into believing it could bully and oppress the Chinese.

Sarawak Premier Abang Johari Openg

The displeasure of Abdul Karim Rahman, who is just a minister in the state of Sarawak and not even part of Anwar Cabinet, actually represents the voice of Sarawak Premier (Chief Minister) Abang Johari Openg. In fact, the prime minister had to fly to Kuching for a so-called one day visit about a week ago to pacify Openg after relations between Malaya and Borneo soured over KK Mart and Central Database Hub (PADU) issues.


Sarawak-based Parti Bumi Kenyalang president Voon Lee Shan had previously urged GPS (Gabungan Parti Sarawak) chairman Johari Openg to defend and support KK Mart because the brand was founded by fellow Sarawakian KK Chai. Flashing anti-Malaya sentiment, he said – “Sarawak had lost her local banks in the past. The state should not further lose KK Mart, which is its ‘business ambassador’“.


Reminding Sarawak-based GPS about the possibility of religious extremists trying to destroy a successful business from Sarawak, Voon has also indirectly slammed the bias police force, lecturing the authorities that it should not allow politicians and activists to stir up hate against the convenience store chain as it could affect the economy and cause workers to lose their jobs.

UMNO - Molotov Cocktail - Firebomb

Even though GPS has 23 seats in the 222-seat parliament, they are crucial to the political stability of Anwar government. Without GPS, Anwar would lose his two-thirds majority and could even lose power if UMNO – divided into various factions – starts to disintegrate due to internal rebellion. That’s why PKR, UMNO and the police have to stage the arrest of Akmal due to the pressure from the Borneo states – Sarawak and Sabah.


The bad news is that the people aren’t stupid as fantasized by UMNO morons. While the Chinese can’t wait to punish both UMNO and PKR, the Malays aren’t returning to UMNO as can be seen with opposition PAS Islamist party’s instruction to its supporters – 80% Malays in the country – not to join the boycott of KK Mart. The biggest loser would be Anwar, whose wish is for a second term.


People can see how the 10th Prime Minister’s leadership was no match to even a state minister from Sarawak. Allowing UMNO to play racial and religious cards is one thing. Allowing UMNO Youth to instigate radicals to carry terrorism against Chinese-owned business and flashing samurai to provoke racial riots are another thing altogether. Anwar should start firing all his useless advisers.

Akmal Salleh – UMNO Youth Chief


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