Boycott Non-Muslim Products – Do You Own Enough Products Or Have Financial Muscle To Go To War?

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Sep 04 2019
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A campaign to boycott non-Muslim products, believed to have been quietly unleashed by opposition UMNO Malay nationalist and PAS Islamist parties has spread like wildfire, at least on social media. On the surface, it certainly looks like a declaration of war against the minorities in the country, especially ethnic Chinese whose prowess in the business world is unparalleled.


Since the spectacular defeat in the last May general election, UMNO, the supposedly backbone of the Barisan Nasional coalition, has been happily stirring up racial and religion sentiments among the Malays that the Muslims and Malay Rulers have lost power to the “Chinese, Christians and Communists”. The goal was to spread hatred among Malays against Chinese and Hindus.


According to Malaysiakini portal, a Facebook group that is pro-Muslim business has seen its members grown from 10,000 to over 1-million in just 2 weeks. That’s a jaw-dropping 9,900% jump in membership. Chinese and Hindu haters, of course, celebrate the achievement as if they have won the FIFA World Cup. They have taken to social media to gloat about their “power”.

Boycott Non-Muslim Products - Giant Hypermarket

That’s fine. What is amusing though, is the confusion over the scope of the boycott. Apparently, the boycott campaign started when the Islamic Consumers Association of Malaysia (PPIM) suggested to the Islamic Development Department that halal certificates should be issued in the native language of the product’s manufacturers so that consumers can identify if they are Muslim or otherwise.


So, initially they wanted the Muslims to boycott non-Muslim products. Then, for obvious reasons, they changed their mind and clarified that it was a campaign to buy Muslim-made products first. But as far as emotional and gullible UMNO and PAS supporters are concerned, their understanding remains – boycott everything produced or made by non-Muslims. Period.


Can they make up their mind? There was no such thing as being half pregnant. Why can’t they just go full force in their campaign against non-Muslim products? What is so hard in determining whether products made or sold by non-Muslim are either “haram” (forbidden) or “halal” (allowed)? Are they saying there’s such thing as a quarter-halal or half-halal?

Malaysia Halal Logo

Yes, it’s perfectly alright if the ignorant and narrow-minded Malays choose to boycott non-Muslim products. But as they soon found out, more than 90% of products is made or produced by the so-called infidel “kafir” non-Muslims – either local Malaysian Chinese or the Chinese from mainland China. And they hadn’t a clue that they have very little leverage against the non-Muslims.


The “nasi lemak” breakfast consumed by Malays every single morning, and lunch and dinner thereafter, contains onions, shallots, garlic, chilli and other spices imported from India. And most of the Malaysian importers are companies owned by minority Chinese, including NSK Trading Sdn Bhd, the favourite wholesale store where Malay-Muslims seek cheap groceries.


Did the Malays know that NSK (New Seng Kee) is a Lim’s family business first started at Chow Kit in 1985? Another Malay’s favourite destination, Econsave Cash & Carry, is a Malaysian family-run retail brand owned by ethnic Chinese. Econsave’s history goes back to 1955 when Lai Poh Tian sold the family’s only cow and borrowed some money to sail to what was known then as Malaya.

NSK Wholesale Store

Today, supermarket chain Econsave, infamous for its “Compare Our Prices” slogan, is a multi-billion business with 57 retail outlets providing jobs to more than 6,000 people, mostly Malays. Yesterday (September 3), general manager Mas Imran Adam lodged a police report against two Facebook accounts which had spread lies that the supermarket did not sell Muslim products in its outlets.


The ignorant Malays who falsely accused the Chinese of being racist probably hadn’t a clue that Econsave actually has a Muslim general manager in its payroll. Not that Econsave would go bankrupt with the boycott, but sure, go ahead with the campaign and let’s see who will be the first to be jobless and unable to put food on the table for family members.


Alternatively, the idiotic Malays eager to boycott non-Muslim products can go to Aeon, Giant or Tesco. But all those hypermarkets are owned by foreign non-Muslims. Giant, founded in 1944 as a small grocery store in Kuala Lumpur, was owned by the Teng family until 1999 when Hong Kong-based Dairy Farm International Holdings bought a 90% interest in the chain.

