Interfering Non-Muslim Rights – Why PAS’ Alcohol & 4D Ban Will Do More Damage To The Country’s Economy

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Nov 18 2021
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Do you know that the UAE (United Arab Emirates) is the third-richest country in the world, behind Qatar and Luxembourg? Contrary to popular belief that Saudi Arabia was the richest Gulf state in the Middle East, it’s actually Qatar and the UAE that is wealthier. While Saudi has tonnes of oil, Qatar is the world’s biggest liquefied natural gas exporter. The UAE, meanwhile, has a different story.


Dubai is more popular than Abu Dhabi despite the fact that both are two of 7 richest emirates in the UAE. While Abu Dhabi has over US$1 trillion worth of assets, accounting for about two-thirds of the roughly US$400  billion UAE economy thanks to massive oil and gas reserves, Dubai’s wealth rely on revenues from trade, tourism, aviation, real estate, and financial services.


In fact, oil production contributed less than 1% of Dubai’s economy. Hence, while Abu Dhabi is quieter and boring, serving as the governmental centre and the capital of the UAE, all the excitements can be found in Dubai – the major international hub for business and tourism. So, what actually makes Dubai so rich, famous and often regarded as the Middle East’s premier entrepot?

United Arab Emirates Dubai Skyscrapper

One of the reasons Dubai becomes a city of skyscrapers, ports and beaches where serious business takes place alongside sun-seeking tourism is because it adopts liberalism. The UAE is in fact one of the most liberal countries in the Gulf, with other cultures and beliefs tolerated. Without economic liberalism, there would not be night clubs, discos, and other late-night entertainments.


Like it or not, without a very tolerant emirate that respects the needs of non-Muslims, expatriates and foreign investors would not choose to live and work in Dubai, which in turn would not have transformed the emirate to what it is today. That is exactly what Saudi Arabia’s “liberal” Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman wanted to duplicate – an economically and socially liberal NEOM City.


Do you also know that many Dubai hotels, restaurants and bars serve pork and alcohol? Unlike Malaysian Muslims, somehow the 10 million Muslims in the UAE know how to read “pork” being served in hotels and restaurants, and they would happily ignore the forbidden meat. It would have been Armageddon and racial riots if pork is served in Malaysian hotels.

UAE - 2019 Year Of Tolerance

And unlike Malaysia, which is getting more radical, extremist and racist, the UAE has been getting more tolerant at creating a model of religious coexistence. Dubai actually declared 2019 as the year of tolerance. It’s mind-boggling that a conservative UAE recognizes the importance of tolerance, while a multiracial Malaysia promotes racist hatred, xenophobia, religious intolerance and all forms of bigotry.


After the award-winning “Timah Whisky” fiasco, the government of Ismail Sabri has banned the sales of alcohol in sundry shops, grocery stalls and even Chinese medicine outlets in Kuala Lumpur. Now, Malaysia’s northern Kedah state, governed by extremist Islamist party PAS, has taken another drastic step to deny – and destroy completely – non-Muslims’ rights by banning licensed gambling.


The Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) announced that it would not renew licences for gambling operators, in addition to outlaw the sale of alcohol in the state. Kedah’s notorious Chief Minister, Muhammed Sanusi, who had previously mocked and insulted the Indians (calling them “drunk on toddy”) and demolished Hindu temples, said gamblers eager to buy lottery tickets can go to neighbouring state Penang.

Muhammad Sanusi - Kedah Menteri Besar - Chief Minister

Sanusi was the same despicable Muslim who had threatened to cut the water supply from Kedah to Penang, unless he is paid RM50 million annually. The ban on alcohol and 4D lottery numbers are clear interference and encroachment of non-Muslim rights in the country. The Chinese business owners were merely selling the products to the Chinese community, not to the Muslims.


Like Timah Whisky, which had nothing to do with Prophet Muhammad’s daughter as claimed, the sales of alcohol and lottery tickets too had nothing to do with Malay Muslims in the country. In fact, Muslims are not allowed to buy alcohol or lottery. But instead of sending authorities to enforce the rules, PAS chose to Talibanize the country with a blanket ban on everyone.


