Pengkalan Kubor: Congrats PAS, You’ve Just Been Buried – Alive

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Sep 26 2014
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Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Mat Razi Mat Ail has won the Pengkalan Kubor by-election with a bigger majority, defeating PAS’ Wan Rosdi. Mat Razi secured 9,961 votes while Wan Rosdi managed 7,326 votes. The majority of 2,635 is higher than last year’s 13th general election where BN candidate won with only 1,736 majority. But last year was a fight between BN and PKR as opposed to yesterday’s BN-vs-PAS.

Pengkalan Kubor 2014 by-Election - Candidates

Many netizens who were angered by PAS’ President Hadi Awang betrayal during the just concluded Selangor state Menteri Besar (chief minister) crisis, are now rejoicing. And who can blame them when the Islamic party which was supposedly closest to God is defeated worse than PKR’s in 2013? This defeat is a huge embarrassment and a slap to PAS spiritual leader Nik Aziz, who endorses traitor Hadi Awang openly.

Pengkalan Kubor 2014 by-Election - Sign Board

Actually the results is expected, considering how PAS flip-flop millions of time during the Selangor fiasco, not to mention the internal split between the younger progressive team and the older conservative team. As expected, PAS conservative leaders who backed Hadi Awang will not admit that their humiliating loss is due to the two reasons mentioned. To admit so will go to show their idol Hadi Awang was wrong for having wet dream about sleeping with evil UMNO (*grin*).


Well, the next thing they would probably blame is the low turnout – 73% compared to 80% during last year’s general election. But even if all the “missing” 7% outstation voters turned up in droves to vote for PAS, that would add 1,687 votes to the party. It will only reduce PAS’ humiliating majority defeat but will not help it win the seat. And we’re assuming all these 7% voters are going to vote blindly for PAS, which is untrue of course.

Pengkalan Kubor 2013 General Election - Results Pie ChartPengkalan Kubor 2014 by-Election - Results Pie Chart

In spite of lower turnout of 73%, BN managed to pull an impressive 9,961 votes or 58% of the total 17,590 votes. PAS, on the other hand only managed 7,326 votes or 42%. Interestingly, BN secured 10,174 votes or 53.4% from 79.1% turnout of 19,054 voters last year; as compared to PKR’s 8,438 or 45%. Turnout aside, BN improves from 55% last year to 58% this year; PAS declines from 45% (under PKR) last year to 42% this year.


Isn’t it amazing that BN can still roughly gets about the same votes (difference of only 213 votes) despite PAS’ bitching about lower turnout of 73% now versus 79.1% back then? And didn’t they arrogantly say they could do better than PKR this time and almost willing to put their wives and daughters on the betting table to prove that? The fact that 91.9% of the voters are Malays speak volume about peoples’ rejection of PAS.

Pengkalan Kubor 2014 by-Election - PAS attacked by BN

And why is this results a huge embarrassment and a slap to Nik Aziz? Well, considering how he fiercely condemned UMNO being un-Islamic and repetitively invoked the God’s name so much so that God was almost summoned to slice UMNO’s tongues and blind their eyes – the God still prefers UMNO. When God, heaven and hell were thrown in but still couldn’t win a seat at their own state’s backyard, it can only means Kelantan is doom under PAS.


The fact that 45% of Pengkalan Kubor consists of young voters also show that the Selangor Menteri Besar fiasco has its fair share of contribution to the PAS’ losses, no matter how much they rubbished it. The young chaps may be Kelantanese but they are also netizens who realize how a supposedly religious man, Hadi Awang, betrays allies and insults a woman – Wan Azizah. And if these type of PAS leaders would end up in heaven, they would prefer to go elsewhere (*tongue-in-cheek*).

Selangor - Operation Kajang - Nik Aziz

After PAS played the “hudud” game, Teluk Intan was lost. After PAS played the Selangor game, they did worse in Pengkalan Kubor. Now, do you really need to be a genius to understand why PAS also lost Terengganu and Kedah states? Out of respect, the Kelantanese could be waiting for Nik Aziz to leave this world before welcoming UMNO to Kelantan. Really, to whine and bitch about BN not giving oil royalty hence the poverty in Kelantan is quite amusing, not to mention laughable.

PAS Hadi Awang

The last we heard, Penang doesn’t have oil but didn’t perform any worse since 2008. If one can only sits and complains about not getting their oil royalty and summon the God to punish the naughty UMNO, year in year out, there could only be one result – poverty. And if one only knows how to invoke “hudud” and betray “allies” after given opportunities by the people, there could only be one result – extinction. So go figure, PAS. God may not exist after all, and that’s why no help is coming from Him.


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Well “somebody” needs to teach PAS a lesson or at least wake them up to reality or as in Malays we say, “berpijak di bumi nyata”. Anyway will they learn anything from these “misfortunes”? Looking at all the OLD MEN in the Majlis Syura, fat hope la…….

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