Econsave Supermarket

Tesco is a multinational retailer from the United Kingdom while Aeon (formerly Jaya Jusco) is owned by the Japanese. Do you realise that even Sogo, arguably the most favourite shopping heaven for the middle-income Malays, actually belongs to another Chinese kafir called Andrew Lim? Sogo is no longer owned by PERNAS Corporation or Sogo Japan since 2002.


In 2002, Mr. Andrew initiated a management buyout and KL SOGO today is a 100% Malaysian (Chinese) wholly owned and operated, but with a franchise agreement with Sogo Japan to allow the continual usage of the Sogo name. And you don’t need a rocket scientist to tell which race constitutes the majority of the staff of Sogo in Malaysia. So, go ahead and boycott Sogo.


In the food business, Malays’ favourite restaurants such as KFC, McDonald’s, Texas Chicken, Burger King and whatnot actually belong to foreign non-Muslims but operated by local fast-food operators through something called franchising. Starbucks Malaysia is owned by Berjaya Group tycoon Vincent Tan, whose empire included convenience store 7-Eleven.

7-Eleven Store Malaysia

That’s right. In case the clueless Malays didn’t know, employees of 7-Eleven – mostly Malay-Muslims – are all under the employment of Vincent Tan. How about “99 Speedmart”, another local convenience store brand so successful, it opened its 1,000th outlet in August 2017? Unfortunately to the racists and extremists of UMNO and PAS, 99 Speedmart is another Chinese success story.


The founder of 99 Speedmart is Lee Thiam Wah, who has been wheelchair-bound since eight months old, and had only 6 years of formal education. Sales revenue of 99 Speedmart reached RM3 billion in 2016 – up from RM2 billion in 2014. In comparison, Tesco Malaysia only posted revenue of RM4.45 billion in the financial year ending February 2017 with 71 outlets.


KK Super Mart, a 24-hour mini-supermarket chain which was a favourite target among robbers, was founded by Douglas K.K. Chai, obviously another ethnic Chinese. KK sells both Gardenia (owned by Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary) and Massimo (owned by Robert Kuok) bread. So, will the Malays buy Gardenia bread, knowing very well it would enrich the Chinese owner of KK?

99 SpeedMart Convenience Store

But do you also know that in 1969, together with Sye Slocum and Jim Humpries, two Americans with vast experience in bakery, Malaysian Chinese Wong Tze Fatt co-founded the Gardenia brand of beverages, bakery and creamery food products? Yes, Mr. Wong, who was murdered in 2004, was the Chinese millionaire who started Gardenia brand in Sabah.


Robert Kuok’s empire is not limited to Massimo bread only. The consumer brands associated with the billionaire include Shangri-La hotels, various brands of flour, Marina frozen food, Seri Murni, Krystal and Neptune cooking oil, Jordan toothbrushes and oral care products, Snow brand infant formula, Goodmaid household cleaning products, Kart’s frozen food and the list go on.


Interestingly, Golden Screen Cinemas Sdn Bhd (GSC), Malaysia’s largest cinema exhibitor with over 41% market share, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of PPB Group (a member of the Kuok Group). Perhaps the Malays should boycott GSC and go to TGV for movies. However, TGV is owned by tycoon Ananda Krishnan, another non-Muslim.

GSC - Golden Screen Cinemas

The only Muslim-owned cinema – MBO – was already sold to private equity firm Navis Capital Partners by then-owner Abdul Rashid Abdul Manaf. However, due to pressure from increasing costs and slowing revenue growth, even Navis is looking to dispose of its MBO business in Malaysia. Does this mean the Malays will boycott cinemas entirely in the name of Muslim dignity?


British India, Mr. D.I.Y., Secret Recipe and Chicken Rice Shop are just some of the local brands owned by local non-Muslims but flocked by Malay community all the time. From Chatime to Tealive, those Malays hooked to bubble tea would form long queue just to get their kicks, despite the fact that the Taiwanese-born tea drink is not a Muslim product.