The ban on alcohol and gambling, even though both activities were meant only for non-Muslims, provides the best proof why even the non-Muslims were rejecting the Hudud Law. Previously, PAS supporters had questioned why the non-Muslims interfered in the introduction of the ancient hudud law, which they argued was meant for Muslims only.

Hudud Law Cartoon by Reggie

By the same token, exactly why the Muslims are interfering in the introduction of Timah Whisky, beer, wine and lottery, all of which are meant for non-Muslims only? The reason why non-Muslims rejected Hudud Law was because they knew it would somehow affect the non-Muslims, as can be seen today when Kedah forcefully subject non-Muslim activities to moral policing.


If PAS extremists can argue now that the move to ban alcohol or gambling among the Chinese and Indians was intended to tackle social ills such as the collapse of family institutions, what is there to stop them from using the same twisted logic to argue that the Hudud Law must also be applied on non-Muslims to tackle crimes – amputations and stoning must be fairly used on everyone.


Before some gullible Malay Muslims cheered for the PAS extremists, they should know that the hudud law, if implemented, would be tainted with double standards. If the Malay elites did not care – even deliberately breaks – the Covid-19 health SOP as simple as mask wearing or quarantine, do you really think they would allow their hands to be chopped when found stealing?

UMNO PAS Bersatu - Logo

The most disturbing part was the silence from PAS’ partners-in-crime, namely UMNO (the dominant leader of Barisan Nasional coalition) and Bersatu (the de-facto leader of Perikatan Nasional coalition). The Islamist party is an ally of both United Malays National Organization (UMNO) and the Malaysian United Indigenous Party (PPBM / Bersatu).


Crucially, the silence from UMNO and Bersatu have provided an impression that the current Sabri administration has given its seal of approval in the suppression and oppression of minorities’ rights. Dangerously, however, this will raise the red flags among foreign investors and even domestic investors. No investor in their right mind will pump money into a country that deteriorates to become another Taliban regime.


It seems that after the collapse of the previous backdoor government of Muhyiddin, the current lame duck PM Sabri is equally clueless and incompetent about the prospect of more investors fleeing the country. Hyundai had closed its Asia Pacific regional headquarters in Malaysia and relocated to Indonesia, after splashing US$1.55 billion (RM6.26 billion) in a new factory there.

IBM Global Delivery Centre - GDC in Cyberjaya

IBM had closed down its Global Delivery Centre (GDC) in Cyberjaya and relocated to Singapore. Shell moved its IT operations from Cyberjaya to India. Citigroup exited retail banking in Malaysia, where Citi has been in for more than six decades, and shifted to Singapore. German IT company T-Systems sold its business in Malaysia and quit the country.


Instead of Malaysia, Toyota Motor Corp invested US$2 billion to develop EVs (electric vehicles) in Indonesia from 2019 until 2023 starting with hybrid vehicles. Likewise, Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk has agreed to explore investment opportunities in the electric car battery – and even space launch station – in Indonesia following a talk with President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo.


Facebook, Lazada, Tencent, ByteDance, Alibaba are some of the big names that have made Singapore as its regional hub, strategic location or data centre hub, leaving Malaysia behind. Indonesia, the Southeast Asia’s largest digital market, has attracted investments from four American tech giants – Google, Microsoft, Facebook and PayPal.

Coronavirus -Singapore Lockdown

Zoom Video Communications has chosen Singapore over Malaysia for their first R&D center and new data centre in the region. To make matters worse, Google and Facebook had bypassed Malaysia for the Apricot 12,000-km internet subsea cable project due to the unresolved cabotage policy because the corrupt transport minister and his cronies wanted “a cut” from the project.


But foreign investors were not the only one who has fled the country. Years before Malaysian internet entrepreneur Anthony Tan and Tan Hooi Ling founded Grab (originally called MyTeksi) and moved its head office to Singapore, “Sugar King” Robert Kuok and gaming giant Genting Berhad had moved their business head office to Hong Kong and Singapore respectively.


It was already bad that MNCs (multinational corporations) were avoiding Malaysia with a 10-foot pole not only because of political instability, but also the increasing lack of talents as a result of 60 years of “Ketuanan Melayu”, an ideology of Malay supremacy espoused by UMNO which saw brain drain in the form of hundreds of thousands of technical skills went through a large scale migration to other countries.

