Terrified Of Cars Tariff, EU Rushes To Make A “Plurilateral” Deal To Keep Trump Happy

European Union (EU) had a trade surplus of 120 billion Euros (US$139.6 billion) with the U.S. in 2017. The most exported product from the EU to the U.S. is cars. Hence, Trump doesn’t need to become a rocket scientist to know where to hit the Europe. When the U.S. president threatened to target European cars with […]

... written on Jul 05 2018

Mahathir Should Leverage His Popularity To Promote Meritocracy – NOT Racism – For The Sake Of The Malays

Mahathir almost didn’t make it. The urbanites – regardless of ethnic-Chinese, ethnic-Malay or ethnic-Indian – understood ex-prime minister Najib Razak’s thievery in 1MDB scandal. There was little doubt that those educated urban people were anxious to vote Najib out. The rural people, especially the village Malay folks, however, didn’t understand one bit about 1MDB at […]

... written on Jun 27 2018

Top-15 Chief Executives Who Will Be Jobless For Playing Politics – Some Were Paid RM300,000 / Month

Make America Great Again, or simply MAGA, was Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign slogan. It was a great success. Defying all odds, Trump emerged as the 45th President of the United States of America. About 15,000-km away, Najib Razak, whose obsession with American presidents is an open secret, wanted to copy the campaign.   It […]

... written on Jun 21 2018

Trump Threatens China With $200 Billion Tariffs – Here’re 3 Options On The Table For China

Last Friday, President Trump declared that the U.S. would slap 25% tariffs on up to US$50 billion worth of Chinese goods. The justification was that the Chinese must be punished for its theft of IP (intellectual property) and other unfair trade practices. Trump warned that his government could impose additional tariffs if China retaliates with duties […]

... written on Jun 19 2018

Playing 3R Cards – Straits Times Singapore Still Hopeful Najib’s Corrupt UMNO Can Make A Comeback

Mahathir has announced that the highly controversial and super expensive HSR (high-speed rail) project is being “postponed”, not “cancelled”. Whether that was a U-turn from a 93-year-old man or was a clever strategy remains to be seen. Assuming it is just a postponement, will Singapore insist of having the new Malaysian government pay for the […]

... written on Jun 14 2018

This Photo Says It All – G7 Summit In Chaos As Trump Refuses To Listen, Happily Clashes With Ally Nations

President Donald Trump did not appear to be listening during some of the trade presentations in Quebec, Canada. Trade dominated the 2-day summit that began on Friday with leaders of Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Britain and Italy returning to the topic repeatedly – simply because “Trump the Menace” kept making troubles to the powerful nations. […]

... written on Jun 10 2018

US$119,050,900,000 – Trump Fighting A Losing Battle As Trade Deficit With China Hit Record High In First 4 Months

Donald Trump may sound super-tough as the U.S. positions itself for a trade war with China. However, if numbers are any indicator, the U.S. president appears to be fighting a losing battle against the Chinese. For the first 4 months of 2018, America continues to register huge trade deficit with its rival trading partner.   […]

... written on Jun 07 2018

Zero GST Today!! – These Graphics Show Why GST Was Disastrous To People But Loved By Najib Very Much

Effective today (June 1st), the highly unpopular GST (goods and services tax) is zero-rated from 6 percent. People are celebrating as suddenly everything has become 6% cheaper. From computer to Mercedes Benz, everybody wants to have a piece of the meat, before the new SST (sales and service tax) kicks in effective September 1st.   […]

... written on Jun 01 2018

The Enemy Of My Enemy Is My Friend – China Plans To Gang Up With U.S. Allies Against Trump’s Trade War

The world is having terrible headache dealing with American President Donald Trump. This is perhaps the most flip-flop president the country has ever had. After telling all and sundry that he will meet North Korean Kim Jong-un, the U.S. leader scrapped the plan, only to revive it. It’s safe not to bet if the summit […]

... written on May 31 2018

New Government Practices Transparency – And Foreign Analysts & Agencies Aren’t Happy

Between 2000 and 2007, Moody’s doled out AAA ratings to 30 mortgage-backed securities every day. When the 2008 subprime crisis finally hit the United States, 83% of those first class securities became junk – they were downgraded. The funny part was – Lehman Brothers’ own debt still had an investment grade rating when it filed […]

... written on May 25 2018

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