Now, Do You Understand Why “Operation Kajang” Was Absolutely Necessary?

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Aug 27 2014
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Six months ago, we published an article about “Kajang Move” (read here). We don’t like the name “Kajang Move” but prefer to call it “Operation Kajang” instead, simply because it would sound more dramatic, just like Hollywood “action” movies with tons of explosives and fireworks. If you had read the article, then you understood why the “operation” was absolutely necessary.


Contrary to what many believe, or made to believe, opposition de-facto leader Anwar Ibrahim was not really interested in the Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) position. But he “needs” to become the Menteri Besar in order to access the billions stashed in the state’s coffer. And why would he wanted to do that when the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) Alliance commands the two-thirds majority?

Selangor - Operation Kajang

Simple – because he already received intelligence that UMNO and PAS were working behind the PR’s back, ready to form a “unity government” disguised under the, well, what else if not “to protect the Malay” excuse, again. There were reasons why “Pakatan Rakyat” was not allowed to register as a single legal entity by BN-controlled ROS (Registry of Societies), despite numerous attempts.


And so PAS president Hadi Awang admitted he had offered Azmin Ali to join the Islamist party with a few of his PKR members to form a unity government with Umno in Selangor. Bullseye!!! We told you so. But of course Azmin Ali didn’t take up the offer to become the new Menteri Besar if he betrays his master Anwar Ibrahim. It seems Azmin is many times cleverer than Hadi Awang.

PAS Hadi Awang

Forget about Hadi wanted to join UMNO before the plan backfires. The promises of deputy Prime Ministership and tons of directorships for his son were sufficient to change a saint, not that Hadi was one to begin with. We have written millions of times why Hadi cannot be trusted. What PAS supporters need to ask now is – was spiritual leader Nik Aziz knew about the plan, and was part of the conspiracy all this while?

Selangor - Operation Kajang - The Hidden Reason

If indeed Nik Aziz was part of it, then it speaks volume on his so-called integrity about despising corruption, promoting accountability, championing transparency, and whatnot (*tongue-in-cheek*). Fortunately PAS was split between those who love to join UMNO and those who love PR more. If PAS was as united as DAP as a party in wanting to sleep (again) with UMNO, PR government in Selangor would have collapse as we speak.

Selangor - Operation Kajang - Nik Aziz

Perhaps it’s good that PAS is split, and central committee member Khalid Samad has taken the lead by telling PAS members who want the party to leave PR (and join UMNO) to leave PAS. Indirectly, he’s telling Hadi Awang to join the evil UMNO immediately, if he can’t wait any longer to smell the aroma of Ringgit notes. It would be better for PAS to disintegrate now than during the next general election.


And why did we say Azmin Ali was smart not to jump ship? Do you really think Anwar Ibrahim has only two supporters from PAS, who surprisingly broke rank with PAS and declared their support to Wan Azizah as the new Menteri Besar? Well, if Anwar was that stupid as to show all his trump cards now, then he deserves to spend his time behind bars. Azmin knew Anwar has more moles within PAS’s 15 assemblymen.

Selangor - Operation Kajang - Anwar Ibrahim, Wan Azizah, Azmin Ali

Now that Selangor Sultan wanted PR members – PKR, DAP and PAS – to submit more than 2 names each to be considered as new Menteri Besar, it opens up a bigger issue. The sultan was smart enough not to dissolve the state’s house for a snap election, otherwise he would be compared to Perak’s previous crisis. And that would invite criticisms that Selangor Sultan is blatantly bias in favour of UMNO, knowing very well that UMNO will have everything to gain but nothing to lose in a snap polls.


Still, the question now is why the sultan cannot accept Wan Azizah when she commands the majority support (PKR’s 13, DAP’s 15 and PAS’s 2), written in black and white? If an assemblymen with majority still can’t be sworn in as Menteri Besar, then why the need for election and democracy in this country? Some legal experts have already started questioning if the sultan has acted outside of his jurisdiction.

Kajang by-election - Selangor Seats

Most importantly, why is it a “mandatory” to have so many nominations from each of PKR, DAP and PAS, and in the process get things cloudier with at least 9 names to choose from, when the sultan can accept the single nomination of Khalid Ibrahim from the three parties in the first place? Interestingly, Khalid Ibrahim, who gets to stay as Menteri Besar, at least for now, rubbished that he was the sole nomination.


Well, perhaps the people would appreciate it if such documents could be revealed to show the liars? Okay, let’s assume the sultan was right and adamant that at least 9 nominations be submitted. How on earth can he ascertain who commands the majority support of the house, in a fair and transparent manner? Surely this is not a beauty contest where the judges get to pick babe who strikes their eyes, right?