 Grab Co-Founders - Tan Hooi Ling and Anthony Tan

It becomes worse when the NEP (New Economic Policy), a discrimination and racist policy derived from “Ketuanan Melayu”, is quietly being upgraded by greedy and parasite Malay elites to rob the businesses belonging to minorities Chinese and Indian – from 30% to 51% stake – under the pretext that the Malays or Bumiputeras were still poor and needed to be given equities without lifting a finger.


By forcing non-Malays to give up 51% of their business, it simply means the owners (mostly Chinese), who have been working very hard for decades building their businesses, can no longer control and run their companies. This is like surrendering 51% of your properties and treasures to the pirates, and at the same time making the pirates your new boss, who knows nuts about business.


The only way out for non-Bumiputera business owners is to relocate to Singapore, Indonesia or Australia, making their businesses as foreign companies which can be 100% owned. The Bumiputera just wanted a free ride without the hard work. Their appetite, however, has grown to demanding 51% controlling stake, without realizing they are slaughtering the goose that lays the golden eggs.

Malaysia 4D Lottery Gaming - Betting and Gambling

But just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, all the shortsighted corrupt and racist UMNO and Bersatu Malay leaders encourage PAS Islamist extremists to go one step further by interfering with the non-Malay rights. It’s not rocket science that with the ban on alcohol and licensed gambling, the demands will see the emergence of black market.


Black market or underground operators do not pay taxes for obvious reason, and so do employees employed by them. Just look at how the state of Kelantan is being managed under PAS administration and you can see how social ills – AIDS, child marriage, baby dumping, incest, rapes, sodomies, drugs and whatnot – will flourish instead.


The simple fact that the government has imposed “Prosperity Tax (Cukai Makmur)” of 33% (up from 24%) on companies’ earnings above RM100 million – leading to the crash of the local stock market – was the clearest sign that the country is running out of money. Worse, it sends a message that the desperate and incompetent government will do anything to raise money through taxes.

Hadi Awang - Liar - Beware Of Lies Ahead Signboard

Yet, the UMNO, PAS and Bersatu morons wanted to make life more difficult – socially and economically – for the minorities, especially the ethnic Chinese who pay 90% of national income tax. Who is Malaysia to play God and imposed its racist and extremist rules on its own citizens, when the much wealthier UAE was humble enough to embrace economic liberalism?


More importantly, the radical path towards extremism and racist hatred will spook investors, both domestic and foreign – of threats to economic liberalism which ensures individual liberty, equality, pluralism and tolerance. There’s no guarantee how far the PAS extremists will go after Kedah’s stunt. One thing is sure – it has made the country more extreme, radical and hostile to the business community.


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China has been praised recently for its attitude and effort against gambling by some bit-part, two-bit, half-baked, garden variety comics and self-blessed, self-appointed noise-producing self-righteous mullah types.

I don’t disagree with with our jungle “mullahs”, China should indeed be praised. On rare occasions, our ignorant, backward, and no-witted half-witted chickenshit “mullahs” can be 1% capable of thought where their scant unused grey matter seem to exist – or happen to somehow work. No disrespect though, I, as a consumer of things possibly enlightened, have always considered our religious bitches to be embarrassingly thick (excessively fcuking stupid) – and impossible tickets to paradise even for themselves.

I wonder why our mullah-wannabes want to bring up China. China’s Chinese and Malaysia’s Chinese are world’s apart in mentality. One bunch lives in what we may even call Ketuanan Cina. The other, almost lives in arguably an apartheid sistem – where chickenshit “supremacists” strut around shag themselves stoopid in sheer ignorance about just about anything, a sistem in which the monkeys run the zoo.

Given half the chance, the Chinese in China won’t say no to any and all forms of gambling, though it would be racist stereotyping to assume all or many Chinese, whether in China or Malaysia, are fond of gambling.

Where deserved, it is certainly good to point out China’s attitude and heavy hand against gambling. But what is even more praiseworthy is China’s bent or take on patriotism, loyalty to one’s nation. Here, I want to praise China’s firm action against its terrorists and traitors to their nation.

