The Best Police Claims Grenades Attack Not A Terrorist Attack, But …

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Oct 10 2014
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Malaysia’s security has gone a little bonkers recently. The craziness has move up a few notches with a pre-dawn grenade explosion yesterday, leaving one car jockey dead and 13 injured. As expected, the country’s police – the best on planet Earth – concluded there and then that the bombing was due to gangland feud. If police can determine the reason behind such an attack at such a lightning speed, doesn’t that prove they’re the best in the world?

Sun Complex Bukit Bintang Grenades Attack - Alphard Damage

Let’s recall – when was the last time gangsters in this country fight over territories? Almost everyday. When was the last time they threw grenades at each other as if they were hamburgers? Never. So, how on earth could the police concludes that the deadly grenade blast was likely motivated by business rivalry among underworld figures? Ahh, that’s because the 4:30am grenades attack happened outside a night club at Sun Complex.


Sun Complex is just a stone’s throw away from popular shopping and dining area such as LowYat, Sungai Wang, Bukit Bintang and tons of nearby hotels. The Bukit Bintang area is also infamous for its vice activities such as prostitution, illegal immigrant activities, drugs and whatnot. And since it happened at such place like Cherry Blossom nightclub, it has to be related to triad gangs – period.

Sun Complex Bukit Bintang Grenades Attack - Anti-Bomb Squad

Strangely, when bombings occurred in Bali on Oct 2002, the police didn’t blame it on triad members. Just because Bali bombings killed mostly foreigners, it was related to terrorists but Bukit Bintang attacks killed and injured mostly locals so it has nothing to do with terrorists? If the reactions from netizens are any indicator, it would be more believable if the authorities could assure the public that it was merely a fight over “parking rights” as the introduction of 6% GST next year would make parking business very lucrative (*grin*).


But the glaring question is – why the sudden use of grenades to kill triad “Taikor”, when such a deadly weapon had “never” been used before? Have they infected by Ebola virus hence go bonkers and upgrade from knives or guns to grenades? Get real, triad gangs will never do dumb things to attract police’s attention. And the fact that Sun Complex is nearer to Kuala Lumpur Police HQ than to LowYat-Sungai Wang shopping complex speaks volumes why nobody believes it was related to gangland feud.

Sun Complex Bukit Bintang Grenades Attack - Map

The rumour mill was working overtime and it wasn’t hard to predict what many social medias believe to be the cause of the grenade attack – ISIL jihadists (or rather terrorists). And who can blame the netizens’ ability in solving this puzzle when the government is seen to be adopting extremism policy? First, you’ve prime minister Najib getting orgasm about ISIL terrorists. Then the local extremists are let loose howling, barking and biting at non-Muslims.


Even the supposedly boring non-issue about “Oktoberfest” beer festival is being politicised to a silly level not seen before. Well, if the Home Minister himself has confirmed 34 Malaysians have already joined the ISIL fighters in Syria, what is there to stop the unknown numbers of transformed walking zombies who thought it would be fun to throw some grenades, as part of their training, not to mention to test the authorities’ abilities?

Sun Complex Bukit Bintang Grenades Attack - Site View

Haven’t we wrote enough about the risk of playing the religion card in politics? When you allow and endorse religion extremists such as Ibrahim Ali who goes berserk attacking non-Muslims freely, it gives a false impression to Muslim foreigners here that local non-Muslims are easy meats that they could target on, one way or another. Perhaps former premier Mahathir is right – the country could be turned into another separate Islamic nation as extreme and brutal as ISIL in Syria, if not worse.

Sun Complex Bukit Bintang Grenades Attack - Jihadist Lotfi Ariffin at Syria

Perhaps PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar was right in calling the IGP to wake up to reality and get back to his job – fight crime and not apple polishing his political master. Nevertheless, the good news is, the grenade attacks were not suicide bombers. That’s the only thing we can comfort ourselves that it wasn’t a terrorist attack. Well, it still can be “junior” terrorists attempting to blow things up.

Sun Complex Bukit Bintang Grenades Attack - Malaysian Jihadists At Syria

Even if it was true that the grenade attacks were related to underground disputes and territory fights, the use of such weapon shows a change in trend. So, were foreign gangsters involved, so much so that they’re bringing their own country’s violence to this country? Either way, police especially the Special Branch has lots to answer. They’ve to solve this fast, and bring the culprits to the justice. They’ve to prove they’re trustable. Now, if only the IGP can promise to hunt the culprits down every “worm-hole” (*tongue-in-cheek*).

Sun Complex Bukit Bintang Grenades Attack - IGP to Alvin - Will Hunt You Down Every Wormhole

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Yes no real triad would be that dumb to be so blatant in a turf war. Fact that it was in an area famous for vice and full of Westerners smells to me like terrorist activity.

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