Here’s Why Missouri Cops Are Trigger-Happy, Invincible & Untouchable

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Aug 23 2014
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A man who was filming a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, tried to ask his name, only to be told to “go fuck yourself”. That was before the officer trying to disperse a crowd by pointing his gun at civilians and threatened “I will fucking kill you. Get back”. However, the American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri didn’t find it funny and sent a letter to the State Highway Patrol about the officer’s conduct. (watch YouTube below)



Ferguson Office Threaten - Letter from American Civil Liberties Union to Missouri Superintendent

Are you shock to death about the thuggish way Missouri Cops carry their “professional” job entrusted by the public? Don’t be, because that was how the police force behave for as long as the locals can remember. In fact, one shouldn’t be surprised about the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown at all. Reason this is not the first time an officer has killed an unarmed man.


Flashback to 2000 – two unarmed young men were shot and killed in a Jack in the Box parking lot back. The incident happened on North Hanley Road in Berkeley, adjacent to Ferguson. Police claimed that a vehicle occupied by Earl Murray and Ronald Beasley moved toward undercover DEA agents Robert Piekutowski and Keith Kierzkowski, convincing them that their lives were in danger thus opened fire.

Missouri Cops Are Trigger-Happy, Invincible & Untouchable - 2000 Incident - Earl Murray and Ronald Beasley

The present Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson, was then deputy commander during the 2000 incident. Even after investigators decided that the car occupied by the two men had not in fact begun to move in their direction when the fatal shots were fired, the officers argued that the car was itself a deadly weapon pointed their way. That was enough for the shooting to be justified – under Missouri state law.

Missouri Cops Are Trigger-Happy, Invincible & Untouchable - Thomas Jackson - Ferguson Police Chief

Welcome to Missouri, where trigger-happy cops are protected under Missouri Revised Statutes’ Chapter 563. Interestingly, under this law, police officers are justified in using deadly force while making an arrest or preventing an escape from custody if he or she “reasonably believes that such use of deadly force is immediately necessary to effect the arrest” and “may otherwise endanger life or inflict serious physical injury unless arrested without delay.”

Ferguson Crisis - Michael Brown and Darren Wilson

You can bet your last penny that the attorneys would certainly invoke Chapter 563 once again, if police officer Darren Wilson who pumped six bullets into Michael Brown is charged. But unlike the 2000 case, Michael Brown was not in any vehicle which the cops could argue was a deadly weapon. Easy – Officer Darren Wilson can always say Brown’s huge size caused him to be in fear for his life when he fired.

Missouri Cops Are Trigger-Happy, Invincible & Untouchable

And voila, Missouri police force win again. It doesn’t matter if the victims were unarmed small-time drug dealers or an innocent PhD student who had a bad day. As long as Missouri police force invoke Chapter 563 that they were in fear for their lives, they can shoot at will. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Nevertheless, it seems Ferguson is a place full of cops who crossed the line and kids who like to make trouble. The safest thing to do is to raise your hands and yell “Don’t Shoot”.


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