Gambling may affect some in a bad way (many do enjoy gambling…), but terrorism affects all, and rots a nation. Until it took a heavy-handed and resolute approach to contain terrorism, Xinjiang was a hotbed of lethal terrorist activities. Many many innocent were killed and maimed by the terrorists. Jihadi terrorism gives no chance for others to opt out of being bombed or chopped up. Gamblers do not drag others into partaking in their vice or holy practice, none of my gambler friends have ever volunteered me into any gambling. Though they have certainly spent on me from their gambling wins. But that doesn’t mean I’d refrain from preach to them against gambling as I would against incest, cousin marriage, child marriage, wife-beating, and all..!

Unlike some backward and warped countries where terrorism is praised whether openly or secretly, whether egged on and defended, China shows no mercy towards terrorism. While it does work on rehabilitation of those whom it wants to reform, on the main, China works tirelessly to hammer and wipe out the scourge. It is exciting and a delight to see those Uyghur all-women SWAT squads out taking on their terrorists, sometimes shooting them very dead, Bravo, Praise Be!

While one brings up China’s attitude and action against gambling, one should also bring up the absolutely praiseworthy and excellent work against terrorism. China’s lethal response against terrorism is brilliant – I say, shoot and kill the murderous ISIS terrorist barbarians. Prevent the traitors from entering China, wipe them out! It is suspected China may even have troops in Syria dealing with its nationals out there for terrorist training. It’s good thinking to wipe out the terrorists long before they can even think about causing harm and damage in China.

Perhaps those mullahs in Malaysia can advocate same, show absolutely no mercy to terrorists – like mullahs in China advocate, no mercy and no compassion, thank you. Terrorism is worse than a few gamblers causing harm to themselves and family, many gamblers actually have happiness gambling and have happy families. Gambling is not necessarily incest or wife-beating. Or utter psychological damage to children caused by having too many wives in a family. In case some of you may think mullahs know it all, I’ve actually spoken with many kids on this one, so fcuk you mullahs – and fcuk your many wives. And fcuk your “massive sexual appetite”. The good news Amen is one day not far away your children will fcuk you back.

Now let’s talk alcohol. Not all alcohol consumers are wife-beaters, social misfits, or bad drivers. Too many of those who do not drink are fcuking religious pious wife-beating bastards. And social misfits. Most Malaysians are fcuking bad drivers, anyway. Some traffic accidents are caused by drunken driving, but most Malaysians do not need to be influenced by drink to be naturally talented fcuking hopeless drivers. Btw, alcohol exists in Jennah, there’s even words about enjoying it, read your scriptures carefully, alcohol may not be a great subject for some for this earth but it is not totally not ok. And there’s certainly nothing about kacau kacau others if they want to enjoy alcohol while on earth. And gambling too. Wtf has the kafirs’ enjoyment got to do with others? Why not leave others alone and spend energy attacking your “own kind” stop them from cutting off heads, torturing fellow believers and others, be compassionate and merciful? If you have to be shrieking bitches when you feel others intrude in your life, why don’t you stfu about what others do in their lives?

I once clipped slightly the side mirror of a car driven by a mullah type who didn’t appear to know he was to drive within the lines on the road and not on a line. I assumed the assh*le driver to be a big-time mullah, judging by the number of times the huge and heavy bandage on his holy head was wound round. He had a passenger next to him dressed as a tent and peeping through a slit of that.

Mullah man brought out in an uncontrollable fit of righteous cursing and swearing amidst my apology for lightly clipping the side mirror of his worldly possession. The compassionate and merciful was soooo angry his car was swerving all over the road ready to send to Jennah and Hell one and all including his holy self. Equally pissed off with the holy mofo, I cursed and swore back at Almighty Mullah condemning the assh*le for being an assh*le. And a fcuking munafiq. Mofo Mullah threatened to beat me up, I accepted his kind offer and asked where he wanted to bless me with that. He didn’t say where and didn’t get to the next level in holy rage, the tent next to him never uttered a word, could have been a female or trans inside larffing her tits off at the divine confrontation, Amen. Earlier on, I could have asked the holy fraud where he bought his huge bandaged head and his night gown. Once I converted to his style of fake divinity. And holy rage.