Hilariously, every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, the Malay-Muslims would religiously queue at Magnum, Sports Toto and DaMaCai to try their luck betting on 4D numbers or Jackpot. Clearly, these are not Muslim products, are they? You can bet your last penny that those Malays, including police officers, can never abandon or boycott the non-Muslim product called betting game.


Perhaps there’s a reason why Kelantan is in such a sorry state, despite being ruled by the PAS Islamist party based on the strictest Islamic Law. Jobs were scarce and the state has recorded the highest number of HIV or AIDS cases in the country. They have no idea how the world trade works so much so they probably thought condom is another type of flavoured chewing gum.


Smartphones from Huawei to Oppo to Vivo to Xiaomi – even Apple – are all made by non-Muslim Chinese. From lighting bulbs to fridge to TV to every single electrical appliance at home, nothing escapes China. And when all those components arrived at Malaysian ports, they readily go to mostly Chinese-owned warehouses or shops, thanks to their well established business ecosystems.


Two different Chinese-owned tyre shops, less than 200-metre apart, sell a same brand and model of tyre at an unbelievable price difference. One shop sells at RM145 a piece while the other at cut-throat prices of RM210. Besides operating costs and expenditures, business strategy and supply chain contribute to the dog-eat-dog business world even among the Chinese.

Rayani Air - Inset Islamic Prayer

Malay-Muslims should co-exist with non-Muslims for their own good. They’re simply not built to excel in the world of trade and business. From a complicated product like halal airline Rayani Air to a business as simple as Digital Mall in Pertama Complex, they had tried but failed spectacularly. Rayani Air, proclaimed Malaysia’s first “Syariah-compliant” airline, had gone bust just 110 days into operation.


After Rayani Air goes bankrupt in 2016, not only were the workers’ salaries not paid, more than RM1 million was deducted from more than 500 employees’ salaries but not credited to employees’ accounts. So much for a Muslim product called Rayani Air. Perhaps running an airline is too complicated for them. Sadly, the same fate hit Malay traders selling basic IT products.


A Malay youth, Shahrul Anuar Abdul Aziz, who was charged for stealing a mobile phone that triggered a bloody racial riot outside Low Yat Plaza in 2015, was acquitted by the Kangaroo Court in 2018. Three Chinese handphone salesmen were arrested by police instead and were fined RM1,800 each for committing assault. As a result, UMNO set up Digital Mall to rival Low Yat.

Low Yat Riot - Victim vs Culprit and UMNO Lawyer

Today, after “handout” free rental runs out of juice, all the Malay traders at the 4-storey Pertama Complex are eating dust. If they can’t even survive selling ready-made branded IT products without handouts, exactly how could they promote non-existent Muslim products? Get the gist? To talk big about boycotting non-Muslim products is one thing. But to actually do it is another thing altogether.


You can only start a trade war or boycott if you either own the technology or knowhow of certain products (as in the case of the U.S.) or you have the financial muscle to engage a trade war (like China). Trump can hurt the Chinese flagship Huawei because America owns the technology. China can hurt American farmers because it has tons of money to buy more expensive soybeans from Brazil.


The silly group of Malays yearning to boycott fellow Malaysian non-Muslim products have none of the above. They neither have the replacement products, nor the deep pocket to teach non-Muslims a lesson. The biggest joke was when UMNO’s newspaper – Utusan Melayu – and PAS’ newspaper – Harakah – ran into debt. Those newspapers are Muslim products, obviously.

PAS Harakah Newspaper Owed Printing NAJ Press Resources RM3 Million

While financial-stressed Utusan has total debts of RM139.19 million as at June 30, PAS stunningly owed NAJ Press Resources (M) Sdn Bhd, a Muslim-owned printing company, a staggering RM3,053,204.59. Harakah reportedly had fled and is now being printed by a non-Muslim-owned business. So much for inciting Malay-Muslims to boycott non-Muslim products.