Selangor - Operation Kajang - Sultan Selangor Choosing from 9 Candidates

With DAP out of the picture since the party doesn’t have Malay-Muslim assemblymen, the fight is between PKR and PAS. Will the sultan choose a PAS candidate instead, even though he may not get the majority support from at least 29 assemblymen? Crucially, what can PKR, DAP and PAS rebels do if the sultan were to bulldoze everything and choose a UMNO-Hadi Awang-friendly PAS candidate as the next new Menteri Besar?


Coincidently, more and more opposition members are being slapped with sedition charges. It would certainly be amazing if anyone who raises question about the sultan’s decision, no matter how minor or innocent, gets to taste sedition medicine as well. Will we get to see tons of by-elections simply because all the assemblymen from DAP, PKR and PAS lose their seats due to comments not favourable to the sultan (*grin*)?

13 General Election - Parliamentary Seats Performance 2008 vs 2013

Now, do you also understand why “Pakatan Rakyat” as a single legal entity will never be approved by the ROS? This is the final defence to deny them the federal government, should PR somehow wins general election one sunny day. The fact that UMNO-friendly Khalid Ibrahim said so confirms our argument. Oh, by the way, who do you think were advising Khalid Ibrahim all this while, so much so that his political moves looked so freaking familiar?


And the fact that not a single entity – PKR, PAS or DAP – can win more than 111 each, out of the total 222 parliamentary seats, shows it’s impossible for them to form the federal government, if UMNO chooses to play dirty. Do we have to start talking about how ROS can finish both PKR and DAP at a stroke of a “signature”declaring both parties illegal? But that would be another interesting article for another day.


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Personally , I believe Nik Aziz the ulama was not aware of Hadi Awang , the ularma’s evil plan to collude with Umno to grab power in Selangor.

The man was squeaky clean during his tenure as Kelantan MB for 22 years. His simple life style those days showed that he was not interested in material wealth , so whatever goodies dangling in front of him would not sway his opposition for a unity gomen with the crooks.

that’s what many hope so, kkk … but just remember – life is like a box of chocolates …

and when chocolates are made from a mixture of politics and religion, there could be more surprises that you could ever imagine …

cheers …

Interesting commentary and insights. Love this website. Great stuff.

The author assumption that Sultan is requiring 9 names/nominations is not accurate. He is assuming each party needs to give 3 names from their respective parties. I don’t think that’s the case. They just have to give the names of candidates that they think are capable of getting a majority. Nothing is stopping PAS and DAP from nominating 3 candidates from PKR, for example.

Dear Author,
Thank You for your concern regarding PAS’ issue. I wouldn’t even blame TGNA above any matter especially after stepping down as Kelantan MB. As you know, nowadays he is always hospitalised because of his health. He can only commented based on what he was informed and cannot even fully attended any meeting even in Kota Bharu. Sadly the info was only from whom you know and TGNA is the type of leader that don’t have big mouth regarding big issues.

TGNA is one of the PAS leader that bound to PR unity not UG. Even his son is not following his steps in this matter.So you shouldn’t involve TGNA in this matter even if he is still the MA of PAS. My critique is the change of ulama’ in PAS that have become more materialistic and flip flop. Please forgive TGNA on what had happened.

thanx sam …

“Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah has requested Pakatan Rakyat component parties to submit more than two names each for consideration for the post of mentri besar.”

the above was cut and paste from link below:


ok, let’s go back to basic mathematics … what’s your understanding about below?

… to submit more than two names each …

our understanding is:
– PKR to submit more than two names, so “PKR submit > 2”
– DAP to submit more than two names, so “DAP submit > 2”
– PAS to submit more than two names, so “PAS submit > 2”

hence, the min=3 and max=infinity … 3 parties x 3 = 9

that’s the basic interpretation, no?

of course, there’s no mention of condition if each party’s name can “overlap” each other, otherwise it could be:

“x”PKR + “y”PAS + “z”DAP > 2 … or
“x”PKR + “y”PAS + “z”DAP = 3 (min) … or
“x”PKR + “y”PAS + “z”DAP = 43 (max, minus khalid ibrahim)

where x, y and z = integer and cannot be “zero” …

hence, the interpretation can goes wild, if we want to be cheeky and creative …

it would be a different story if the decree is as below (note the missing words as compared to the original sentence above):

“Selangor Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah has requested Pakatan Rakyat to submit more than two names for consideration for the post of mentri besar.”

cheers …

thanx jawe … in that case, please send our regards to TGNA and update him about his “naughty” boys, will ya …

cheers …

thanks for an insightful article..
but i am damn depressed and think its such an uphill battle..
no malaysia has never and will never be a democratic country, far from it…

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