The sad fact of it all is many of our religious and pious acts are plainly self-obsessed monkeys who may delusionally think they are drowned in religiosity, righteousness, piety, holiness, and all the rest of it all, but to the next person, he’s just another assh*le. And totally without the blessings of his deity. Buddhism (it has its own sh*t heads too) has a saying “vegetarian where the heart and not the mouth is”.

It is said in some holy book, the Big Woman up the Sky will reveal Truth and all in the very language of the tongue of the people She intends to reveal those to. Thus, to the English, She will do so in English, to the Arabs, in Arabic. To Malaysians, in Malay – or maybe Manglish. Or Orang Asli. So far
nothing remotely Malaysian has been done for us. If, say, we want to avail ourselves to the religion of, say, the Arabs, we have to learn the Arab tongue. However, this is not the same as waiting for Malay, Manglish, or Orang Asli for the Truth, in keeping with what the Big Woman up the Sky intends.

It is not the point if we hanker after the Truth in, say, Arabic – which very few of our punters are any good at – but nevertheless pretend we are. That perhaps explains why our understanding of Truth is so lacking, petty, and even perversed. Our lot should hang around for that when Big Woman decides She wants to provide Her Truth in our language.

That said, the understanding of our precious mullahs and mullah wannabes about just about anything is severely limited by the sheer lack of intelligence or even a little bit of mental ability. Surely if the Almighty intends for it to be so, She would have equipped Her precious sales folks with just a little bit of working tauhu in their heads. That, She clearly hasn’t. It is evident those whom She wants to destroy, She has made them insane already. Our mullahs and derivatives are just plainly shockingly fcuking stupid, full stop!

Meanwhile, it would be useful for those who cite China as hard on gambling, to cite, indeed to copy China when it comes to terrorism. Where we may have terrorists in our midst or even in other foreign countries (and slaughtering and dying for them), to come very hard on them, prevent the traitors from returning to our country, slaughter and incarcerating them as our Chinese uncles and aunties do, Amen. That way, we make absolutely no mistake about loyalty to our country, love and care for our brothers and sisters here.

Preaching selectively about what China is doing is just wan thing. What about China’s action against its terrorists? What about China lifting its extremely poor out of poverty now instead of waiting for the will of the Big Woman up the Sky? What about China’s great achievements in all fields of development? What about China making great effort to halt corruption? What China’s civilised take against child marriage? Against incest? Against violence against women? Against permitting more than one wife? Etc etc etc…

Certainly plenty and more to learn from and practise from China. Many countries in the world are supporting China and emulating her in her effort to make a difference to their country – and the world. Why just stop at gambling, in its short modern history, China has achieved vastly more in a short time than Malaysian has.

Could it be our backward forces holding our country back? Corruption? Religion (all)?

There’s been a lot of talk talk and talk. Plus too much preaching and sermonising. Plenty seems to be hollow munafiq hypocritical shows aimed at certain quarters of society. I say it’s all well and good. But what good does all that do for me, others, and their cats if we do not find those preachy drama queen monkeys convincing acts to follow, let alone give our time to? Further, there’s been absolutely nothing that impress most of us our pontificating wonders have got all that much of intelligence about them. By which I should say by way of any ability to even think. And I’m not even talking about critical thinking.

Just very recently, the custodian of the holy cities pointed to the irrelevance of the Hadith. This is actually an earth-shaking pronouncement. All along, the Hadith has an importance place in religion, what has our wise wans got to say about the Arabs’ religion? Let’s hear some vocal and loud response to the the Saudis nullifying their holy Hadith.

Never mind gambling and the kafirs. Never mind alcohol. We need comments, guidance, and even directions about life (or death) without the Hadith, Amen.

Now, can we bet our wise mullahs will put the money where their big mouth is? Five ringgit says the tree wise men tree-swinging monkeys will fail where the most relevant in life is concerned.

Very well said by the writer…the problem with PAS is that they firnly believed that they are right and has the right to force their twisted beliefs on others! they are in fact been brainwashed by their so called peaceful (hypocritical peace) religion when the fact of the matter is that, the founder of their religion was only deceived by the demons hiding inside a cave called cave Tawr and the leader of the Demons has a name called Jibril which mimics the name Gabriel in order to fool the simpletons!

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