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This is our very REAL sad state of affairs. Us against them is such an easy strategy to use to gain support when the majority of ‘us’ are simply idiots who has almost zero understanding of Islam except thise ‘vomited’ daily on our TV,social media and radio stations by supposedly religious arseholes whose only qualifications it seems is to dress and speak like an Arab!
The melayu has no identity as we once did in the 60’s-80’s where we were progressive and liberal in our understanding of Islam and it’s place in our country. Did we not had at one time the best civil service officers once in this part of the world?
What happened can be easily explained by the incessant dumbing down of the melayu tribe by UMNO,Pas and now PH. The political drug of convenience in politics is race, religion and royalty. After all it costs nothing to perpetuate and the morons keeps buying the bullshit! I am melayu but I do not subscribe to this nonsense! It’s getting so much so that at times I feel I’m an outsider in my own melayu clan!!

The so-called Malays married to Chinese women should also boycott Chinese “barang” demi bangsa, agama, negara, derma and THIEF Najib.

What every Malaysian is missing the point is that:

Boycotting non-Muslim or Muslim-first is outright racist – because the non-Muslims are obviously non-Malays.

The sickening part is that, non-Muslims – being the minorities in this country, are often bullied by the majority race of the country (in the name of religion or because “their ancestors weren’t born here”), and everyone thinks that it’s ok.

We already had issue fixing the racism in this country – by adding religion into the mix, I dare say Malaysia’s economy is destined to be doomed.

Just who would want to invest in this country that’s so fragile and sensitive over the trivial issues?

Common, we are all Pendatang except the Orang Asli..We need each other to build a prosperous nation.. PAS obviously is not so clever to talk of boycott. Be wise brothers.

If u believe with your facts that the Buy Muslim First will fail…why bother
to write this article in first place unless u are intimidated or the effect has been felt by those affected…1 thing 4 sure, this move will not make any towkeys go bancrupt lah, as predicted by this article…so why bother?

You’re the smartest person we’ve ever seen.

Yeah, the author of this article was extremely terrified with the boycott.

So, you must continue boycotting their products, OK? Don’t chicken out. Jangan hangat-hangat tahi ayam, OK?

And you can start by throwing away your Chinese-made smartphone. Don’t be a hypocrite.


Pathetic really. So, muslims shouldn’t even try because they are weak? Non-muslims are the masters of economy and malay muslims should just stay at the corner and don’t do anything to threaten the profits of non-muslims? Is that it? Just give up? Thank you for this enlightening article. I understand what you really meant. You meant to show that malay muslims should not just continue their effort but to further increase it to finally catch up with the non-muslims. Thank you very much.

You’re like asking why Malaysia should not even try sending military to the Middle East to free up the Palestinians.

The question is not whether the Muslims should or should not. It’s a matter of whether the Muslims can or cannot afford to do such a boycott or buy Muslim products first without backfiring on them. Try to fix the foundation of Muslims’ fundamental problem first before picking a fight with others.

To find out the root reason to your question, try to read between the lines of Mahathir’s latest remark below.


Of course, if the Muslims still think it’s a good idea to try anyway, go ahead. It’s a democratic country. But don’t go half-baked. Go full force. Good Luck!

In a medical emergency and only non Muslim surgeon is the option, I am sure pemberi pendapat would rather die than let a non Muslim hands touch him right….

That’s different and you know it. Because this is directly connected to their likelihood. That’s like saying Palestinians should stand down whe n Israel is conquering them.

In case you still don’t get the message, here’s a peribahasa in relation to the Palestine’s analogy – “Ukur Baju Di Badan Sendiri”

Sour Grapes. You have forgotten about the Chinese road eager that killed a Malay bank officer along the PLUS highway out of a minor dent road accident. Bear such as that incidents in mind before you publish sensitive articles that can break the peace and harmony of this peaceful country. All eyes are watching quietly.

In that case, can we include how Teoh Beng Hock was killed by Malay MACC officers?

