Psst !!! Remember Your Bread And Butter Issues?

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Jan 06 2014
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Both PM Najib Razak and opposition de-facto leader Anwar Ibrahim are smiling. And how could you blame them when the fool-proof punching bag – religion – is being used again (*yawn*) to divert attention. The prime minister can now sleeps soundly because peoples’ anger about new taxes, utilities rate hike and whatnot has now disappeared overnight. The opposition leader is equally grateful because he can now use the Christianity issue to scare the shit out of Sabahans and Sarawakians.


The latest raid by JAIS (Selangor Islamic Religious Department), which seized Malay and Iban language bibles containing the word “Allah” was a shocking but not surprising move. Not only JAIS took away 300 copies of the AlKitab and Bup-Kudus, they even detained two BSM (Bible Society of Malaysia) officials. The present regime has given up hope in playing the racial card and is now having fun provoking churchgoers.


Malaysians are so gullible and dumb that a donkey can become a prime minister, raises income tax by 100% and outsource some extremists to drag a cow head or seize some bibles to divert attention from the real bread and butter issue. No wonder this country was ruled by Mahathir for a whopping 22-year. He made billions yet the people actually cried like a baby when he announced his departure. Heck, he could actually rule till today if he wishes to, if not for his big mouth testing the water (announcing his resignation) during an UMNO assembly.


The price hikes in sugar, toll, petrol, taxi, bus, train, electricity, water, vegetables, fruits, food, beverages, GST and even ice and stationery are now a thing of the past. Nothing is more important than the clashes between Malaysian Muslims and Christians over the “Allah” issue. Amusingly, it wasn’t a real clash in the first place. It was merely a clever political ploy by the ruling government to divert attention from the real bread and butter issue. And both the ruling government and opposition parties gladly jump into the bandwagon.


Besides price hikes issue, with a blink of an eye the issues about Lim Guan Eng’s Mercedes, PM Najib stepson’s RM110 million New York penthouse, hundreds of billions losses in public money to corruption and whatnot are gone. It seems religion can bring food on the table, move your vehicles, generate electricity to your home and flush your toilet. Ever wonder why these outsourced extremists always pick a fight with Christians and not Sikhs or even Buddhists? After all, Sikhs also refer their God as “Allah”, don’t they?


In actual fact, this is the first time both ruling regime and oppositions trying to see how much this new toy – Malaysian Islam vs Christianity – can generate new votes to their bank. How do you know this warfare is more towards political than religion issue? Simple – when political party leaders endorse church protests but later urges them not to do it.  They just want to test the water. They are not serious about protesting. They wanted to anger certain race but not to the extent of a nationwide breakout. They can’t afford such a magnitude of disharmony, which could be disastrous.


If these UMNO extremists are sincere about protecting their copyright “Allah”, why not go all out in full force about protecting their God? You mean somebody snatches your God away and you can still go shopping, watch your favourite Astro channels and hangout at mamak stalls? Didn’t UMNO die-hard extremists always foam at mouth and perform chest-thumping stunt every time the “Islam” word is briefly being mentioned, as if a horrible plague is about to strike (*tongue-in-cheek*)?


Strangely, Muslim extremists in the Middle-East and even Indonesia do not find it appropriate to copyright the word “Allah”, let alone any silly protest on such matter. Heck, how do you even know that the so-called UMNO leaders such as Mahathir, Najib or even Ibrahim Ali are faithful Malaysian Muslims who follow the teaching of Islam? Could they be Scientologists (*grin*) masquerading behind Malaysian Muslim clothing? If they’re pure Muslim, how could they amass billions of dollars, RM24 million diamond ring, RM110 penthouse and whatnot in public money?


On the other hand, if the oppositions are smart, they should capitalize on this issue to the fullest. They should start their propaganda machinery now and not 5-years later pre-14th general election. If it’s true that rural Sabahans and Sarawakians were stupid as to exchange their votes for a couple of dollars, surely a speculation about UMNO coming to seize their bibles would transform them into zombies, no? It’ll be interesting to see what is their priority – “Money” or “God”.


Opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) should realize that they only won 6 out of 31 Parliamentary seats in Sarawak and 3 out of 25 Parliamentary seats in Sabah during the 2013 general election. That’s a disgraceful 37.26% and 36.01% of Sarawakians and Sabahans votes. Without the fixed deposit of 47 Parliamentary seats won from both Sabah and Sarawak combined, the current regime would have collapse. The question – is PR hungry enough to convert these mouth watering gullible voters?

13 General Election - Parliamentary Seats Performance 2008 vs 2013

While you don’t need Rosmah to tell you the whole “Allah” plot was to swing Malay votes in Peninsula Malaysia, the same cannot be said about oppositions. If this plot succeed, Anwar can kiss his wet-dream about becoming the next PM goodbye. He should have started courting Sabahans and Sarawakians by now. Sadly PR is still in honeymoon mood. PR must hedge against any swing in Malay votes in the coming general election. Assuming 85 – 90 percent of Chinese voters will still back the opposition, PR’s target is none other than the 56 parliamentary seats in Sabah and Sarawak.


By controlling Penang and Selangor, two most developed states, PR should not have any excuse about financial constraints. They should look beyond their states boundary and use their financial muscles efficiently to convert the unconverted in other states. So what if PR improves their percentage votes to 80% in Penang, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Kelantan but scores below 50% marks in other states in the next general election? The status quo will still remain. UMNO leaders will continue to buy more penthouses in New York and raise more taxes to fund their lavish spending.

Najib Rosmah - New York Penthouse

Yes, this “Allah” issue is not about religion at all. It’s all about diversion from the real issues. And both the ruling federal government and oppositions happily jump into the bandwagon because of the lucrative returns if the issue is manipulated to the max. The swings in Malay Muslim votes and Sabah and Sarawak Christian votes will either make or break BN and PR. But will the affected and oppressed Malaysians remember this issue in another 5-years?


Most likely not, but the current regime would have generate a whopping RM92.25 billion in GST alone (6% for 3 years starting 2015) before the next general election in 2018. So, while gullible Malaysians are screaming and crying about the “Allah” issue, the clever politicians are laughing about money flooding into their piggy bank to the tune of hundreds of billions. And we have not even talk about the extra money generated from the hikes in electricity, water, toll, sugar, petrol, gas and whatnot.


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I think the latest Allah issues is a double-edged sword. First as a diversion and second is to trap Pakatan. If Pakatan keep quiet on this, their non-Muslim supporters will be getting impatience as the issues prolonged. If Pakatan voiced out to defense the Christian, UMNO will seize the opportunity to brand Pakatan as anti Islam. Utusan and TVs will have a field day on this. That’s why we can see MCA and Gerakan is trying to drive a wedge between Pakatan partners by poking at DAP. MCA even employed their porn star ex-president to drive home their point. Ain’t they have just elected a new president?

thanx ML Ho … we still do not know who will get trapped ultimately … let’s wait and see, shall we? … cheers …

What you have said is just half truth! For what I know, Pakatan is NOT taking their honeymoon. They have worked VERY hard to make inroads into the rural areas of Sarawak and Sabah such as, by “Impian Sarawak” and “Impian Sabah” projects. They have also highlighted a lot on the mismanagement of funds by the present government and aroused awareness for the rising inflation rate. Kindly check the facts before you publish your article!

I really hope you are right M.L.Lau … let’s see how they will score in Sabah and Sarawak then … but I suppose they should do better than 13th GE, judging from your justification?

cheers …

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