Low Yat Riot – A PEKIDA Bro Who Couldn’t Afford A Phone? Blame The UMNO

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Jul 13 2015
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Last October, a gangland feud reached its climax when a gangster fellow lobbed some grenades, as if they were hamburgers, at Cherry Blossom nightclub in their attempt to kill another triad “Taikor”. Kuala Lumpur Police, of which its HQ located just a stone’s throw away, swung into action. Nine months later today, not a single gangster is arrested.


On Saturday, something much bigger has happened, which caused a lock-down in Bukit Bintang and its surrounding area, not far away from Sun Complex where the Cherry Blossom incident had occurred. This time, it wasn’t about gangland rivalries, but rather over a smartphone. Hundreds of police, including FRU in full gear were deployed.

Low Yat Riot - Police Deployed

Apparently, a 22-year-old guy pretended to be interested and agreed to buy a Lenovo S860 phone at a Low Yat Plaza kiosk, and when a sales representative, 27-year-old See Ming Ho turned away to get a free gift for him, (*poof*) the guy was gone together with the RM799 phone. Naturally, Mr See shouted for help.


This had prompted the suspect to start running down an escalator, before he stumbled and fell, near an OPPO Concept Store. The OPPO staffs caught the thief and handed him over to the Plaza Low Yat security personnel, who turned him over to the police. Mr See has lodged a police report on the theft at the Dang Wangi police station.

Low Yat Riot - Police Report by See Ming Ho

Low Yat Riot - Thiefs and Thugs Smashing at OPPO

The fact that all government mouthpieces such as New Straits Times has reported that police have acquired CCTV recordings, which showed him discussing with a sales representative, before he took the phone and walked away when the trader was looking the other way, was the clearest proof that such incident was a clear-cut theft case.


However, things have gotten dramatic and turned into a racial riots suspense, not because the thief is a Malay while the salesman is a Chinese, but rather because the thief has powerful friends from “PEKIDA”, a well-funded extremist group of paramilitary members which was formed after the May 13, 1969 racial riots with a special task to defend UMNO.

Low Yat Riot - Man Injured

That explains why after his release from the police station, the thief, obviously not happy for getting caught stealing, returned to Low Yat Plaza together with six of his friends and started smashing up to RM70,000 worth of electronics. It was a pure revenge by the seven thugs, and has nothing to do with a fake rumour about counterfeit or cloned OPPO smartphone.

Low Yat Riot - Thieves and Thugs on Lenovo S860

In fact, according to Farah Liana, a secretary working in the Management office of Low Yat Plaza, there were actually “TWO” thieves who were caught for that theft. She also pointed out that the reason why only Chinese staffs were seen in the videos of the attack and subsequent fighting was because the incident happened while the Malay staffs were out breaking their fast.

Low Yat Riot - Farah Liana Side of Story

Ms Farah clarified that all the management staffs of Low Yat  Plaza are Malays. Hence, if it was a cheating case as circulated in the social media, the innocent thief should instead lodge a report with them. She mentioned that the theft by the Malay chaps have actually embarrassed the Malay staffs working there, for obvious reason.


The fact that PEKIDA, a self-proclaimed NGO, could mobilise about 200 members – chanting and making racist propaganda speeches – ever ready to storm Low Yat Plaza, is proof of how dangerous and racist UMNO is in feeding and breeding an organisation which couldn’t differentiate between a simple theft and UMNO-Malay interest.

Low Yat Riot - Crowds Outside

Sadly but expectedly, PEKIDA leader was allowed (recorded and published on YouTube) by the police inciting hatred and provoking racial unrest, without being arrested or whatsoever. Shouldn’t they be taken to the police station and charged with Sedition Act? But do you now what’s the most pathetic hidden problems with the whole fiasco?


It’s about PEKIDA, despite being the supposedly guardian of (UMNO) Malays in the country, has left its members, friends and brothers in such a deplorable situation that they have to steal some cheapo smartphones because they couldn’t afford to buy one with their hard-earned money. It would make a better sense if they had stolen the top range iPhone 6 Plus instead (*grin*).

Low Yat Riot - Damages with Thugs Inset

If it was true that poverty and rising cost of living have forced people to commit crimes, then look no further but UMNO itself. PM Najib, as the president of UMNO, loves the poor (Malay) so much that the he continues to create more of them. Heck, he actually loves the poor (Malay) so much he does everything in his power to keep them poor (*tongue-in-cheek*).

Low Yat Riot - Thugs and Pekida Extreme Organisation

To be fair, not every shop at Low Yat Plaza is honest. There’re scammers trying their luck every single day. If it could happen at Sim Lim Square, Singapore, there’s no reason why it couldn’t happen here. There’re more and more shops operated by foreigners, and there’s no prize for the right answer who had allowed them into the country in the first place.

Low Yat Riot - Thugs and Pekida Extreme Organisation

The solution is pretty simple. If you want to buy a smartphone, just go to the 4th floor. There’s a shop that sells both original and refurbished phones at the cheapest price in the whole of Low Yat Plaza, because they’re the distributor. Stop wasting time negotiating at other shops. If you still can’t afford a cheap smartphone, there’s always the “INSTALLMENT” plan.


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Wanna bet who will be a sacrificial sheep in this incident?
My guess is Papagomo…

What is different between the thief and the Nakhjib. The theif stole hard stuff meaning tangible.

Pekida ni memang b**i. Dorang sesama melayu pun mcm c****a. Tunjuk kuat sebab ada geng ramai. Kawan aku pernah kena.

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