No no. I understand the message. Don’t do things unless you can fully commit to it or something along that line. What I’m trying to point out is that the spirit to fight back in itself is valuable. Do you know what people call people liķe you? Pragmatic. A nice and easy way to live sure but notice that the few most successful business owners are not pragmatic. They take risks and chances. If the malays aren’t willing to even start fighting for themselves. They should just sit in a ditch waiting for the time the reaper will take their lives while complaining about a world they never tried to change. If the move really was stupid. Only the malays would be affected meh. No need to worry. They got the bumiputera stuff.

Ustaz Azhar Idrus wrote :

” Kalu rumoh kite terbako…kite tepon bomba…Bomba mari…doh doh bomba Cina….Eh tak nak ah bomba Cina !

Kite nak bomba Melayu….bomba Cina haram !

Bodo lah kite…rumah tengoh terbako oo

Sekarang Negara kite sedang terbakar…kite perlu rakan-rakan bukan Islam untuk membantu kite memadamkan kebakaran yang melanda…”

so, many info and hatred, thank you.

most malay business fail in my point of view they are genuine in helping another fellow malay buddies succeed. but most of the time these buddies are the, milk the fat cow kind of scums once they get a nice position. mind u this happens even with chinese or indian business. it happens every where in the world. but in malaysia we have this special law that shelter them from being exposed. they bring their village, gang, if u fire or root them out. for 60+ years living with special privilege, u still belive the ketuanan policy will do u good? if u wanted the state to take care of everything for the rest of ur life should have gone with communism in the first place. stop racisim, stop giving ur votes to scums, stop believing false promises. protectionism only leads to self destruction.

The writer is obviously irritated by the campaign n bring some false facts. And the most funny thing is. The writer linked this campaign with Umno n Pas which is their statement n action juz taken after the campaign has begun. They juz taking some advantage out of popularity of the campaign. They r not even start it. Anyway. If the campaign will fail. WHY BOTHER. LET THEM Be ASHAMED BY THEMSELVES.

Which facts were false? Has it occurred to you that the author wrote this article in order to brag “I told you so” later? As we said earlier – go ahead and boycott, but don’t he like “hangat hangat tahi ayam”. Remember to “genggam bara api, biar sampai jadi arang”. And you can show that by throwing away that piece of Chinese-made smartphone you currently owned.

muslim beli produk muslim dahulu…bukan boikot…
syarikat cina cari pekerja berbangsa cina dahulu…bukan boikot kan

Bior le. Kita istiqamah ler sama-sama. Macam dia kata suruh jangan hangat-hangat tahi ayam dan genggam bara sampai jadi arang, kita usahakalah. Lagipun kita cuma nak utamakan produk orang Muslim bukan nak boikot produk orang lain. Ramai penulis dan ahli politik gayanya lebih suka menggembar-gemburkan ayat boikot. Agak-agaknya kalaulah digembar-gemburkan ayat Utamakan Produk Orang Muslim, tak ada salah rasanya.

How about all the electricity electronics digital stuff that is not non Muslim products. Toyota brand car is non Muslim. How la? Motorbike? Medical care? Educators? Howla… I’m not hating but it2just didn’t sink in. So much hate n racism but they didn’t do it properly. Only selected food item they boikot but others?

Hhhhhhmmmm… Racism doesn’t protect or successful in any way, it just kill peace and unity.

Genetically. All Chinese and Malays in Malaysia are actually from one family. So frankly this business of Chinese vs Malays. Chinese being superior yadda3 and Malays being lazy yadda3 have no basis in Science. Additionally not everyone in 1.4 billion mainland China are the hardworking super race but due to their extremely large numbers they are able to produce millionaires and billilnaires. Agreeably UMNO and PAS are rather large idiots. And people in general when fed with propaganda politics often easily buy into mass propaganda messages. Remember the 2nd world war when all Germans got rid of the Jews? Its either a) you get rid of politics or b) you get rid of race al


Hahaha! Thanks, Finance Twitter!

This is a really good one!😂🤣…..”They have no idea how the world trade works so much so they probably thought condom is another type of flavoured chewing gum…..!”👍

you too much talk cock. dont be an arrogant chinese. are u sure chinese will withstand without muslim buy their product? think twise. we are not even starting a boycott. we just launch buy muslim first only. you want us launch muslim product buy only? think again

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